The Rock lands dream role

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced recently that the former World Champion the Rock will be playing the role of King Kamehameha in their upcoming film called The King.



After the announcement, the Great One commented on his upcoming movie and being part of the Samoan Dynasty he called this a dream role for him:

The upcoming film will be directed by Robert Zemeckis and script for it has been written by Randall Wallace. Zemeckis is known for directing all the films in the Back To The Future franchise.

It’s worth mentioning here that recent reports suggested that the Rock is in talks with WWE for an appearance at the upcoming SmackDown 1000 episode and the two parties are close to having a deal.

Now only that but after he expressed his desire to return to the WWE ring, the former World Champion has also become a favorite to win the 2019 Royal Rumble and it’d be interesting to see if he will actually show up at the event.

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