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The Rock releases official trailer for Paige biopic – Fighting With My Family

The Rock took to his Twitter earlier today to officially launch the full-length trailer for the Paige biopic – Fighting With My Family. The Great One is an executive producer for the film while the writing and direction was done by Stephen Merchant [co-creator, writer and director of the Office UK].

You can watch the trailer here:

Paige’s role is played by Florence Pugh while Jack Lowden plays the role of Paige’s brother Zak Bevis. Paige’s mother, Saraya Knight is being played Lena Headey of Game of Thrones fame while his father Ricky Knight is played by Nick Frost.

The movie will cover key moments from Paige’s career and the subsequent consequences of them on her family. The film is set to release in February 2019.

  • Mike the Ike

    The director’s cut is going be its own dvd upon release. It needed its own disc for the “home videos” and pics part of her life.

  • Mike the Ike

    Paige is a coke head sluut, and if she’s at all in real life like she is on Total Divas, she is absolutely a biitch. ‘Nuff said.

  • Luke

    ….and of course you know that from your personal interactions with Paige and not the stuff you’ve read online, yeah?

  • Rinn13

    Are they going to be honest about what a real life spoiled brat, absolute ditz, drama queen and “party monster” Paige is? Or are they going to gloss that all over and make her look golden?

  • CC

    Actually looks a lot better than the initial videos and photos made it look.