ThunderStruck: Raw Analysis 07/09/12

Raw opens with AJ proposing to CM Punk. Daniel Bryan interrupts and proposes to AJ. The anonymous Raw GM is back and Cole announces that Punk and AJ will take on Daniel Bryan and Eve tonight.



^I loved the anonymous GM angle, and I was glad to see it brought back tonight. A marriage proposal? So quickly in the storyline? I guess it makes sense for a psycho. Where is the Miz and his “reallys” when I need him?

Sheamus squashes Jack Swagger. Alberto Del Rio shows up on the big screen and taunts Sheamus.

^Sheamus dominates Jack Swagger for the 50th time since last Summer, and the match with Del Rio is advertised. WWE served their purpose with the segment, but I just hope their match doesn’t tank.

Santino is shown backstage telling Zack Ryder that he will figure out who the anonymous Raw GM is.

^These two make for great comedy; I hope they team up again for some matches in the future.

Tensai and Dolph Ziggler defeat Tyson KIdd and Christian. Tensai pins Christian to win the match.

^I like a few things about this match. I like the connection to the MITB match this Sunday, but what I like even more is the potential rivalries that could be formed here in the IC Title scene. Who wouldn’t love to see Christian and Ziggler have a decent length feud? Tensai pinning Christian means he now has the claim that he pinned the IC Champ. I like the possiblities here, but the match wasn’t nearly long enough.

The anonymous Raw GM declares that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler may have a match tonight if the fans vote on it.

^Cole and Lawler’s rivalry renewed yet again? Not trying to be pessimistic here, but I’m bored with that angle.

Brodus Clay defeats Drew McIntyre in a short match.

^I’m glad to see McIntyre get some tv time, but I thought Brodus’ character was going to start doing more after his feud with Otunga. Speaking of Otunga, does his new movie role mean we won’t have to see him for awhile?

Santino and Jericho share a funny moment backstage. Big Show comes in when Santino leaves and the two talk about Jeri-Show and the success they shared.

^Jericho is showing all the signs of being a tweener more than a heel. I’d like to see him rival with some of the top heels before his run is over.

Kane and John Cena defeat JeriShow by DQ. Ladders are pulled out in a brawl after the match and Cena is the last man standing.

^Will John Cena be the last man standing this Sunday? You’ll have to check out the Smarks Remarks MITB prediction column later this week. The match was spotty, but I definitely feel like there should have been or will be more talent added to the WWE Title MITB match at the last second.

Eve insults CM Punk in a backstage segment.

^Eve is a great character, but I’m disappointed that the divas division isn’t treated with more respect and given an important role on the show.

Sin Cara defeats Heath Slater in a MITB Qualifying match. Bob Backlund comes out and answers Slater’s challenge to wrestle a former champion. There is no match but Backlund locks Slater in the crossface chicken wing.

^So, Sin Cara is in the World Title MITB ladder match. I don’t expect him to win, but I would suspect that he’ll make the match a bit more interesting. Bob Backlund as the surprise legend? I didn’t see people jumping out of their seats for him, but I’ll give WWE credit for definitely giving us a blast from the past.

The poll shows that Cole will wrestle Lawler. Lawler defeats Cole in a very short match. The anonymous GM reverses the decision based on Booker T throwing Cole back in the ring. Santino Marella comes out and says the anonymous Raw GM has to be under the ring; it’s revealed to be Hornswoggle.

^I could rant on this for ages. First of all, WWE’s creative booking is week to week, and this outcome proves it. This was a lazy end to a storyline that could have had any number of surprise finishes. I’m bored by this, and annoyed.

Daniel Bryan leaves Eve hanging and AJ pins Eve to get the victory in the main event for her and CM Punk. Punk declines AJ’s marriage proposal and she slaps Punk. She also slaps Daniel Bryan and then skips away to end the show.

^AJ leaves us confused as to who she will aide in the WWE Title match on Sunday. I think the Punk/Bryan/AJ storyline was the most consistent part of the entire show. I’m a bit disappointed with the show as a whole, and I’d have to say it was slightly below the typical Raws that we’ve been receiving as of late. For as good as MITB always is as a ppv, I was expecting a bit more hype for the contract matches this Sunday. I’ll be back with MITB predictions and the rundown this weekend. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me! – NonStop Wrestling Online!

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