ThunderStruck: Weekly Rundown: Impact, Smackdown, And More! 06/16/12

The Rundown is meant to be a very long column spanning the entire week of wrestling, and this piece certainly fits that and will from now on. Raw will be the only show that gets its own column, and the rest will be done here. Prediction columns will also be separate. There is a lot to talk about from this week, so let’s get to it!



TNA Slammiversary Final Thoughts: This was a great show. James Storm’s return really stood out to me as a key moment for the storylines this summer in regards to the World Title. Roode and Sting could’ve had a better match, but I suspect time management played a factor in how short it was. After enjoying Lockdown and Sacrifice as much as I did, I didn’t expect this one to top those two events, but to my surprise it did. This was definitely the best ppv event of the year so far for TNA.

FCW Sunday 06/10/12

William Regal is joined on commentary by Byron Saxton and Antonio Cesaro this week.

Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods defeat Jake Carter and Corey Graves in a non-title tag team match.

FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz reveals her new look of blonde hair and ridiculous amounts of makeup. She talks about being bored as the reason for her transformation.

Dusty Rhodes has a surprise meeting with Summer Rae. He tells her that Steve Keirn has made some changes and he wants to see her in his office right away. He sits in her chair when she leaves.

Audrey Marie goes one on one with Paige. Audrey wins the match using the sunset flip rollup with HELP from Sofia Cortez. Cortez actually knocks Paige’s hands off the ropes and allows her to get rolled up for the loss.

Rick Victor goes one on one with CJ Parker. Victor gets the pinfall victory using the double underhook powerbomb after Parker misses a splash from the top rope.

Seth Rollins cuts a promo on his rivalry with Dean Ambrose.

Bo Dallas faces Big E Langston in the main event of the night. Bo hits the spear off the ropes around the seven minute mark to get the win.

Thoughts: The tag team match was the epitome of tag team wrestling and gives me confidence that WWE will continue pushing the tag team division with all the new talent coming up. Raquel is now officially scarier than her mother, Vickie Guerrero. Paige and Audrey Marie had the best divas match of all the shows this week(excluding the knockouts in TNA). Rick Victor and CJ Parker both still need a lot of work and will probably spend a lot more time on NXT before getting any time on the road schedule. Big E moved well in his match with Bo, and I was thoroughly impressed by the chemistry these two have in the ring together. Great main event to cap off a solid show!

Raw 6/11 Final Thoughts: This three hour Raw was the best WWE has produced in quite some time. Apparently WWE officials were high on Tensai’s performance in his match against Sheamus; I didn’t think it was anything special. I would like to see Raw stop being a supershow for a three hour event and actually see what could be done with JUST Raw superstars on a three hour show. It probably won’t happen, but it would be interesting to see. I was a bit surprised not to see Triple H on the show to further the Brock Lesnar storyline, but I’m guessing things will pick up again after No Way Out.

WWE NXT Redemption 06/13/12

Reks and Hawkins team up and take on Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson. Reks pins Bateman for the three count after using a variation of the DDT. The match goes about twelve minutes.

Kaitlyn and Natalya go one on one. Kaitlyn uses a sunset rollup without the flip around the nine minute mark to score the pinfall.

The new NXT from Full Sail University is advertised for next week’s show.

The main event of what I assume to be the final NXT Redemption features Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis facing the Usos. Jimmy hits the big splash from the top of McGillicutty for the victory.

Thoughts: I’m hoping to see Reks and Hawkins more on Smackdown now that Redemption has concluded. Kaitlyn and Natalya have both worked extremely hard on this show and deserve to be showcased as challengers for Layla’s title in the near future. The Usos have become a solid staple in the tag division for WWE and should have a lengthy run in the tag division as challengers for the respective titles as well. As far as Michael McGillicutty goes, this guy is ready for the big time. He needs the push to be the top heel(or face even) in the IC or US Title scene once Cody Rhodes is out of the way and starts challenging for the World Championships. This final edition of Redemption had some quality wrestling and I hope these guys are used properly as some of their futures in WWE are now up in the air.

