TNA Files Complaint Against Scott Steiner Over “Disparaging Remarks” On Twitter

Total Nonstop Action Entertainment has taken legal action against Scott Steiner following weeks of “disparaging remarks” online about the organization, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and other employees, Nashville’s City Paper reports.



TNA filed a verified complaint Monday in Nashville Chancery Court asking for an injunction to stop Steiner’s “disparaging remarks” on Twitter. The Nashville based wrestling organization claims that Steiner’s remarks breach a contract he signed in December 2010. It specifically stipulates that he is “forbidden from making public statements, including messages online, concerning TNA or any of its employees without prior approval.”

“In blatant disregard of the parties’ Agreement, Steiner has engaged in a concerted effort to disparage TNA, its wrestlers, and other talent and cast them in a negative light,” the lawsuit states.

TNA formally demanded that Steiner stop posting disparaging remarks on Twitter on May 10. He responded five days later through the social media website: “Havent tweeted lately bcuz I got a letter from a lawyer representing hogan n [Bischoff] basically saying… They take my tweets seriously and if threats continue they will take to law enforcement….really hogan my.. Tweets scare you,Ive said worse in interviews on tv,LOL.”

TNA’s lawsuit asks for injunctive relief due to Steiner’s breach of contract. No hearing on the matter has been set since TNA hasn’t filed an order for injunction,

It was also disclosed in the filing that Steiner was paid $2,500 per pay-per-view performance during his time with TNA.

Additional details on the matter are available here.

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