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TJ Perkins Looking To Join NXT After Being Released From TNA Impact Wrestling

Former TNA star TJ Perkins recently spoke with Here are the highlights.

Initial Introduction to TNA: They pitched an idea for me to come in on GutCheck and then one day, sitting at home, I saw a commercial, the first commercial on IMPACT announcing that Suicide was returning. I called the office and said ‘I want to do that.’ Turned out they didn’t really have anything in mind for it.”

Praise for his work as Suicide: “We were at a TV in Las Vegas and remember Dixie [Carter] pulled me aside and said ‘You know, I have to be honest with you, I didn’t know who you were coming in, I didn’t remember you from before, and we only planned on having this character around for like a day. But you’ve made it so we can’t get rid of it – you’ve become a commodity.”

Nearly Quitting Wrestling: “I didn’t want wrestling anymore, I wanted to to not want it. But I couldn’t get a job anywhere, which was part of the reason I was homeless. I couldn’t get a job pumping gas. I couldn’t get a job working at a warehouse, I couldn’t get a job at Baskin Robbins, I couldn’t get a job anywhere.”

His future goals: “It would be cool to work in a system like NXT, I have a lot of friends there. If there’s any untapped or uncharted territory, it might be that. I’ve been there and been exposed to that type of stuff. I’ve trained in a couple of different developmentals and wrestled on TV for them. But it’d be cool to be a major player in a system like that.”

You can read the entire interview here.