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The Young Bucks confirm they are not signing with WWE


After Cody Rhodes confirmed that he has declined a WWE offer, it was almost certain that the Young Bucks will not be signing with the company either.

And if there was still a doubt, the Bucks confirmed that they are not going to the Biggest Wrestling Company by ending the running gag on the latest episode of their YouTube Show Being The Elite.

The duo ended the storyline where a Triple H lookalike has been pursuing them for signing, and they gave a note to him which read the following:

”Although this was a difficult decision, we watched an episode of RAW and saw what you guys did to the tag team division. I know in this business the saying goes ‘never say never,’ but for now, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

After this, the brothers superkicked the lookalike to end the story. You can check out the latest episode of Being The Elite in the video below:

  • Keith Learmonth

    It’s not even clear that that promotion does, will, or ever has existed. Stop taking every dirt-sheet rumour as fact… kind of the point I was trying to make with my comment. The dirt sheets can’t be trusted. Sure, they’re right sometimes, and if they are, good for Cody & co, and I wish them luck… but Cody and the Bucks also have a reputation for trying to work the dirt sheets and Meltzer to bring more attention to themselves. I am just warning people not to take everything they say at face value.

  • Rinn13

    No. They’ve made it pretty clear they’re going to be joining Cody Rhodes in the new promotion they’re starting.

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, they’re signing with WWE, then?

    This is wrestling. If a wrestler absolutely makes it clear they’ll never, ever join WWE, there’s like, a 50% percent chance they’re working there within a year.