The Undertaker ‘Humiliates’ Top Raw Star Backstage

WWE star Drew McIntyre was once ‘humiliated’ by WWE icon The Undertaker at backstage



McIntyre recalls his tryout in WWE

McIntyre who recently released a new book, A Chosen Destiny, spoke about his experience of his WWE  tryout in the book. He said that he was nervous about his tryout as The Phenom was present at the venue and also WWE legend, Chris Benoit.

During the tryout McIntyre saw the veterans having a laugh and he got nervous about it. He also revealed that he found it humiliating.

McIntyre explained:

“We rolled around, beat each other up for real. It was very quick, maybe a bit too quick. I remember seeing Undertaker and Chris Benoit laughing close by the ring, and I thought, Oh my goodness, they’re laughing at us! How humiliating.”

The Scottish Warrior is now one of the experienced stars in the company now. Years after the incident he realized that the stars were not laughing at the tryout and were laughing at something else. Drew McIntyre ‘Sad’ WWE Backlash Spoiler Leaks

He said:

“Now – having been in that position, close by a ring, during trials – I realise that they were not watching us at all and were almost certainly laughing about something else. At the time I felt a bit disheartened: were we so terrible it was laughable?”

Drew McIntyre is set to face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman for the title at WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view on May 16.

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