The Rock Takes Massive Shot At Biden In Video

After endorsing Joe Biden in 2020, The Rock appeared to backtrack on his support in a new interview with Joe Rogan.



Rock: “I have friends who support Trump. I have friends who support Biden.”

Rogan: “Do you really have friends who support Biden?”

Rock: “No, no, no, no, no… Thank you. That’s a good check because that’s important. This is important context. They support the Democratic Party.”

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner recently lashed out at Hillary Clinton for drawing a comparison between former President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler via Media Ite.

Faulkner was speaking with Jason Chaffetz on Thursday when she turned the conversation toward the former secretary of state’s time on The View. This was the appearance where Clinton likened Trump to Hitler as she commented that the Nazi dictator “was duly elected,” and Trump is openly expressing the “dictatorial authoritarian tendencies” he will act upon if elected president again.

Fox News rarely passes up the chance to blast Clinton when the opportunity presents itself, and Faulkner eagerly ripped at the “failed presidential candidate.”

“She’s so evil,” Faulkner seethed. “In the middle of Israel at war with terrorists, to bring up any comparison with Hitler is just heartless. I call her one of the many now-ongoing heart donors on the planet.”

Chaffetz took it from there by agreeing it was “just delusional” to draw any comparison between Trump and Hitler.

“Obviously, she is a little bitter because she was measuring the drapes, thought she would move in and be the next president. But no, she got beat and beat badly,” he said.

“Bitter indeed,” Faulkner agreed as she wrapped up the segment.


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