The Rock Reveals Photos After Vince McMahon Scandal

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram today to share images of the TKO executives at the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating his recent appointment to the Board of Directors.



In the photos posted by Johnson, a group shot featuring the top TKO executives reveals an absence that hasn’t gone unnoticed—Vince McMahon. Last week, McMahon was part of the festivities alongside The Rock, but notably, he was missing from the latest photos. This shift suggests a conspicuous omission, effectively erasing McMahon from the current narrative surrounding TKO.

The absence of Vince McMahon is particularly noteworthy given his presence in photos taken just before Janel Grant’s lawsuit was filed. In those earlier images, McMahon was photographed standing alongside The Rock. However, in the more recent group photo, McMahon is conspicuously absent, raising questions about his current status within the TKO leadership.

As of the time of this writing, Dwayne Johnson has not addressed the troubling allegations made against Vince McMahon. Furthermore, he has yet to publicly comment on McMahon’s announced resignation, which occurred last Friday.

On Instagram, alongside the images, Johnson shared a caption expressing gratitude and reflecting on his journey from humble beginnings to this significant moment. He thanked the New York Stock Exchange for the warm welcome and expressed his honor in joining the Board of Directors for TKO. Johnson also acknowledged the symbolic act of ringing the iconic bell to open the market, signifying the beginning of a new chapter.

The caption reads:
“From $7 bucks to this surreal day. Crazy. Thank you @nyse for the incredible & very warm welcome. Honored to join the Board of Directors for @tkogrp and honored to ring the iconic bell to open our market. Let’s get to work. @wwe @ufc #peopleschamp @thisisamandaw ”

While Johnson’s post captures the celebratory nature of his achievement, the underlying questions about McMahon’s absence and the allegations surrounding the TKO leadership remain, creating a complex narrative in the wake of recent developments.


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