TNA Against All Odds: Hernandez-Morgan Segment

– We get a quick backstage video of Jeff Hardy wishing Mr. Anderson good luck in their match later tonight.



– We go to the ring and out comes Matt Morgan. He calls Hernandez out to the ring and here he comes. Hernandez calls Morgan the great white hope and says that’s what America is always looking for. Hernandez says this is why he went to Mexico to be with his people. He says they love him and treated him like the star that he is. He says in America, he’s treated like a second-class citizen. Hernandez calls it White America and says as of today, the minority is the majority. Hernandez calls it Hispanic America and says it’s their country. Hernandez says he came back to TNA to stick it to the gringos that don’t support them and how realize how great they truly are. Hernandez calls Morgan a punk ass white boy. Morgan goes to talk and Hernandez knees him below the belt and barely hits a shoulder block. Hernandez hits his finisher on Morgan and poses as his music plays.

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