TNA BFG: Hardy and Jarrett Brawl

– We go to the ring and out comes Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett takes the mic and calls out Jeff Hardy. Jarrett talks about how he told Hardy not to come to Philadelphia but he did anyway. Jarrett says TNA wants no part of Hardy – from the front office all the way down to every stinking wrestler on the roster, he says. Jarrett says none of the fans in Philly want anything to do with Hardy and they boo. The crowd starts chanting for Hardy now as Jarrett says he and Karen spoke to fans today, and 9 out of 10 said they hoped to never see Hardy in a ring again.



Jarrett says he brought Hardy into this organization and he’s taking him out tonight. Jarrett calls Hardy out to the ring. Hardy’s music hits and out he comes to a nice reaction from the crowd.

Hardy makes his way to the ring as Jarrett runs his mouth. Hardy just wants to say one thing… he kicks Jarrett in the gut and goes to work on him. Jarrett gets in a right hand and turns things around. Jarrett backs Hardy into the corner with right hands. Hardy comes out of the corner with a clothesline and wails away on Jarrett. Security enters the ring to break the fight up. Hardy breaks free and leaps on top of Jarrett and security. They break it up again but Jarrett busts through this time. Hardy busts through again and once again they’re split up. TNA agents including D-Lo Brown come down now to break things up but Hardy attacks Jarrett again. The crowd starts chanting for D-Lo as Jarrett is dragged to the back by security. Hardy looks on from the ring and poses for the fans as his music hits.

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