Tim Scott Melts Down After Endorsing Trump On CNN

CNN’s Dana Bash recently confronted Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) — as he dodged numerous questions about his endorsement of Donald Trump for 2024 via Mediaite.



Scott spoke with Bash on Sunday’s State of the Union — a conversation which began with the CNN anchor asking Scott why he is backing the former president instead of his fellow South Carolinian, former Governor Nikki Haley.

After Scott said he informed Haley of his decision before announcing it publicly, Bash referenced a quote from Scott’s own presidential campaign launch — in which he called for his supporters to reject ideas of “victimhood” and “grievance.”

BASH: “Senator, you ran a very positive, very hopeful campaign, but ‘victimhood’ and ‘grievance’ that you were describing in your launch speech that we played some of right there sounds like Donald Trump. Did you change your mind?”

SCOTT: “No, listen. We absolutely, positively, unequivocally need an America that’s not filled with victims. I’m actually talking about how Joe Biden has destroyed our economy and made victims out of people waiting for the government to show up. I’m talking about having a president who’s weaponizing the DOJ against political adversaries. We need Lady Justice wearing a blindfold. I want America, every single American in every corridor of this nation of confidence in their DOJ, not a Biden-led DOJ…”

“You don’t see any grievance in Donald Trump’s campaign for president?” Bash asked Scott after he finished his monologue. After the senator answered with more claims about the DOJ being “weaponized” against Trump, Bash noted how Scott offered his endorsement by adulating Trump as the one who will “restore law and order.”

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