The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels’ Last Bouts, Survivor Series Main Events, more

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* Two of my goals in wrestling are to broadcast HBK and the Undertaker’s last bouts which I get the feeling will not be any time soon. There is no reason for either man to contemplate retirement while the money is huge, they can adequately manage their travel schedules and most importantly that they still love what they do. Obviously, their health overrides every thing but both men seem to be holding up well and can do more with less than the vast majority of their peers. As a matter of fact, most wrestlers try to get too much in their bouts which causes a disconnect with many fans because of the break neck pace where maneuvers and situations mean less and less.

* At this time, my trip to the UK late in November looks doubtful but one never knows when the facial nerves are going to decided to re-generate. I “impatiently” wait.

* So it seems that two, Triple Threat bouts for the World and WWE Titles will be the two, main events at this year’s WWE Survivor Series. Interesting pairings. Personally, I would like to see these two bouts be made into elimination bouts that get it down to two guys which would throw a different wrinkle into the traditional, Triple Threat bouts and might add enhanced drama when one man is eliminated and the title bouts become 1 on 1. It also seems like the elimination aspect of the Triple Threat bout would add to the “Survivor” theme of the PPV. Just an opinion from a fan who has too much free time on his hands.

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