The Rock Legitimately Attacks WWE SmackDown Star

In the world of WWE, quick-witted comebacks are part and parcel of the game. And once again, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has shown that he can deliver a sharp retort when called upon.



Grayson Waller, the rising star in WWE, recently aimed his sights at The Rock in his quest for engagement—and boy, did it pay off. Waller dropped a video belittling The Great One while simultaneously boosting his own image.

But The Rock, never one to shy away from a challenge, spotted Waller’s tweet and couldn’t resist throwing in his two cents. He began by agreeing that his debut gear was indeed terrible—a humble admission from the legendary wrestler. However, he didn’t stop there. The People’s Champion made a blunt point about Waller, diving headfirst into a scathing critique.

In his response, The Rock acknowledged Waller’s comment about his outfit, labeling it as cringe-worthy. But what he found even more cringe-worthy was Waller’s appearance, suggesting he looked like he dropped out of some unfortunate soul’s balloon knot (ouch!). The Rock didn’t hold back on the hairdo either, dubbing Waller an “Outback Jack Off.” To top it all off, The Great One playfully blamed his cringe debut outfit on Triple H’s creative influence.

Grayson Waller’s bold move of targeting The Rock has undeniably caught attention, and it could potentially lead to great things for the up-and-coming wrestler. Working alongside The Rock would be an incredible rub and a career highlight.

As for The Rock’s future in the wrestling ring, it becomes harder to picture as time goes on. However, fans eagerly await any surprises he may have in store. And who knows, maybe Grayson Waller is patiently waiting for a chance to face off against the People’s Champion.

However, I’m sure the Rock is looking for bigger fish, or should be say, chiefs in the pond.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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