TNA Hardcore Justice: Immortal vs. Fortune

– JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He says everyone in Immortal is cool with him but one person. Anderson says there is two kinds of assholes – Bully Ray is the kind who blows nothing but hot air. Anderson says there isn’t enough room for two assholes in Immortal. Bully Ray gives asshole a bad name, Anderson says.



Abyss, Gunner and Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles, Kazarian and Daniels

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Gunner, Scott Steiner and Abyss, representing Immortal. Fortune is out next as AJ Styles, Kaz and Daniels make their way to the ring.

Gunner starts things out with Kaz. They lock up and Gunner goes behind Kaz with a hold. Kaz takes Gunner down witha flying head scissors. Gunner gets up and charges but gets taken back down to the mat by Kaz. Kaz with a headlock now. Gunner tries to break it but Kaz counters and dropkicks him for a 2 count. Gunner tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner overpowers Kaz and shoves him down. Kaz comes back with a 2 count and tags in Styles. AJ and Steiner go at it. AJ and Daniels double team as Daniels comes in or a 2 count on Steiner. Steiner overpowers Daniels now and slams him. Abyss comes in off the tag and continues the assault on Daniels.

Daniels fights back and Abyss runs into his boot int he corner. Gunner runs in but AJ leaps in off the ropes and takes him out. Steiner comes in but Kaz leaps in and takes him down. Fortune stands tall while Immortal is down. Daniels dropkicks Abyss’ leg and gets a 2 count. Daniels with a right hand on Gunner. Daniels charges in the corner but Abyss catches him in mid-move and slams him hard on the mat. Steiner goes to the floor and throws Daniels into the barricade. The ref stops things on the floor but when he turns around, Steiner throws Daniels back into the barrier.

Gunner comes back in and pins Daniels for 2. Gunner with a headlock now. Daniels fights out but Gunner backdrops him for a 2 count. Steiner comes back in to continue the assault on Daniels. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Abyss is tagged back in. He lands a few right hands on Daniels and whips him into the corner. Abyss charges but Daniels moves. Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Daniels counters and tags in Kaz. Kaz comes off the top with a headscissors. Kaz with a dropkick and a right hand to Gunner. Kaz with a back elbow and a springboard leg drop on Abyss. 2 count as Gunner breaks the pin. Gunner gets dumped to the floor. Kaz springboards into a tornado DDT on Abyss. Kaz runs the ropes and lands on Abyss on the floor. Everyone goes at it on the floor now.

Kaz rolls Abyss back in the ring but Steiner pulls him to the floor. Gunner and Steiner set up a table on the floor now. Daniels runs over and makes the save for AJ. In the ring, Abyss stomps on Kaz’s neck. Steiner comes back in off a tag and hits Kaz with big chops. Steiner with a clothesline and a big elbow drop for a 1 count and then some push-ups. Gunner chokes Kaz while the referee is distracted. Gunner comes back in and suplexes Kaz for 2. Kaz fights back with right hands. Gunner drops him for another 2 count. Abyss is tagged back in.Abyss charges but runs into a big boot in the corner. Kaz slingshots in from the apron and DDT’s Abyss. AJ is finally tagged in. He takes out Steiner and Gunner. AJ with a big right hand on Abyss in the corner and more for Steiner. AJ ends up on the apron and fights back in on Abyss. AJ with a crossbody from the ropes and a 2 count.

Steiner comes in but Daniels takes him out. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but can’t get it. AJ counters a chokeslam for a roll-up and a 2 count. AJ and Abyss continue to go at it. Gunner comes back in and hits AJ with a knee. Daniels gets in the mix now and hits a moonsault on Gunner. Steiner comes over and takes out Daniels. AJ kicks Steiner in the head and goes back to work on Abyss. AJ goes up top but Gunner knocks him off. More action all over the place. Gunner drives Daniels through the table that’s on the outside. AJ hits a version of the pele kick on Abyss for the pin and the win.

Winners: AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian

– After the match, AJ and Kaz help Daniels off the floor and up the ramp. Steiner and Gunner start having words with Abyss in the ring, blaming him for their loss. Gunner and Steiner leave as Abyss looks on.

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