TNA British Boot Camp Recap – Episode 4



We open with a fairly length recap of the previous episode. This episode proper starts in Dixie Carter’s Nashville office, where Dixie sets the agenda for the day.

Firstly, The Blossoms are treated to a makeover with Maria Smoot at The Mirror. I can only assume that this is a pretty prestigious salon, but damned if I’ve heard of the place. Spud and Scurll later rejoin them, and to quote Spud, the girls now look ‘pretty fit’. Perhaps it’s my cynical eye when it comes to hair salons, but I didn’t think there was a massive difference.

Next up, Dixie treats the guys to a meal at The Palm Restaurant. Spud is nervous at the idea of eating with his future boss. Over the meal, Dixie reviews the footage that was shot at Bound For Glory. All four seem happy with their performance, though Dixie isn’t. Scurll had gum in his mouth, Spud was pretty much the opposite of a ‘rockstar’ and The Blossoms reacted more to the guys than they did to the camera. Dixie admits that she had a pre-conceived idea of who was going to win the competition coming into it, but that her opinion has changed.

We go to an ad break with the four reflecting on their experiences in Nashville. They reveal that they have been invited to ‘Cowboy’ James Storm’s victory celebration following Bound For Glory.

As we return from the ad break, the four, along with Storm and his entourage are watching the Storm-Roode match from Bound For Glory at a bar. The four and Storm all pass comment about individual aspects of the match, but nothing worth reporting. Storm notices Scurll trying to pick up every girl in the bar. He praises Spud for his attitude to life. The night turns into a bar crawl. For some reason, Jeremy Borash takes announcing duties as our four attempt to ride the mechanical bull. Scurll and Hannah Blossom hook up, much to the chagrin of Spud and Holly. Scurll acts his arrogant self about the whole thing, calling Hannah ‘one of many’. Spud gets completely wasted (again) and decides to strip on the bar and is promptly kicked out to end the segment.

We then see our four turn up at Ohio Valley Wrestling, where they are to undergo a training session from Al Snow and Doug Williams. Dixie Carter says that Snow and Williams will decide who goes forward to the Impact Zone. Spud admits to being nervous, which Snow picks up on and ribs him a little for. Snow criticizes their answers to his questions, saying that it’s the same old stuff he’s heard before. Williams states that he wants to see all four succeed for the good of British wrestling. Williams starts with some basic drills to get the four used to the larger American rings. Snow notices that the guys are running the ropes wrongly, whereas the girls are coming back off at the wrong angle.

We end the episode with the introduction of a chain wrestling drill and the news that all four will be competing in matches at Ohio Valley Wrestling shows to allow Snow and Williams to evaluate their performances. In the brief preview, Spud seems pissed at Scurll (again) though it’s not clear why.


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