The Truth: The WWE Draft, Who Goes?

Aside from WrestleMania, another event around this time happens every year is the annual WWE Draft. Provided there isn’t a complete wipe out of the brands all together, there seems no reason there wouldn’t be another edition of the draft this year, so let’s take a look at a few of the potential names on the move.



Alberto Del Rio:

this was the first name that came to mind when I thought about who might be drafted, the makings are all there. A fast rising star with loads of potential, exactly the perfect candidate for creative to move from Smackdown to Raw. (after all we have seen this before)  The only thing potentially holding Del Rio back from moving, IMO, would be him winning the WHC. While I think he very well may come out on top at WM, I’m not sure I see the WWE moving their WHC over to Raw again.  This was a big move back in 05 when Cena was drafted but right now Del Rio seems to be carrying the Smackdown brand and I am not sure the powers that be would want to rip that away from Friday nights just yet. Then again…they do love Raw.

Daniel Bryan:

Huge Bryan Daniel fan just like Alex Riley (woops)  I just don’t see him sticking around on Raw. WWE tried to put him in a storyline to…u know what I m not even sure what they were trying to do. Bottom line he is a more understated guy who is more about the wrestling than the showmanship and believe me WWE needs a few guys like this. In the past they have mainly kept those men on Smackdown and in this case I see no exception. So fully expect Daniel Bryan to be on the move come draft day.

R Truth:

there always seems to be at least one guy who travels back and forth a year later. Jericho the last year, or Mysterio before that and IMO this years candidate will be R Truth. I am a big R Truth fan and feel he is still being underused but right now his character really isn’t going anywhere so a change may be in the works. WWE has always wanted minority stars on Smackdown in the past, I believe due to UPN, so maybe this won’t have as much an influence as it did in the past now that they have changed networks. In either case I see R Truth returning to Friday nights.

Ezekiel Jackson:

Okay I just thought it would be funny since he got drafted to Raw last year, never really wrestled then before you knew it he was back on Smackdown. Potential record setter this year?

Drew McIntyre:

now this one I can really see happening. He along with Del Rio were the first two guys that came to mind about being drafted. Both men are stars on the rise and especially if Del Rio does stay put, you can certainly count on seeing Drew McIntyre and his cool ass theme song ( btw I hope that’s not on your list Bingo) on Monday nights this spring.


as big a star as Sheamus has become, this one depends a lot on McIntyre and Del Rio. If one or especially both men come to Monday nights, Smackdown will be in desperate need of a younger dominant heel and Sheamus defines that. He has already feuded with Cena, Orton and Morrison, so provided he has a brief encounter with the returning Triple H… anyone? Then it would make sense for Sheamus to become one of the dominant heels on Friday nights.

Those are some of the bigger names that very well could be on the move, in closing I ll add a few more potential draftees along with a quick reason why.

Alex Riley – if they decided to move him up, or more so that they want the Miz to stand on his own.

Big Show – he seems to go back and forth so much between heel and face as well as brands, we could expect him to end up on Monday nights. If WWE does consider him a big star (no pun intended) that’s where he ll wind up.

Ted Dibiase – it doesn’t seem the whole Monday Night Raw thing worked out, so old Teddy could be on the move to Friday nights, where his talents might be better suited.

Cody Rhodes – I’d like to see him and Dibiase on the same show for storyline potential, but if WWE is as high on him as I am, then Vince will find him a spot on the A show.

Jay Uso – they have been together long enough according to creative, it’s probably time for a split. (Please Be Wrong)

The Great Khali – because they are simply running out of ideas.

Jack Swagger – it might be time for a call to the big leagues to see how well he can perform. (I’m thinking very well)

Dolph Ziggler – he has been getting a ton of air time lately and like Swagger, he may be ready for a call to the majors.

So those are my thoughts, if I left any out, or you have some of your own, lets hear em!

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