The Rock & Top Wrestling Name Buying WWE?

The Rock has enough funds to purchase WWE. Vince McMahon recently sent shock waves with his announcement. He announced that he is retiring from his roles as Chairman and CEO of WWE. It was later clarified that he was also done with his work on creative. As of now Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H is EVP of Talent Relations. There had been speculations that WWE might be sold in the future and some names have popped up who are potential buyers.



The Rock might purchase WWE; Tony Khan also in the list

The company is valued at close to $5 billion. With major broadcast and streaming rights deals in place that guarantee a profit, buying WWE would not be a cheap attempt. However, some names might have a better chance of putting together the financing than others.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the possibilities. Two intriguing names are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and AEW boss Tony Khan. As far as Johnson is concerned, he is believed to have the connections needed to put together a group to fund such a purchase if he decides to:

“Two names that have come up in many questions tonight, as far as if they sell, are Tony Khan and Dwanye Johnson and those are both very interesting, of course. [WWE co-CEO] Nick Khan and Dwayne Johnson have a relationship. The story is that they were childhood friends in Hawaii and they did live in Hawaii at the same time and all that when they were both very young.

But, the point is that his sister is the showrunner for Dwayne’s television show. So, whatever relationship they had before, the fact is that they know each other and all that. Dwayne himself does not have the money, but, could he go in there and round up capital and buy this company together? That is an absolutely intriguing possibility.

So, when that name comes up, I go like, ‘Dwayne loves pro wrestling, and it’s his family business, and his daughter is in it,’ and the idea… This is not some weird fantasy. This is absolutely something that could be viable.”

It has come to light that AEW President Tony Khan might also offer a deal to purchase WWE. Meltzer noted that he doesn’t expect Tony Khan to make an offer for WWE. However, the company would not turn him down just because he started AEW:

“Tony [Khan] himself, on this day, does not have the money to buy it [WWE], but would he have the contacts to put a proposal together? Would he want to do it? I think he would want to do it. Whether he could do it, you know, pull it off before? Again, I don’t rule that one out, either.

I mean, that would be the irony of all ironies, but put it this way. It’s not like if Tony goes in there and goes, ‘You know what, I want to own both top companies,’ and he gets the right contacts and the right partners and the right capital and everything like that, there is not going to be a thing in WWE where they go, ‘Oh, he started opposition, we’re never going to sell to him.’ If he has the right offer, they will.”

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