The Rock ‘Turned Down’ Surprising CM Punk Offer

Former WWE Champion CM Punk hosted another Twitter Q&A recently as he likes to do from time to time. This time, CM Punk opened up pretty heavily on how screwed over he has been…Chris Jericho Calls Fired WWE Star ‘Racist’.



Punk faced John Cena on RAW in early 2013 and if he won, he would’ve earned a spot in Cena vs. then-WWE Champion The Rock at WrestleMania 29. Punk ended up losing to The Undertaker at the pay-per-view. A fan asked Punk who he envisioned winning the potential Triple Threat. He responded and named Cena, noting that the pitch was for Punk to be taken out first so Rock and Cena could have their “once in a lifetime” moment.

“Cena. Pitch was get me out first and let them have their lifetime moment,” Punk responded.

Punk then went in on the money, or lack there of in the business as he was asked: “What would it take for you to consider being on the Broken Skulls podcast?”

He responded, “Money. Nobody gets any royalties for anything shown on peacock. Nobody. Yay wrestling biz!”

Punk was also asked which match he would re-do from his career. He wrote, “The last one.”

While CM Punk has been out of the ring for sometime, it seems that he’s very salty still about how everything gets handled.

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Dustin Schumacher
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