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TNA Champion Joins The Twitter Ranks, Time Knocks Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy Scarf

— TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is now on Twitter at He posted his first comments in character.

“Sure Sting is on Twitter, but it only mattered because the leader of the Selfish Generation wasn’t here…until now. Your WORLD CHAMP has arrived,” Roode wrote. “By the way, the World Champion has arrived in Europe – the REAL star of this tour. NOT Sting, Hulk Hogan or Kurt Angle. Remember that.”

— has published a list of eight celebrity-endorsed financial products they wouldn’t buy and Hulk Hogan’s partnership with Rent-A-Center in which he pitches rent-to-own furniture and electronics is listed. Hogan, who is described as a former WWE star, is criticized for endorsing a television that “works out to more than twice what a comparable product would cost if you purchased it.”

— has released a Jeff Hardy scarf.

  • venom

    It’s funny how they say he is former wwe star and mentions nothing about TNA. lol.

  • rob

    a scarf..

    on another note, i dont understand why anyone would want hulk hogan to endorse any product outside of mustache dye, and a bandana.

  • CM Mark

    GREAT! A Hardy scarf! Perfect for those times when you’re out of TP and don’t want to get off the toilet. Thanks Jeff!

  • Nicholas

    For once I will agree with Bobby. Those old guys needs to stay gone it is over. You see this is what TNA need somebody to tell these old guys to take a hike your time os over. Finally somebody stick up for the young talent of TNA and this is coming from. Somebdy who don’t care about TNA because of those old guys from WWE who are always crying about something. Maybe TNA still have a chance.

  • LSC


  • PinkSinCara

    Scarf is for hiding needle marks