The Stockwell Superstar of The Week – The Survivors

Survivor Series is over folks, and what an event it was. After weeks of hype, we finally had the chance to sit down and watch the final installation of WWE’s ‘Big 4’ for 2009, but now the dust has settled, where do the superstars involved go now? The Stockwell Superstar of the Week, is everyone who competed at the recent PPV.



Seeing as Team Miz and Team Morrison kicked proceedings off, let’s begin discussing the respective Team Captains of the match. Miz and Morrison as you know have a long history behind them and with Morrison now down two losses, the question is when will these two meet for John to avenge the losses. Wrestlemania could be a possibility – in the build up, the two should be able to create an exciting feud that will draw most fans in for the finale at the grandest stage, but a catalyst at the Rumble needs to happen first. Until (and if) said feud happens, I can’t really see either doing nothing noteworthy for a while. Both stars are rising and eventually i think they will become champions, but the WWE are taking their time nicely with the duo so I can’t expect it for a while. I mean, it took Jeff Hardy years to win his first title and when he did, we were treated to some of the most entertaining shows and matches we had seen since Wrestlemania 21, WM21 being the start of the Cena/Batista Era of WWE programming.

Talking of Hardy’s, Jeff’s brother Matt was also involved in the match but like many of the competitors, he just seemed somewhat thrown into the match. I think it’s fair to say that aside from Morrison, the face team consisted of competitors who the WWE will possibly never push to the main event status, opting rather to keep them around to help in the pushes of other stars, stars such as Sheamus and McIntyre. The current new golden boys have indeed rubbed the right shoulders – if you have just watched Raw, then you would know that the former has just been granted a match with SuperCena at the next PPV. It does indeed seem somewhat too soon for the young star and you know Cena is going to overcome the Irishman. If anything Sheamus is following the same road that Umaga took. His eventual loss to Cena will only weaken his character and push so he’ll drop down and get defeated by Triple H and then he’ll get moved to Smackdown where he’ll be defeated by Taker. Like Umaga though, WWE will most likely manage him well so that he remains a threat. Whether he gets the sack eventually remains to be seen cause his current backers may have a say in that situation. Drew on the other hand is not your typical WWE Monster but rather a heal that will eventually headline shows (much like Edge and Orton), but he has some way to go. Hopefully, he is pushed correctly in the coming year. Luckily for him, Batista is being touted as the next challenger so Drew won’t be shot straight into the Main Event just yet.

I should move on and mention Batista but we all know what is going to happen. He’ll continue his heel stint and eventually win the title and he’ll continue on towards Mania and face either Taker, Cena or Triple H. It’s really quite depressing that WWE has become so predictable and we can predict such a thing, but given the last few years of programming, it’s not exactly a hard task. To round it off, Big Dave will be revisited by the now injured Rey and that feud will continue over a couple of PPV’s. Talking of predictability, let’s discuss the main events of the evening. Firstly, starting with Cena defending his title.

If you read my article last week, you would know that I actually want Cena to hold the belt for a while. Mainly because it’ll give Orton the chance to develop his character again before he can challenge for the belt. I can’t really see Cena losing the strap until Mania but I’m hoping this is his final reign for a while. Although, hoping that Big Dave and Cena lose at Mania next year and hoping that next years big event will mark the end of this horrible era that started at WM21 is really wishful thinking. Like Dave, we know whats going to happen. The only thing hard to predict is who exactly each competitor will face next year but we all know that the pool of stars for each respective main event (that of course including the annual ‘Take Down Taker’ match) only consists of a handful of stars and on that note, I don’t think there is much need to discuss the other competitors.

We are of course left with the two remaining elimination matches. Now if I wrote this column directly following the event, I probably would have discarded the divas match as yet another female filler but I have a feeling we could be on the brink of something interesting in regards to WWE Woman’s Wrestling. I wonder whether the TNA inception of Hogan has shook Vince a little, possibly enough to make something out of the laughable woman’s division because off the back the Survivor Series, both titles have potential in regards to their next feuds. Maryse has returned and we have a nice feud touted for Melina and on the Smackdown side of things, we have Mickie who will go on to feud with Michelle and (given their transactions last night) Beth. However, we all know how the division is treated so the likeliness of both feuds being thrown away on a whim is quite high. It wouldn’t be too hard to maintain the women – they could alternate between the two female titles and which is defended at each PPV, if anything that would be a much better choice in the long run and the WWE could prolong the feuds a little longer. For instance, build Melina and Maryse up until TLC and have Maryse win, in the mean time build up Mickie and Michelle who could meet at the rumble. Melina and Maryse can continue their feud over this period and Melina could win the strap back at No Way Out (or whatever it’s going to be known as now) and then have Mickie and Beth at Mania – it really is that simple…and hey, maybe every now and then they could have two diva matches on the card but of course, this is the WWE we are talking of.

Anyway, moving on to the other elimination match on the card – Team Kofi against Team Orton. I mentioned earlier that some of the stars in the former elimination match seemed to be there simply to assist in the push of more favoured stars and this match did indeed follow the same formula in that the majority of competitors were there to assist in the latest Kofi push, even Orton and Punk to an extent. I must say, I am very happy with how the WWE are handling Kofi’s push. Problem is, Kingston needs to get off of Raw. Much like many of the young stars there, Raw just isn’t the place for him. I do see him making the move eventually and I think the trade will benefit Kofi immensely. His popularity is constantly growing and growing and if it continues to soar, the WWE will have to give in to demand and give him his shot, much like they did with Jeff Hardy. Only time will tell.

As for the match itself, i was quite pleased with how they managed the match. Whilst the purpose of it was to assist in the Kofi push, I think the bookers managed the match well to help showcase all of the participants (bar maybe Henry and Truth). In particular, i was happy that Christian was the last face to go, other then Kofi. I think it showed that he is a dominant wrestler and able to cut it with the big boys, and that’s something that has rarely been done with an ECW Champ since maybe Show or Lashley. However, with recent news of Christian and Shelton going at it in a Ladder Match at TLC, maybe they want to add some weight to the title for say, a month or two. Not that the match particularly needs it because it should be a show stealer.

Anyway. I’ll be back soon with another Superstar in another Week. Until then…

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