The Young Bucks Claim They Saw Vince Russo Naked

In their recently released book, AEW Executive Vice Presidents Nick and Matt Jackson, also known as the Young Bucks wrote how they saw the bare ass of former WWE writer Vince Russo during his time with Impact Wrestling. The Young Bucks exclaim how the event took place when they were led to meet Russo by fellow former Impact Wrestling creative personality Terry Taylor to discuss their ‘Generation Me’ personas. The Young Bucks reveal that Brodie Lee asked them about their earnings in the indies



Nick and Matt Jackson discuss the harrowing encounter in their book, Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues. First, revealing how this stemed from an e-mail that Russo sent Taylor in request to the duo cutting their hair shoulder length, much like another iconic tag team – Matt and Jeff Hardy. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the remarks.

Two days after Christmas, Terry forwarded an email that Vince Russo had sent him:

They need to cut their hair shoulder length – and get new gear – a ‘Hot Topic’ look, much like Matt and Jeff Hardy. Tell them to not wear the exact same thing. They will be called, “Gen Me.” [Generation Me]


The book continues the documentation of events.

The Young Bucks opened up on their retirement plans late last year. It was a major part of our identity. This haircut was something we had been dreading since we read Russo’s email. As soon as we sat in the chairm we told the hairdresser just to take a couple of inches off, which she did. We approached Terry, trying to sell him on our not-so-drastic makeover. “Let’s go show Vince Russo and get approval,” he said. “Grab your gear, too.”

Until this point, we haven’t even me Vince. We followed Terry up a few stairs where a trailer was, and he knocked. “Come in!” muffled Vince, who, using all buy two words, displayed the heaviest New York accent I’d ever heard. Vince was facedown on a massage table, his bare ass halfway hanging out over a towel while a masseuse rubbed on his back. “Vince, I wanted to introduce you to the Young Bucks,” Terry began. “The wanted to show you their haircut and gear.” Vince reached up – his ass exposed even more now – and shook our hands. “Nice to meet you you guys. Welcome to the team.”


But then Vince said, “Hey bros, I’ll be honest with you guys, it’s just not short enough.” Not wanting to make a bad impression, we agreed to cut our hair even shorter.

Russo to his credit responded on social media via Twitter by issuing the following statement: “Don’t know how much is true-don’t remember any of it. Not calling Bucks Liars-it was long time ago-maybe some specifics are incorrect. I DO KNOW this-when Dr. Tim worked my back-I was NEVER BARE ASSED. The Dude wasn’t working on my ass, bro-he was working on my BACK.” The Young Bucks pick the greatest tag team of all time back in December.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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