The Stockwell Section – The Final Stretch on the Road to WrestleMania

The stars of the WWE have escaped the Elimination Chamber PPV, some with seemingly new directions in the build up to the big one. I wanted to wait until after Raw this week to post my comments because I was still a little unsure as to what I actually thought of the PPV results.



Firstly, The Raw Chamber. I must say, I was quite surprised to see SuperCena win. I understand that I should expect him to prevail every time he steps into the ring but the development of the Raw title picture and the Vince and Bret feud (featuring Batista and Cena) just didn’t seem to incorporate either superstar into the opposing feud. Many believed that The Game would once again headline the event, this time with his gym buddy but now it looks as if the two are going to have a simple grudge match. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it would seem logical that nobody involved in the Vince and Bret feud would have the title in the build up to the grandest stage of them all. I for one, can’t honestly see much point in placing the title in the picture at all because the feud in itself is set to be a big draw.

If anything, the WWE will lose out on some buys at Mania because of this. Having the title in the Vince and Bret feud won’t draw more people. The idea of Cena and Batista going head on is a big enough draw as it is, likewise with Vince and Bret – I can’t see the title making much difference at all. On the lower side of things however, the title being involved in the Sheamus and Triple H feud could have raised buys and now it has no strap on the line, people won’t be as interested.

On the subject of buys, it also seems like they have dropped the ball on possibly two (maybe three) other matches that could have increased the buyrate at Mania. Firstly, a title defense for Taker and secondly the Money in The Bank match. Taker could have had a fresh opponent for the title this year which could have drawn people in, and HBK could have been part of the annual ladder match which would have drawn people in to see whether he would win it and cash in later that evening. Instead, WWE have opted to have HBK simply screw Taker and the match is growing from that – with HBK’s career on the line. I understand that this match will draw once again like it did last year, but for me, the WWE missed an opportunity to be particularly clever with their booking.

Now, I couldn’t be happier with the Y2J and Edge match at Mania. I personally am looking forward to that match more so then any other possible match on the card, but even so, why couldn’t the WWE have capitalized on that match and a always welcome Taker match with a new wannabe-streak-breaker? To further the feud, Y2J could have repeated Edge’s actions from last years Chamber and put himself in the Raw Chamber Match – at the expense of Kofi again of course. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kofi, but the idea of him being screwed two years straight could have been something interesting to work with. With that said, Jericho could have won the WWE Title and Edge could have switched to challenge him.

The PPV could have then been booked as follows…

Edge vs. Y2J (WWE Title)

Taker vs. Someone (WHC)

Sheamus vs. HHH

Vince/Big Dave vs. Bret/Cena

MITB – HBK as an entrant

If the plan was for the Irishman and HHH to go at it in a simple grudge anyway then what difference would this idea make? You would still be able to pull off Edge and Y2J. The Bret and Vince would have still happened and still drawn just as many people. WWE could build up a young star who could seemingly break the streak and the obsession story would have continued right up until the event, with the bonus of knowing that if HBK does win, we get a second Taker match and a second WHC match rather then another match that has just been booked because one man simply screwed another and made him angry. ATTENTION WWE WRITERS – it is called suspense – would this new guy beat Taker, would HBK win, will their be a third match etc etc.

A concept as simple as this could have really drawn people in and I think some viewers would tune in just to see if it happens. Instead what you are left with is a ladder match that we see every year and has nothing to add to suspense of it – other then who is it going to be this year, a feud with a title included that really won’t make any difference unless of course you do give it to Bret (which by the way, I think is a joke – and that’s coming from a guy who grew up idolizing the man) and finally a match we saw last year – oh!… but wait!… HBK’s career is on the line this time – a decent substitute I suppose, but seriously?

After the PPV and after a lackluster Raw, I have a bad taste in my mouth leading up to Mania – something I don’t think I’ve ever had this time of the year. I do hope that this year marks the start of a new WWE era, one that is forced to compete with TNA. Whilst they are having a rough start in the eyes of many, one cannot deny that this sort of shit (which I hope is the climax of the Cena-Era) is what the company are trying to work against and if the biggest PPV of the year is a complete shambles as this is, I do truly hope that Hogan and Eric pull through with their promises.

Until next time…

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