The Usos Were Ready To Quit For New Company?

FTR (known as The Revival in WWE) were one of the top tag-teams in NXT. They even held the NXT Tag Team Champions and Tag-Team Champions on the main roster. Despite a few title runs on the WWE main roster, the duo became increasingly dissatisfied with their position in the company. In fact, it seems FTR wanted the Usos to leave WWE with them back in 2019. FTR wanted the Usos to leave WWE with them back in 2019.



Dax Harwood talks about the matter

During a recent episode of the FTR with Dax Harwood podcast, Dax opened up about the Usos and how their WWE contracts happened to expire around the same time as FTR’s. He expressed his hope that they would leave the company and join him and Cash in their next venture.

“Yeah, I remember when they re-signed, and we were pretty open about the contract statuses and stuff of each team. At that time, we knew what we were going to do, we weren’t going to sign the contract they had offered us a really good amount of money there, and we were turning it down. They would eventually offer us even more, and that’s the one where I had to start thinking, but we kind of had an idea at that point of what we were going to do.

And it was exciting to us before they signed, thinking that maybe they would follow us to what became AEW or whatever. Because if we went to AEW, and AEW had The Young Bucks, had The Usos, and had us, that would have been the three top tag teams in the world being able to finally work together and being able to finally, without any kind of training wheels on we’d be able to go full bore, and it was an exciting time for me.

But they did what’s best for them and their families. And they do owe WWE and Vince [McMahon] at the time they owed them a lot for giving them a chance, and they have absolutely made the most of all the chances they’ve been given.”

Meanwhile, Harwood also hinted at a WWE return recently. We will have to see what the future holds for the tag-team.

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