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The Undertaker returns to WWE, defeats AJ Styles and wins Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match

As seen on WWE Super ShowDown, R-Truth managed to defeat the likes of Bobby Lashley, Andrade, and Erik Rowan. However, AJ Styles came out and mockingly took out Truth with ease.

Next up, was the final participant for the match Rey Mysterio and his music hit. But Mysterio didn’t come out and it was revealed that The OC had attacked him backstage.

Styles decided to declare himself the winner but the referee intervened and started a ten count for Styles’ opponent. If Styles’ opponent didn’t come out before the count-out was over, then Styles would be declared the winner.

However, it was revealed that the OC had were attacked and taken out in the backstage area by someone. It was revealed that the attacker was none other than the Phenom himself, the Undertaker.

Undertaker came down to the ring in his trademark entrance and stood face to face with Styles. AJ tried to talk trash but the Phenom delivered a big chokeslam to him and got the pinfall victory and won the Tuwaiq Trophy.

This indicates that the reports about the Phenom and the Phenomenal potentially clashing at WrestleMania 36 are true. If that is the case, then the fans are in for a tremendous ride.



  • Dirt McGirt

    While that saudi match was an abomination, at least HBK had had a stellar series of matches prior to that and at this point is actually giving back to the business, unlike Taker and Flair.

  • rob

    i dont know but id say shawn michaels maybe is the worst, at least taker never officially retired, i don’t get why he keeps doing this but i stop watching his matches a long time ago, at least for me he is retired

  • Dirt McGirt

    I wonder who has done more to destroy their legacy: Flair, by not retiring in in the mid-90s like he should have, or The Undertaker, who stopped going to the gym around ’04, didn’t retire a decade ago, and then took a bunch of blood money pay offs.