The Rock Throws Punches At Vin Diesel In AI Photo

The year is 2024, and WWE is gearing up for its biggest event of the year – WrestleMania. As match cards are announced, fans would thrilled to see a dream match slated – The Rock vs. Vin Diesel.  It’d be better than The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. Below we have an AI photo showing if Rock and Diesel went at it.



On paper, it’s a blockbuster showdown. The Rock, one of the biggest WWE superstars ever, returns to the ring to take on Vin Diesel, the hard-hitting star of the Fast and Furious franchise who would be guest wrestling at ‘Mania. It’s a cinematic clash of two larger-than-life action stars. 

But behind the scenes, there has always been reported real-life friction between the two that threatens to overshadow the franchise. Tracing back to 2016 while filming Fast 8, Johnson and Diesel had creative differences and clashing egos that led to an on-set feud. Johnson publicly called out Diesel for unprofessional behavior, while Diesel responded with veiled insults.

Years later, the two still haven’t completely buried the hatchet.

As we imagine it in a fictional world, here is how it would go: As WrestleMania match negotiations began, there was already palpable tension. Press interviews have seen both men taking subtle digs at each other. Diesel dismissed Johnson as “just another steroid guy” while Johnson questioned if Diesel has the athletic ability to keep up in the ring. 

As their marquee match draws near, the heat behind the scenes continues to boil. WWE officials are working overtime to keep the two stars from coming to blows before ‘Mania. But the bad blood runs deep, and threatens to dampen the allure of a once-in-a-lifetime match between titans. 

Can these mega-stars settle their beef for one night only to give fans an epic clash? Or will their explosive feud force WWE to scrap the match altogether? The road to WrestleMania just got a whole lot rockier.

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