The Stockwell Section – The Brain Behind The Brawn of Nexus

The Nexus – possibly the hottest topic in wrestling today. Chris Jericho stated recently that the angle has been nothing short of genius – in that WWE have managed to take seven guys who were unheard of and create the most imposing stable in years. What makes Nexus interesting is that they are as Jericho simply put “like lighting in a bottle” in that you don’t know what to expect from the young stars.



On one hand we have a group of young stars who are (as Booker T nicely put) hungry, but as Jericho highlighted, there have been a number of factors as to why this angle has been as successful as it has. Primarily, the stars they are attacking have no prior alliance and it would seem Nexus have no care as to who they attack. This of course, begs the ongoing question – who is behind Nexus? One would assume that the brain behind the brawn has an ongoing beef with Cena but then questions arise regarding the reasoning behind the attacks of others. Also, in the opposing team – questions arise regarding whether they can form a solid team and not implode. As Jericho highlighted, the reason this story is so intriguing is because WWE are fully behind it and the result is a layered story with plenty of levels.

Many people expect the next chapter of Nexus to unfold at the upcoming Summerslam PPV and the leader to be revealed. Whether the leader of Nexus is revealed this Sunday or not, the speculation regarding the hidden leader is high so with that said, I thought I would discuss some of the possible candidates for the position.

Now, first and foremost – I stated recently that WWE need to pull the trigger on this angle and enter the next chapter at Summerslam, simply because the Nexus beatings have pushed on as far as they can and another month of Monday Night Beatdowns would only start to bore viewers so with that said, I truly believe the leader will be revealed this Sunday, opening up the new chapter in this story.

Several names have been thrown around as possible leaders – first and foremost, the man on the receiving end of Nexus attacks, John Cena. I, like many others have been waiting for Cena to revert to his heel ways – problems with the character becoming stale have been a major issue for a lot of fans for a while now, however, Cena turning his back on the WWE is one thing but to go to such lengths to trick the audience is another. Cena performing a 180 degree turn just doesn’t make any sense and I know that we have seen some horrible decisions made in the past, but I highly doubt the WWE will take its fan base and treat them like outright idiots, especially since so much effort has been placed into the angle.

Cena coming out as the leader of the faction and claiming he wanted to hide his affiliation with the group so he told them to cost him the title and beat him on several occasions just makes absolutely no sense and as mentioned, I know WWE have been sloppy in the past, but I highly doubt even they would drop something this stupid on us, considering the time put into the group. Cena is also the groups main rival and with him at the helm, Nexus would be in limbo so to speak. So, with that said, I don’t expect Cena to join simply because the group need a main rival and currently, Cena is the only person who can stand against the young stars.

Another name frequently mentioned is Triple H and to be frank, this option is possibly the most reasonable. Triple H has been out for a while and needs to come back in a big way, he also has a disliking for many of the stars who have been attacked and a heel turn seems imminent for the star who has proven in the past that he is at his best when heading a powerful heel stable. However, Triple H left because of Sheamus and since he has been gone, the Irish star has done nothing but gloat about putting the aforementioned out of commission.

Sheamus is an interesting factor when discussing the possibility if Triple H as we have to consider whether WWE are willing to continue the feud with both men as heels. Furthermore, Sheamus has yet to be attacked and has often escaped the Nexus with a belt in his hand. I understand HHH could be telling Nexus to wait because he wants him himself, but as previously mentioned – would WWE have a heel HHH against a heel Sheamus – surely that’s a PPV Killer. Sheamus could turn face but let’s be serious, Sheamus will never go over as a face until he becomes a joke and he has a while before that happens. For me, the Sheamus factor rules out Triple H.

I’ll quickly mention the following – Michael Cole, Abraham Washington, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. None of these men will be the leader of Nexus. None of them have anything to gain and none of them will add to the ongoing story so I am ruling out each and every one of them and if I am wrong; hold me to it and I will run the street naked. Batista can also join that list. Whilst the animal would have been a good choice to take the helm, his recent MMA development seem to prove that he is over with wrestling at the moment.

Moving on. Jericho seems a popular choice to head the group, considering his ties with Wade Barrett but, like the aforementioned, he won’t add anything to the group. I understand it’ll push him forward again and put him in the title hunt but where would WWE go from there? Yes, Jericho could battle Cena and then regain the belt but then what? Such a feud would be over within months and the young stars would have been put to pasture. Therefore, I’m ruling out the man who is the best in the world at what he does.

Finally, My Pick. I’m predicting that the man behind Nexus is none other then Mizter Money in The Bank. That’s right, Miz. Miz is the most logical choice for this position. Allow me to run through why…

Firstly, Miz is touted as an upcoming champion, once he cashes in his contract he will become the next big thing in the WWE. This notion fits nicely with the concept of Nexus, in that they are being groomed as the next big thing in the WWE.

Secondly, Miz has a connection with NXT, having mentored Daniel Bryan in the first series of the show. As for Bryan’s release, it would work. Miz never had a good relationship with the young star and his reasoning behind not sticking by his side whilst he got fired could simply be that he didn’t like him. Of course, this notion would only really work if Bryan were to return and with Miz at the helm, the young star could easily return and challenge the stable, due to past grievances. As mentioned however, this would only work if WWE decided to bring the young star back.

Thirdly, Miz has been suggested as a possible replacement for Khali on the past Raw. This puts him in a prime position to make an impact and turn his back on Raw and the WWE.

Also, with Miz at the helm, the WWE has a number of ways that they could take this story and continue it for a lot longer. Cena would be first to try and get Miz, once Triple H has finished his feud with Sheamus, he could then move onto feud with Miz and Nexus and then of course there are the possibilities of feuds with the likes of Randy, Jericho, Daniel Bryan and possibly the anonymous GM. Not to mention – the prospect of whether Miz would recruit from NXT2, which he is also involved in.

Finally, this would build Miz up as a genuine main event player and lead into a reasonable championship reign and whilst Miz is cementing his legacy, the remaining members of Nexus can develop their positions in the WWE and cement their names for the future.

Miz is logically the best choice – not only from an attitude and ideals perspective but also in regards to keeping this angle alive for as long as possible.

By all means, if you disagree then comment below in regards to who you think it may be and we’ll all find out soon who was correct.

Until NXT Time…..

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