ThunderStruck: WWE Main Event And Smackdown Analysis 03/29/13

WWE Main Event Review 03/27/13 By Jee-S



Kane beat Antonio Cesaro via Chokeslam.

Thoughts: That was very entertaining! Despite Cesaro losing again, there wasn’t anything wrong with this match: good action, great technique and good storytelling. Kane is one of those veterans that can make anyone look good in the ring and Cesaro is a world class wrestler; what more could you ask? This is how superstars like these two can shine: with matches longer than 10 minutes! Cesaro is now yodeling on his way to the ring and during his matches; not sure if it’s a wise move because it doesn’t make us take him more seriously, and that’s what he needs with this losing streak he’s on. It’s also very sad that he’s not currently in a WrestleMania feud. The end with Daniel Bryan stopping AJ from skipping around the ring yelling out “No!” repeatedly was hysterical. Great match!

WrestleMania announcement: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

Thoughts: Very excited for this match, these two could really steal the show on the grandest stage of them all. Can’t wait!

Interview with Sheamus saying that if Orton and Big Show can get along, The Shield are in for the fight of their lives.

Thoughts: I wouldn’t say that it’s the biggest threat The Shield has ever faced, but this is thought out booking by the WWE, even with Big Show’s 500th babyface turn. These are six athletes that have the potential to display great chemistry at WrestleMania. Expect good, pray for the best. And the best being an Orton heel turn…? This remains to be seen.

The Bella Twins beat Cameron & Naomi with a rollup.

Thoughts: Am I the only one impressed with Naomi’s in-ring skills? She has a bright future in the Divas division (one can only hope). Overall the match was alright; it wasn’t anything special but it was good for a Divas match. By the way, Brodus and Tensai are now called “Tons of Funk”. Sigh.

The show in general wasn’t bad; I’d say it was just another average episode of Main Event. The first match was definitely the highlight of the show(as it should be if they follow format). Thank you for reading!

WWE Smackdown 03/29/13 By Joe Thunder

The Rock opens Smackdown. John Laurinaitis interrupts his promo and wants to be in the Rock’s corner at WrestleMania because John Cena cost him his job. The Rock lets the crowd decide and they boo. Rock delivers a spinebuster and people’s elbow to Laurinaitis.

^Can’t say I missed Laurinaitis in the slightest. This is either the start of something with JL helping Cena win the WWE Title, or it’s just a random segment. I’m somewhat interested in where this angle goes, but that’s only because the WWE Title picture as a whole has been stale since the Rumble.

Chris Jericho defeats Wade Barrett after Barrett has words with the Miz at the announce table. Jericho cuts a promo after the match and Fandango comes out, but doesn’t get in the ring.

^Jericho and Barrett would’ve had an awesome match at Mania, but I’ll let go of that dream right now. Their match here was pretty good for being only five minutes, and I definitely wouldn’t complain if this match was booked again in the near future. I’m not sure I understand the booking here for Barrett as he loses twice in one week, but it makes me think WWE doesn’t have much planned for him.

An interview between Paul Heyman and Matt Striker is shown from earlier in the day with them discussing Triple H vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

^Paul Heyman is easily one of the best talkers in the history of the business, and that’s good for this Triple H/Lesnar rivalry because there really isn’t much excitement to it. My only complaint here is that Heyman said Triple H so much in such a short span of time.

Mark Henry and Ryback have a weight lifting contest with Booker T and Teddy Long as judges. They tie on the weight lifting and Henry lowers the weight bar on Ryback’s neck after Booker reminds them of his no contact rule.

^I liked this segment. I usually like most test of strength segments anyway, but this one was particularly cool for me because I’m excited for their match at Mania. Very effective segment to keep the hype going for this match. Ryback sold the choking afterwards quite well.

Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and AJ Lee are defeated by Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn pins AJ for the win.

^Looks like two Mania previews here. I love the idea of Kaitlyn vs AJ at Mania, but the only part of the tag team match that excites me is Daniel Bryan locking up with Dolph Ziggler on the big stage. Decent match three minute match here to promote this feud.

A Shield promo is shown.

^As I’ve said over and over, I like two out of three members of this group, and I’m open to liking Roman Reigns if he shows some legit wrestling ability soon. Good promo here. Their match is another one on the Mania card that I’m very excited for.

Jack Swagger and the Great Khali wrestle to a double countout. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo come down and go after Swagger and Colter, but they get away.

^Bad and boring match. Good segment to add more fuel to Del Rio and Swagger’s rivalry, but nothing wrestling noteworthy whatsoever. I have to admit that Swagger and Del Rio was the last thing I expected for a World Title feud at WrestleMania, but I’m extremely excited to see what sort of match they produce.

Sheamus, Randy Orton, and the Big Show are interviewed backstage.

^The unit seems to be on track and united, and that spells potentially bad news for the Shield. Their unity seems almost too good to be true.

Orton, Show, and Sheamus defeat Team Rhodes Scholars and Antonio Cesaro. The Shield get beat up after the match by the three “faces” when they charge into the crowd after them.

^Very good eight minute wrestling match to close out the show. I liked how this one played out, but the rivalry as a whole would be completely boring if it went on past WrestleMania. I hope their match brings a finality to everything and they can all move on to singles feuds.

This Smackdown felt more entertaining than others in recent memory, but it didn’t have anything major stand out. Jericho and Barrett fell short for match of the night with the main event being so good. I’m very excited for some of the matches at Mania, and I think that’s why I can overlook things not being excellent on TV right now. I’ll be back with the Raw Analysis on Tuesday. Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!

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