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ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 10/23/14

We open this week’s show with the Ascension and they’re taking on the team of Jason Jordan and Ty Dillinder. Dillinger is pinned after the fall of man in a three minute match. Viktor gets the pin.

^That was basically a squash. Big statement match from the Ascension as they now supposedly chase the NXT Team Titles again. I’d expect them to make the move to the main roster before that happens.

Hideo Atami(former Kenta) runs in after the match and the Ascension beat him down.

^The announcers called Kenta stupid for coming down alone. I’d have to agree with them. Too bad we didn’t get a save run-in here.

CJ Parker comes out and he’s taking on the knock off version of old HBK, Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze. Mojo Rawley comes out and watches the match. Breeze wins the match in just under three minutes with the beauty shot from “out of nowhere” as it now happens. Breeze stares down Rawley after the match.

^I like Tyler Breeze and his talent, as most of you already know. Bright future for that boy. I don’t care for Rawley, but WWE likes his look and I’ll embrace any rivalry that puts Tyler Breeze in the ring(maybe he can help Rawley improve?). CJ Parker has become a jobber afterthought; the dude is screwed.

The Vaudevillains are up! Aiden English and Simon Gotch are taking on Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake. Gotch and English win the match in less than five minutes(Gotch gets the pin after some teamwork).

^I love the tag team division of NXT. It was brief, but it was solid and enjoyable. Murphy and Blake have some talent together, and the Vaudevillains have a great look. This was my favorite part of the show thus far.

Bayley is out next for a match with Sasha Banks. Banks beats Bayley in six minutes with what looks like a modified crossface.

^Banks is called the “Boss” of NXT for a reason; these two gave us a fast paced back and forth performance. Very good women’s wrestling in this one; Bayley has certainly continued to get better and better. THIS is the future of wrestling!

Becky Lynch “saves” Bayley from Banks after the match. Lynch then attacks Bayley from behind and aligns with Banks.

^A good match AND a good follow up storyline? Nice of these writers to care enough to keep us interested(obviously it’s not the same people scripting Raw).

Titus O’Neil challenges Adrian Neville in our main event for the NXT Championship. Neville wins the eight minute main event with the falcon arrow and retains the title.

^That was a very good main event. Titus looked pretty solid here, but Neville clearly has the experience factor on his side. Adrian Neville might become one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Titus is a waste in comparison; sometimes having the right “look” for WWE doesn’t mean as much as having the talent. Sorry Titus. Highly enjoyable main event.

Sami Zayn comes out and congratulates Neville after the match. He then tells Neville his own mission will end with winning the NXT Championship. Neville says yes to whenever Zayn wants a match. Zayn says Neville won’t have the gold much longer, but Neville says we all know Zayn can’t win the big one.

^Serious lack of charisma on both men’s part in that closing promo. Very weak and cheesy talk; not entertaining in the slightest. Concerning, actually. These guys need coaching and real practice.

On a random note, does anyone else think Jason Albert aka Tensai sounds like Triple H when he talks? Just my observation.

The show was solid and highly entertaining. I have my concerns and my complaints, but overall I really enjoyed this episode of NXT. Bayley and Banks shined, the tag teams looked great and the main event delivered a nice finish. Seven out of ten from me.

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