The Undertaker Reveals Who Is Ruining WWE

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The Undertaker became a subject of controversy after he shared his views on modern-day pro wrestlers last year. The Undertaker said that he has difficulty enjoying WWE as a fan as it is too ‘soft’ for him. The Phenom also stated that he preferred the WWE Superstars from his era of wrestling as they were ‘real men’ compared to the WWE Superstars of today.



Many WWE Superstars disagreed with what he had to say, with being Xavier Woods one of the first to respond to the comments. AEW Star Trent also said that Undertaker should be put in jail. Many fans hoped The Undertaker would change his controversial stance, but it seems that has not been the case judging by his most recent comments regarding the matter.

The Phenom recently spoke with True Geordie, The Undertaker was asked about the current WWE roster. The Undertaker said that he felt that there simply is not enough “grit.” He would then go on to explain this is because current WWE Superstars grew up reading comic books instead of struggling to find food to eat.

“I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today’s product. I don’t know that it’s anybody’s fault, we all aged out and that new group has come up. When you watch Brock (Lesnar) wrestle, you’re interested because you know, he’s got this background not only as an amateur wrestler, professional wrestler, mixed martial artist. Brock doesn’t do a bunch of crazy moves, Brock manhandles your ass. You get in there and you get thrown around and you get smashed. You know, and Roman (Reigns) has a little bit of that to him, and when he wants to Randy (Orton) has that to him when he wants to, but a lot of the younger talent, it’s that the evolution of that comic book era, the superhero era, and I think that’s their motivation, and that’s what their inspiration is, and they didn’t have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they were gonna eat and things like that.”

The Undertaker will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony this year and fans are likely to focus on that now.