The Rock WWE Return Rumor Leaks Before Raw

The Rock could possibly make his return to WWE in the near future. One of the up and coming superstars Grayson Waller has gained popularity despite only wrestling a single match in a losing effort against WWE Hall of Famer, Edge on the main roster.



Waller has continued to grow and evolve his character, primarily with his “Grayson Waller Effect” segment on the blue brand. Now, it seems that Waller has his sights set on grabbing the attention of another wrestling legend in The Rock.

The Rock received an invitation from Grayson Waller to show up at SmackDown. This was after the two had a back-and-forth Twitter battle on the social media site.

Grayson Waller went on to bring his Twitter beef with The Rock to SmackDown. Waller called out The Great one by throwing some shade in his direction.

Last week, Waller made The Rock the subject of a Twitter roast, and “The Great One” responded. This caused the two to involve in a bitter war of words over on the social media platform. Waller mocked The Rock’s debut outfit, and received a response from Rocky who said that ‘Waller looks and sound like he dropped out of some jabroni’s balloon knot.’ Waller then bought the drama to television on the 14th July edition of WWE SmackDown.

Waller said that The Rock is too busy ignoring the drama going down on weekly television with his own family, but can still find time to reply to Waller on social media. Waller concluded by saying that if The Rock is that desperate for the Grayson Waller rub, he knows where to find him.

Ringside News reported that they reached out to inquire about The Rock’s current WWE status.

The noted:

“A tenured member of the WWE creative team confirmed to us that, “as of now, there is nothing for Waller and Rock.””

The outlet further noted  that “Rock is hurting for positive publicity, so there may be something in the works.”  It seems that it could bring a lot of positive attention his way.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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