There Is ‘Concern’ About Barron Trump Before…

Barron Trump, the son of Donald and Melania Trump, is nearing a decision on his college plans, with expectations pointing towards NYU. Reports indicate that Melania Trump is feeling apprehensive about Barron heading off to college, as he has not been independent in this way before. She reportedly plans to spend significant time in New York City to support him, reflecting her concerns as he transitions into this new phase of life.



According to sources, Melania has negotiated with Donald Trump about her role if he wins the 2024 election, aiming to balance her duties as First Lady with her desire to be a hands-on mother to Barron. This arrangement is seen as crucial by Melania, who wants to ensure Barron has support and stability during this critical period.

Donald Trump, recognizing Melania’s commitment to their son, has reportedly agreed to these terms, drawing parallels to how Ivana Trump raised their other children. This understanding underscores Melania’s dedication to Barron’s well-being amid the potential demands of the White House should Donald Trump be re-elected.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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