The Young Bucks say their characters won’t be over-saturated like the ‘current mainstream wrestling’

AEW Officials have been promising to provide an alternative to WWE fans through their product and one of the ways to do it is differentiate the characters from the ones we see on WWE television.



During a recent interview with the Decider, the Young Bucks talked about their strategy on character development and revealed how they plan to keep them special.

Bucks said that one of the main reasons why stars lose their stardom is that they are seen too often and claimed that their characters won’t be over-saturated:

“Our characters won’t be over-saturated. That’s a problem for the current product for mainstream wrestling right now. You see wrestlers way too often, way too many times, and you become fatigued with that character and that superstar, and they lose that superstardom,”

Continuing on the topic, they said that everybody does not need to be on their show every week and explained that they can stay at home when they are not needed.

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