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The Viking Experience almost debuted with a different name

The Viking Experience

  • Keith Learmonth

    It had nothing to do with the word “War.”
    They were literally yelling “War! War! War!” with the crowd during their entrance.

  • CC

    Neither of those names has any merit, but Bezerkers sounds better than bloody Viking Experience.
    If it was really about the whole “War” thing, surely they could have just shortened their name (their favourite tactic) to just The Raiders or at a push called them The Viking Raiders, which sounds better than “Experience”.
    What I do not get though, is if it is about the word “War”, how come Ember Moon was announced as the War Goddess on Smackdown this week? And how come they had their individual names changed as well?

    This name change has nothing to do with the connotations of war and everything to do with Vince’s mentality.
    Plus if you think about it, is the Viking name and gimmick any better? Vikings were not exactly known to be lovely human beings with their penchant for pillaging and raping.