TNA Destination X: X Division Four-Way

– We go backstage with Jack Evans. He says he’s never been more nervous but he’s bringing home the contract tonight.



Austin Aries vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion

We go to the ring and out first comes Austin Aries, after Christy Hemme botches the entrance. Zema Ion is out next. Low Ki is out next to a nice reaction, followed by Jack Evans. Evans also gets a decent reaction.

The bell rings and here we go. Aries with a early pin attempt on Zema. Low Ki drops Evans in the corner and goes to Aries. They shake hands but Ki kicks Aries hard. Aries and Ki go at it now. Zema comes over but Ki fights him off. Evans lays out Ki and goes at it with Zema. Evans takes down Zema and hits a spinkick for a 2 count. Evans goes for a standing moonsault but Zema kicks him out of mid-air. Ki comes over and chops Zema hard. Ki and Zema exchange chops. Ki comes off the second rope with a big kick for a 2 count.

Ki works over Evans in the corner until Aries comes over. Aries works over Ki now and splashes Evans and Zema in their corners. Aries then hits Ki in his corner with the fingernail rake. All three come back and hit a three-way dropkick on Aries, sending him out to the floor. Evans and Zema go at it now. Evans kicks Ki off and kicks Zema down. Dropkick to Ki. Evans with a 2 count on Zema. Ki with chops on Zema now. Ki charges but Evans kicks him. Aries pulls Evans down from the apron. Zema runs and dives through the ropes, taking Aries out. Ki and Evans go at it. Aries tries to pull Evans down again but he flips down to the floor. They go at it until Aries shoves him into the apron. In the ring, Zema has a hanging choke on Ki. Aries comes in and breaks it up. Zema falls on Aries for a 2 count. Zema backslides Aries for a 1 count. Back and forth until Aries dropkicks Zema in the face. 2 count by Aries.

Ki kicks Evans out of the air and covers him for a pin until Aries breaks it up. Ki and Aries have words in the middle of the ring now and get in each other’s face. Zema comes over and grabs Aries. Evans grabs Ki. Aries counters and applies a nice submission on Zema while Ki counters and applies a nice choke on Evans. Aries breaks his hold to drop Ki and break his hold. Evans and Zema go to the floor. Ki and Aries have more words in the ring. Ki with a big chop on Aries. Aries comes back with one. They trade multiple chops. Aries gets the upperhand but Ki blocks a brainbuster. Ki with a kick to the back of the head. Ki pins Aries until Evans leaps in the ring and breaks it up. Evans with 2 counts on Ki and Aries. Zema comes in now and drops Evans on his face. 2 count for Zema.

Aries and Zema go at it now. Aries drops Zema and hits a big elbow for a 2 count as Ki breaks the pin. Ki pins Aries for 2 after a double stomp to the back. Evans ends up on Ki’s shoulders and takes him down with a scissors. Ki ends up on the floor. Evans runs the ropes but Zema pulls the ropes down, causing Evans to fall to the floor. Zema runs the ropes now but Aries knocks him down with a flying elbow. Aries covers Zema for 2. Aries runs the ropes now but Ki kicks him in the head. Ki with a 2 count on Aries. Ki runs and dropkicks Zema into the corner. Evans leaps in with a kick from the top on Ki. Aries runs over and clotheslines Evans while he shows off. Aries with a 2 count on Evans. And a 2 count on Ki. Zema counters the pin and rolls Aries up for 2. Zema hits Aries with forearms and right hands now. Aries whips him into the corner and charges but ends up on the apron. Aries with a neckbreaker from the apron. Aries goes to the top rope now but Ki cartwheels over and kicks him in the head. Aries falls to the mat. Ki covers Aries for 2.

Evans takes Ki from the top and brings him to the mat with a hurricanrana. Evans with a 2 count on Ki. Evans goes up top but Zema knocks him off, sending him down to the floor. Zema goes up top and hits a 450 on Ki for a 2 count as Aries stops the pin. Evans goes up top while Aries throws Zema outside of the ring. Evans goes for a 630 but Ki puts his knees up. Aries runs over and kicks Evans in the head and then dropkicks Ki. Aries with a brainbuster on Ki for the pin, the win and the TNA contract.

Winner and TNA Contract Winner: Austin Aries

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