ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 01/14/15

Finn Balor goes one on one with Tyson Kidd for our opening match. Balor wins the match in just over eight minutes with the big stomp from the top rope.



^Imagine a weekly Raw that didn’t start with a lame opening segment and instead had a wrestling match like this one? I think the fans would be hooked forever. Awesome opening match that told a great story and captivated an audience. Kidd continues to show why CM Punk calls him a workhorse and Balor continues to show that he belongs here in WWE. ***1/2

Bull Dempsey is interviewed backstage. He says it will be a quick match where he defeats Baron Corbin because he’s also undefeated. Weird promo but not bad.

Bull Dempsey takes on Baron Corbin. Corbin wins the match with end of days in under two minutes.

^If Bull Dempsey was the wrecking ball of NXT, then what is Baron Corbin? Good quote there. Corbin looked impressive. These guys had a good chemistry together for a quick story. I liked it. Bull losing doesn’t hurt him; it just elevates Corbin and allows Dempsey more time to dominate others in NXT. His time will come, but Corbin’s appears to be now.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks take on Natalya and Charlotte. This should be awesome! Sasha pins Charlotte after vicious neckbreaker and a hold on the tights. The match went four and a half minutes.

^I’ve never seen that much teamwork and action from a women’s tag team match in just four minutes. I’m amazed by what these ladies can do, but what amazes me more is the fact that we don’t get things this awesome on Raw or Smackdown. Awesome work by all the ladies here.

Sami Zayn defeats Adrian Neville in a twelve minute main event to retain the NXT Championship. Zayn is attacked by Kevin Owens to end the show.

^Four stars, maybe even four a quarter stars for that main event. Twelve minutes of unbelievable pacing and action. Great stuff. Zayn/Owens tease for the next NXT special just gets me more excited for what’s to come!

Everything about this episode of NXT was spot on awesome. It’s the first 10 out of 10 episode of NXT for 2015, and I’m feeling like it won’t be the last!

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