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Title changes might happen at Smackville event

WWE’s house show at Nashville, TN will be a WWE Network special and will go by the name of Smackville. They have a stacked card for the event and that includes a couple of title matches. Specifically, they would be the WWE Title match and Smackdown Women’s Title match.

WWE is trying their best in order to garner attention for the special event. According to a report by Brad Shepard, WWE might be considering a major title change.

According to a source in #WWE, there have been initial discussions today of Charlotte or Samoa Joe pulling off a shock win at tonight’s Smackville event. It should be interesting to see if that happens.

We will only get to know during the event itself whether Kofi Kingston or Bayley would go on to lose their respective titles at the event. Assuming a title does change hands, then there will be more viewers for the next event of such a nature.

  • Unos #1Fan

    Stacked card LMAO. What a bust.

  • Sparti Love

    He’s solid on the mic and he consistently has good matches. His short feud with Lesnar was more believable than half the lousy storylines involving Brock. I think you’re more focused on his looks than his ability

  • CC

    Ha ha, there was not even a womans match on the card, so it shows you that Brad Shepherd knows nothing.

  • WTF

    People like you are what’s wrong with wrestling. You are just the kind of fan that Vince loves.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Charlotte suppossed to be against Trish Stratus at SS. If Chuck wins the title again tonite, Bayley and Ember both get dropped from the SS card

  • what?

    Really don’t understand all the hype when come to chubby Joe he ain’t that good. I found him rather boring.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    True wouldn’t be surprised Charlotte always gets handed everything. She doesn’t even have to win contender matches money in the bank rumble etc its bull.

  • CC

    As much as I would love to see Joe as champ, I would hate for Kofi to lose it at a house show. Plus, I want Joe to win on the big stage as well, not a nothing of a show.

    As for Bayley/Charlotte. I could kinda see that purely because WWE cannot help themselves when it comes to forcing Charlotte down our throats.

  • CC

    Would not be the first time they have changed something at the last minute, and I can certainly see WWE forcing Charlotte into the title picture again.

  • KalEl

    My initial thoughts are that they are keeping the kofi thing going for a while longer. If anything its gonna be charlotte winning, and then triple threat at ss since ember moon is reightful number one contender

  • Whistling Joe

    Unless Joe wins and gets added to the Orton/Kofi match, this is all for nothing. I don’t want to see Joe win only to drop it back to Kofi in a week or two.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    But bayley is facing ember and kofi facing randy at summerslam so

  • ROB-1.

    Maybe that is why the WWE is going to show those matches.