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Destination X is finally upon us and I thought I’d share some thoughts and predictions on each match before the PPV kicks off. Here goes…



Firstly, the Tag Team Title Match. The current disputes within the ranks within the Morgan and Hernandez camp leads me to believe that this week, we will see the end of the teaming duo. Morgan seems to be gearing towards a heel turn and the turn seems like it may come at the expense of his team mate. This past Impact, I sat back and particularly enjoyed Morgan’s attitude – his refusal to come to the ring and help his partner, opting to announce upon the match whereby the Mexican star was getting his just deserts as a result of interfering in the business of Jeff and Bischoff came off very well. His comments regarding how the star has opted to pursue his own ventures rather then prepare for the tag match and be 100% to do so suggested that come DX, Hernandez will lose and then face the wrath of Matt Morgan for said loss. Sunday will alter the DNA of TNA and personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what the heel MVP of Spike TV can do in his newly adopted role.

That being said, with Beer Money winning, I can see Generation-Me surviving against MCMG and becoming Number One Contenders for the titles, creating a rather simple, but what should be a fun feud between the veteran heels and the exciting new comers.

Another title change that seems imminent is the forthcoming X Division Title Match. Shannon is in line for a major push now he has signed with TNA and I believe DX will kick start said push into motion, accumulating to an eventual feud between him and Kaz who likewise, seems to be over with management. TNA have stated that they wish to highlight the X Division and whilst the X feuds leading into DX have been near nonexistent, I believe company heads are going to reintroduce the division with a Moore and Kaz feud, who I also think is set to win this Sunday.

Onto the third tag match of the evening pitting Hall and Waltman against the team of Nash and Young. This was an easy pick for me because I can’t see Hall and Waltman walking out of DX with contracts. I said earlier this year that I believe the two were being used to make a point rather then a long term partnership. To reiterate, I believe Hall and Waltman were and are being used to show that TNA, with the appointment of Hogan and Bischoff are leading a new company rather then a WCW rehash, a sentiment that was highlighted once again this past Monday when Eric reminded Hogan he was here to lead and not wrestle. You see, at the moment TNA have to iron out a lot of creases – Hogan and Bischoff need to establish that they are both at the zone to lead the company into a bright future, rather the using it as a means to boost their own ego. This is possibly why Bischoff has been a frequent face on our televisions because we need Bischoff present to assist in the guidance of these changes – changes that will define the role of both Hulk and Eric to the more skeptical fans, changes that will redefine the roles of previous powers Jarrett and Foley and changes that will reassure fans that this isn’t going to be another WCW with the likes the Hogan, Nash, Hall and Waltman but rather a new show that highlights some of the best talent in the world today. Scott and Sean, we bid you farewell from the wrestling world once and for all because your time in TNA is up.

Whilst the previous event seemed relatively easy to predict, the next event was a little tougher, that is the new Flair against the new Hogan. What makes this match hard to predict is that Pope has a title shot next month so whilst I see the champ retaining and going head on with Pope next month, I also have a feeling that Abyss may steal it and make the Lockdown match a Triple Threat. If AJ wins, he simply goes on to say that he beat Abyss and he’ll beat Pope just as badly, in saying that however, the push the monster has received with the Hogan assistance would be wasted. I understand that Abyss can move elsewhere with his ventures but it just seems a little unlikely that Hogan would have helped push the big guy, only for him to return to the mid card once he was defeated by AJ. What makes it even more difficult to predict is that I can’t see AJ losing his spot as TNA seem set on pushing the young star for some time which would open the door the inevitable Hardy and RVD feuds. I’m going to go with my first prediction, Abyss will somehow win the title which will make the Lockdown event a Three Way whereby Styles will win cleanly by pinning Pope, leaving the door open for an eventual follow up match between the champ and the monster.

Talking of RVD, I’m interested to see how he and Hardy will be featured at the PPV. I’m expecting more of RVD and Sting but Hardy will somehow be featured on the show, I just don’t really know where yet.

I have to say, since the new era of TNA began, I’ve enjoyed two things in particular. Firstly, the idea that we’re in for one hell of a feud between Sting and RVD and secondly the actual feud between Angle and Anderson. I’ve loved the Angle and Anderson feud and it has me excited because if TNA continue to produce quality feuds such as this then Sting and RVD should explode.

Talking of Anderson and Angle. I think Anderson will pick up the win in dirty fashion and the feud will continue until next month at Lockdown. In fact, I can already hear Kurt saying ‘you only beat me because you cheated, step into the cage with me where there will be nothing but me and you’. Personally, I’m quite happy to see this feud continue for another month. I just hope it can continue to build upon the past month and come Lockdown, the two blow us all away.

So there are my predictions for Destination X. Let’s see how I go.

Until NXT time…..

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