WWE Superstars 06/14/12

Zack Ryder goes one on one with Michael McGillicutty. Ryder gets the three count victory using his rough ryder finisher.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young face off against the Usos. Young and O’Neil work well together and O’Neil ends up getting the pinfall.

Hunico goes against Justin Gabriel. Hunico gets the win using a victory roll after slamming Gabriel down from the top rope.

Thoughts: Like I just said about McGillicutty, he needs to be pushed. Matching him up to work with Zack Ryder is a good choice for starting out on the main roster(all over again). I have confidence that things will be different for him this time around on WWE TV. The tag team match on the show would’ve been a perfect addition to Smackdown, which was lacking in tag team action this week(with the exception of the four main eventers at No Way Out). Hunico and Gabriel stole the show with ease. Hunico is just proving over and over what a top talent he actually is in WWE. I can only imagine how long it will be before officials take notice of his skills and charisma and do something better with his gimmick.

Impact Wrestling Analysis: Thursday 06/14/12

Austin Aries defends his X-Division Title in an Ultimate X match against Zemo Ion and Chris Sabin. Aries gets the title around the nine minute mark. Hulk Hogan comes out after the match and tells Aries he can compete for the World Title at Destination X if he is willing to forfeit the X-Division Title. He gives Aries until next week to think it over.

^The X-Division is so similar to the WCW Cruiserweight division and it’s awesome! Austin Aries is the future of TNA with his long term contract, and a match with Bobby Roode at Destination X will be something to look forward to. One has to wonder who might hold the title next if Aries relinquishes it. My first guess/suggestion would be Zema Ion.

Devon defeats Hernandez to retain the TV Title. Devon catches Hernandez off the ropes and delivers the spinebuster to get the pinfall.

^I heard a rumor that TNA was impressed with Hernandez getting into good physical shape and that they want to give him a push. I don’t know about you, but challenging for the TV Title and losing clean doesn’t really appear to the best way to push somebody. I enjoyed the match between the two big men, though.

Dixie Carter and AJ Styles are shown backstage talking. AJ says they need to get things out in the open before people get hurt. Dixie tells him not to get hurt tonight and that they will talk later.

^It’s the soap opera portion of the show that claims to be all about the wrestling. It’s a damn good thing that TNA has picked one of its top five wrestlers to be apart of the drama; otherwise the company would look really bad having someone who can’t wrestle in the most dramatic storylines(Hogan’s whole career, anybody?).

We have a gauntlet match to kick off the Bound For Glory series. The winner gets 20 points. AJ Styles is the first entrant. Jeff Hardy is the second participant. RVD is out third. Magnus and Bully Ray are the next two to enter the gauntlet. Kurt Angle is the sixth man to enter. The Pope returns as the next participant. Abyss appears out of nowhere and eliminates Bully Ray. Robbie E is out next, followed by Christopher Daniels. The Pope, Daniels, Robbie E, and Magnus are the only four left in the ring when Samoa Joe makes his entrance. Joe eliminates Robbie E and then Magnus. James Storm is out next and eliminates the Pope. He takes out Daniels and it’s just him and Joe. Storm and Joe go at it and Storm wins the match by nailing the last call superkick and knocking Joe off the apron. Storm wins the 20 points to start the challenge. Storm cuts a promo after the match and says he’s on his way to getting the World Title back.

^This gauntlet really gave you a taste of the roster depth in TNA. I love watching these guys and the BFG Series makes for fun television. I expect TNA to follow through with plans and have James Storm win the challenge, but this will still be a fun story to follow. Great excitement in this match!

Bobby Roode is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. He says Storm is jealous of him and he has no problem facing Storm one day, but tonight he has bigger fish to fry in the form of an asshole.

^I love Bobby Roode’s promos. I could almost see Roode as a face this time next year. Do you remember how it happened with the Rock? All of a sudden his promos were so good that people started cheering for him rather than booing him? I can picture the same thing happening for Roode. Roode has worked his ass off to become the top guy in TNA and he is a star created by them. I expect even bigger things from him than what he’s already accomplished.

