Titus O’Neil addresses Jordan Myles on T-shirt controversy

Over the weekend, Jordan Myles addressed a T-shirt design that WWE had released for him. The NXT Breakout Tournament winner called the company out for allowing the shirt, that he felt was racist, to be released on the shop.




It wasn’t long before Myles had a strong following behind the #ForTheCulture hashtag, with dozens of wrestlers and fans supporting his cause. However, one WWE Superstar stepped in to try to help Myles in a different way.

Titus O’Neil agreed that the shirt was in horrible taste. Though, he felt Myles went about the situation the wrong way. At some point over the weekend, Myles went after Ring of Honor’s Jay Lethal, calling the former champion an “Uncle Tom.” That’s seemingly where O’Neil decided to step in.

Though there was some confusion as to how the shirt was released at first, Jordan Myles stated that he’d been lied to. He eventually posted a screenshot of an email he’d received from WWE Creative Services Talent Coordinator Baker Landon.

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