The Rock Upset With Huge WrestleMania Match

The Rock fans hoped to see him back for WWE WrestleMania 37, but it isn’t happening. Unfortunately, The Rock is not booked for the event, putting out the fire of the anticipated Roman VS. Rock WrestleMania match happening someday. Or so we thought.



Recently, PWInsider touched on The Rock possibly returning to the WWE for one more match, and his disastrous last John Cena match is the motivator. The Rock was not happy with the match.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider answered the following question recently: “Do you think Dwayne Johnson will ever have one more match in his lifetime? Likely or unlikely?”

Mike responded by saying: “Unless he ends up so busy where taking part in a match for a WrestleMania could potentially destroy an entire large scale film project, I would think we’ll see at least one more Rock match.”

Mike continues to touch on The Rock’s previous “last” WrestleMania match and why he believes it wasn’t the final one: “I don’t think he wants his last bout to be the second Cena match where he was hurt.  I look at Roman Reigns and the idea of Roman taking on and beating Rock seems like the perfect last moment for Rock, but we will see.”

Will The Rock make one more appearance at the grandest stage of them all? Only time will tell. With WWE’s ratings continuing to go down, The Rock could very well be the correction that the ratings desperately need.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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