AJ Styles promises Kurt Angle backstage that he will get his head on straight.

^More drama from AJ, and now he’s dragging Kurt down too. Who scripts this stuff anyway, a talk show host?

Miss Tessmacher defeats Madison Rayne in a short non-title match.

^It’s Miss now, instead of Brooke. Solid knockouts action as usual. I wonder when the Madison crush storyline will progress further. Tessmacher will quickly prove that she is a strong fighting champion.

Brooke Hogan is shown talking to Gail Kim. Brooke wants Gail to be apart of a four way for the Knockouts Title next week on Open Fight Night. Gail wants to use her rematch clause and says she doesn’t need Brooke’s help. Brooke tells her that it’s not up to Gail to decide WHEN her rematch will be, and tells her to enjoy her vacation.

^I like the idea of Gail stepping out of the spotlight for a bit and allowing other knockouts to go after the title. Mickie James and Tessmacher could work an awesome rivalry together if it’s booked properly. I also want to see Velvet Sky challenge for the title with all the hard work she’s put in since the beautiful people disbanded.

Bobby Roode defends his World Title against Mr. Anderson. Roode forces Anderson to tap out to the crossface.

^Roode wins clean when defending his title against a legitimate threat? I’m stunned, but pleased with it. Roode has always been a good wrestler and shouldn’t always have to rely on cheating to win a match(bad booking if you do something one too many times).

Dixie and AJ are shown backstage AGAIN. Dixie tells AJ that next week they’ll come clean with everyone.

^I don’t think coming clean means admitting an affair as suspected. Playing into this drama is ridiculous as TNA can do whatever they want with this storyline and fill it with twists and turns. We’ll just have to see how they decide to play out the scenario.

The Hall of Fame package for Sting is aired, and then JB brings him out to the ring. Sting says his goal going into Slammiversary was to take a chunk of out Bobby Roode’s heart and he did it. Sting thanks Jerry and Jeff Jarrett for starting TNA. Three men in masks jump Sting and attack him to close the show.

^Jeff Jarrett and the AAA guys was one rumor floating around in regards to who attacked Sting. I don’t have a clue who it might be. I’m intrigued to find out where this goes well. Overall, Impact was a solid show from start to finish yet again. I hope they find a way to increase their audience because the quality of their product has really increased over the last six months or so.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 06/15/12

AJ tries to explain why she kissed Kane on Raw. Vickie and Ziggler interrupt, and AJ calls Vickie grandma. Vickie slaps her. CM Punk comes out and trash talks Vickie. Daniel Bryan joins the party and tells Punk he’s making the same mistake he did with AJ. Sheamus comes out and wants to start the main event of Smackdown right now. Punk stops AJ from attacking Vickie Guerrero.

Sheamus and Punk take on Ziggler and Bryan. Ziggler rolls up Sheamus for the three count after he is distracted when AJ shoves Vickie Guerrero into the thing. AJ and Vickie have a scuffle after the match. Kane comes out and carries AJ towards the back. Punk attacks Kane and he drops her. Kane, Punk, and Bryan brawl in the ring. Kane chokeslams both men and is the last man standing.

Brodus Clay asks for some real competition and then squashes Heath Slater. David Otunga attacks Brodus Clay after the match.

Beth Phoenix squashes Alicia Fox with Layla on commentary.

John Laurinaitis apologizes to Vince McMahon for what happened to him on Monday, but then advises him to stay out of the way of the Big Show at his age. Big Show comes out and says it was an accident when he struck Vince with the WMD. Michael Cole announces that John Cena has promised to be at the arena before the end of the night.

Christian defeats Jack Swagger using the frog splash.

Ryback squashes two indy guys.

Damien Sandow defeats Tyson Kidd in a very short match.

John Cena comes to the ring because Big Show called him out tonight. JL comes out and tells Cena he sent Big Show home to protect the main event of No Way Out. JL tells Cena that if he attacks him now and loses on Sunday, he will be fired. Cena says that means that someone will be fired on Sunday after what happens tonight. Cena punches JL to the mat to close the show.

