The Rock Posts Video Before WrestleMania 39

Speaking to ESPN, Roman Reigns gave his thoughts on The Rock and a potential match.


  • “It’s weird, because the paths and experiences are so similar that when we are together it’s like we cover a month’s ground of conversation and things,” Reigns said. “Some stuff just doesn’t have to be said, because we’ve experienced the same stuff. And I have the mindset to experience a lot of things that he’s gone through since he’s been done with wrestling. I think anybody would love to have that match. They’d be lying [if they said they didn’t]. I could ‘Tribal Chief’ you and say blah, blah. But at the end of the day, I want what’s going to be biggest for the fans, because that’s going to reflect what I was able to accomplish. And if that’s one of the biggest ones out there, let’s do it. But if not, like everything else in life, we’re going to roll with the punches.”



The Rock took to Instagram and uploaded a video of himself working out before WrestleMania 39.

Champions are made in the Iron Paradise 🐅 I switched up my training routine to train legs 2xs a week. Light-ish day (Wednesday) Intense day (Sunday) Superset pre exhaust: Leg extensions superset with leg curls 4 sets. 25 reps. Then drop set 2xs til failure * using my Prime machine here to adjust quad load and intensity * Give it a try ☝🏾 This is a bitch of a burn but insanely effective 🤬😅 #midweekLEGS 🐅 #respecttheprocess New @ProjectRock #ProvingGroundCollection drops in 2 weeks. 4/13 🔥 🐅


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