The Rock & Sting WrestleMania Bombshell Leaks

There is no doubt that The Rock is still regarded as of the most popular pro wrestlers in the history of the business, but his plans for a WrestleMania 32 match appeared to sabotage Sting’s debut against Triple H. He has competed against the best of the best as far as the world of professional wrestling. This includes someone like Chris Jericho, who has had several matches against The Great One. Roman Reigns vs The Rock major spoilers were also leaked previously.



During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Road Dogg revealed that instead of Triple H vs Sting at WrestleMania 31, they had plans for The Game to square off against The Rock instead but it did not happen in the end.

“I’m not privy to that kind of inside information. From what I saw, that was totally Hunter and Sting talking about ‘We need something with this match.’ So they literally ask us if we would do it. We thought, ‘Heck yeah.’ And I don’t think any of us thought about, and I’m talking about the boots on the ground, we didn’t think about one-upmanship or anything. It was just, ‘Let’s just make these people pop and get to the finish or whatever.’”

“The finish was orchestrated that way because, at the moment, it was Hunter-Rock again at the next Mania, you know what I mean? So they wanted Hunter to be strong, Hunter to remain strong, and have Hunter work with Rock the next year. And two months into that, that fell apart, you know what I mean? Then you thought, ‘Well you put the wrong guy over.’”

“Road Dogg also offered an interesting revelation regarding then WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon, and how much McMahon knew about the WCW icon.”

“Vince did not act like he knew who Sting was, or he knew of Sting’s gravitas,” Road Dogg said. “He literally asked us, ‘Was he over?’ Almost like he didn’t, and again, I don’t know if it’s a performance or if it’s real, but if it was a performance, he deserves an Oscar. I feel he doesn’t watch that, he didn’t watch that. He was so laser-focused on his stuff, that stuff outside of his bubble doesn’t compute.”

“So he’d literally ask us, on several occasions, ‘This guy’s going to get a reaction, right?’ And we all were like ‘Hey, this guy is the front-runner of their show. He was the flagship talent of their show for 20-25 years.’ Again, I think the outcome was all booking and politics that caused the finish of that match. And then it all fell apart, and it felt like ‘We got the wrong guy over.’” Sting would go on to have only one more pay-per-view match in WWE, against Seth Rollins, before later joining AEW.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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