Thoughts: The show opened strong with a main event tag match, and the show closed strong with Super-Cena hype! The matches in between were decent and we got the usual squash matches in there as well. The show definitely delivered on all levels for a go home Smackdown before a ppv. I like the confusion that AJ has created going into No Way Out amongst these individuals.

I attended the WWE Supershow Live Event on Friday 06/15/12. Here are the results:

Brodus Clay defeated JTG with the big splash.

Dean Ambrose defeated Alex Riley. Ambrose cut a creepy promo before the match.

Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder defended the tag team titles against Primo and Epico. Kingston and Ryder were victorious.

Christian defended the IC Title against Cody Rhodes and was victorious using the killswitch.

John Cena defeated the Big Show and David Otunga in a handicap match. Cena delivered the AA to Show and pinned Otunga.

Layla defeated Beth Phoenix in a Divas Championship match.

CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan in a street fight for the WWE Title. These guys destroyed each other with a singapore cane. Punk won using the GTS.

Sheamus defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane inside a steel cage. Sheamus won the match by escaping the cage.

Thoughts: Two days before No Way Out, this was an awesome show to attend! My buddy’s girlfriend actually slapped Sheamus on the chest at the end of the show when he was coming around ringside to greet the fans. These guys were awesome when it came to working the small crowd and really delivered a fun performance. Punk and Bryan was easily the best match of the night, followed by Christian and Rhodes. I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait for the next event that I attend(probably Night of Champions). Even without Jericho, Orton, and Del Rio, the show still felt loaded with star power and didn’t lack in anything.

ROH Wrestling Saturday 06/16/12

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards is recapped from last week’s show.

Twenty year old Adam Page takes on twenty-six year old Mike Bennett in our opening match. Bennett wins the match using the box office smash.

Steve Corino comes to the ring with Jimmy Jacobs and World Champion, Kevin Steen! Steen talks about teaming with Jacobs and facing O’Reilly and Richards next week on ROH Wrestling. Steen brings up whether or not he can use the package piledriver against Richards at BITW. Steen says he will bring whatever he wants to New York because that is what Davey Richards told him to do. Steen wants an anything goes match with no disqualifications.

The Briscoes take on Sam Shaw and QT Marshall. The Briscoe’s win using the doomsday device.

Roderick Strong with Truth Martini faces Tommaso Ciampa with the Embassy. Strong wins the match by dq. Ciampa had the win after using project ciampa on Strong, but his manager came in and attacked Strong blatantly in front of the ref. Ciampa is furious with his manager after the match.

Thoughts: Two heels facing off in the main event made for an interesting fight. Both guys wrestled a very aggressive style in the match. I like the storyline of conspiracy between the Embassy and Truth Martini. The Briscoes are arguably the best tag team in wrestling right now. The stipulation that it would be their last match with WGTT at Border Wars leads me to believe that WGTT will be dropping the belts sooner rather than later. It makes zero sense for the Briscoes not to be competing for the tag team titles with their talent and popularity taken into consideration. Page and Bennett put on a decent match to open the show and Steen is magic on the mic. I’m looking forward to Steen/Richards 2 and you can check out our preview and predictions for Best In The World next week before the show.

Random thoughts for the week:

I read somewhere that Vince McMahon supposedly hates being on TV. I find this hard to believe when I see him in character.

The championship belts used at live events are not the actual titles that you see on Raw and Smackdown. The things I saw at the supershow were flimsy and too shiny to be the real belts(the World Title on Sheamus was too small even).

FCW being done in a few weeks will make this column slightly shorter, and it’s one of the contributing factors to why I’m including both Impact and Smackdown here every week.

WWE Superstars are rumored to be hesitant about working with Ryback. I wonder how far he can go with a push if this is in fact true.

Sin Cara looked awesome on Raw. I was actually disappointed not to see him at the supershow or on Smackdown.

That’s all for this week. Make sure to check out our Smark’s Remarks No Way Out Predictions column, which will be up by the start of tomorrow. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me! – check it out!

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