Tiffany Stratton Posts Alluring Corset Photo

NXT star Tiffany Stratton recently took to her Instagram account and posted some mirror pictures in a stunning dress. Her caption read:



“Studies show hot girls should never pass a mirror without looking in it …”

Tiffany Stratton has been one of the popular stars on NXT brand. She has been quite impressive with her gimmick and her in-ring prowess. Speaking on WWE Die Woche, WWE star Chelsea named NXT star Tiffany Stratton as someone she would like to see join the main roster after WrestleMania.

“Um, hello, Tiffany. Actually, we’re talking about a perfect little protege, mini-me star with Tiffany. I have seen that Tiffany has requested a private locker room. I would like her to know she absolutely is welcome in mine. I will make sure it has all of her requests. We’ll have the list ready to go. Whatever she needs, she can share with me,” said Chelsea Green.

Chelsea added that a few other superstars could share a locker room with her on the RAW roster.

“There’s not many people who can. Tiffany could share with me, Maxxine Dupri definitely could share with me, she’s got also a list of requests that I just absolutely love. Carmella, of course. Piper, if sticks with me. The Miz of course is allowed. Other than that it’s a very exclusive locker room,” added Green.

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