TNA iMPACT Report – August 6th, 2009

TNA iMPACT Report – August 6th, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Richard Trionfo



We start off this week’s show with a look back at Samoa Joe’s convincing victory . . . whoops, he lost to Hernandez. We also heard from Bobby Lashley and saw Mick Foley become the Legends Champion.

We see footage from earlier today when the Main Event Limo arrived with Eric Young emerging with Kurt Angle. Apparently there is a deal between the two factions.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘You forgot to connect the doll’ Tenay and Don ‘We’re Going to Wally World’ West.

If it is a few minutes after nine, it must be Main Event Mafia time. Kurt says that a great injustice was done last week. Mick Foley allegedly won the Legends Title from Kevin Nash by pinning him. Kurt says that two things went wrong in that match. First, Sting was in the crowd and he caused a distraction. Then Bobby Lashley made his way to the ring and caused all of the damage. Kurt says that Bobby was not the legal man in the match. Therefore, the match was null and void. Kurt says that he talked to the TNA board of directors and they agreed that the match was a sham. They agreed to let the outcome stand on one condition. That would be that Kevin Nash get another shot at the Legends Title at Hard Justice. Kurt says that he is here to protect his family. Kurt says that he has been forced to strike a deal.

The World Elite come out and Eric Young has a mic. Kurt says that before they start the celebration, Kurt tells Eric that it is an honor and a privilege to do business with him. Eric says that the World Elite and the Main Event Mafia together as a team, they will be revered as the greatest team of wrestlers ever. It is his honor and privilege to be taking over TNA side by side with Kurt Angle. Eric tells Kurt that his men are 100% dedicated to the cause. They will do whatever it takes. He says that it is sad because it did not have to be like that. If the sick disgusting fools of this nation did not give him the respect that they deserve and treated them like stars, this could have been avoided. It is not only about Mick Foley, Bobby Lashley and TNA; it is about an entire nation. It is about a sick nation that should feel guilt for what they are about to do to their heroes. He says that it is everyone’s fault. He tells them to let the cleansing begin.

Mick is in his office and Jeremy asks him about this. Mick says that this is the wrestling business and anything can happen. Mick says that nobody is bigger than the business. Mick says that he is going to war because this is a night that neither of them will ever forget. We see Sting and Lashley in the office and we go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Daniels. Lauren asks about the deal to have Eric Young make a mark of him. Daniels talks about how Eric Young fought for the company for seven years. Daniels asks Eric if he didn’t get enough attention as a kid. He tells Eric to stand up and be a man.

The Motor City Machine Guns walk into the shot and they are amazed at the camera. Daniels tells Shelly and Sabin to pay attention because they jobs are in jeopardy. Shelley says that they haven’t been on television for a month. Daniels says that is because they aren’t doing anything to be noticed. Daniels wants them to join him at ringside.

Match Number One: Eric Young with Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi versus Daniels with the Motor City Machine Guns

Young attacks Daniels from behind as the bell rings. Daniels with a kick and chops followed by a leg lariat. Daniels with an Irish whip and flying forearm into the corner. Young is pulled to the floor by Kiyoshi and Daniels hits a Suicide Dive. Bashir tries to interfere and Daniels stops him. Bashir is able to work over Daniels and they return to the ring. Young with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Shelley and Sabin are more preoccupied by video game manuals. Daniels with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot and Young with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Young sends Daniels into the turnbuckles and then he chokes Daniels in the ropes. Daniels punches Young but Young with a swinging neck breaker and then he puts Daniels in the Crippler Crossface. Young with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Daniels moves. Daniles with a flying forearm and spinning heel kick. Daniels with a running knee into the corner and then Daniels with a palm thrust and driver for a near fall. Daniels with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Daniels with an uranage and it is time for the BME but Young rolls out of the way. Daniels with a kick and he sets for the Angel’s Wings but Kiyoshi with mist to the eyes while Bashir distracts the referee. Young with a piledriver for the three count.
Winner: Eric Young

After the match, Bashir and Kiyoshi attack The Motor City Machine Guns. We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what is scheduled for tonight’s show.

We go to Lauren who is with Robert Roode, James Storm, and Team 3D. Lauren asks if they can put their differences aside. Roode says they don’t want to talk about the past or their history. Roode says that he knows Eric better than anyone. They grew up together in Canada and they worked together before they joined TNA. Roode says that Eric forgot about the day that he begged Jeff Jarrett for a job with the company. Roode says that he did the same thing. Roode says that he is not going to stand for this. He will not let Eric Young dictate his future. Ray says that he can understand why Roode and Storm are pissed at Eric Young. Eric Young cost them their IWGP titles last week. Ray says that Devon is so pissed he might not utter ‘Testify’. Devon shows that no matter how angry he is, he can say ‘Testify’

Match Number Two: Doug Williams, Rob Terry, Booker T, and Scott Steiner versus Team 3D, Robert Roode, and James Storm

Steiner and Ray start things off and Steiner with a kick and punch. Steiner with a rake of the eyes and a slam and then Steiner poses. Ray with a side slam for a near fall. Ray follows that with a splash for a near fall. Devon tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle. Williams tags in and he connects with a knee and punch. Devon with the flying back elbow and then he sends Williams into the corner followed by punches. Storm tags in and he punches Williams but Williams gets a near fall and punches Storm. Storm with an uranage for a near fall. Williams charges into a boot and Storm with a neck breaker for a near fall. Roode tags in and they hit a double suplex. Time to waste time and announce their team name. Rob Terry is able to tag in and he hits a double clothesline. Terry with a slam to Roode. Terry with a short arm clothesline. Terry tries for a running power slam but Roode gets out of the hold and he chops Terry. Rob with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Roode with a blockbuster and all eight men are in the match and the referee has lost control. Ray and Williams are now in the ring and Ray with a slam and it is time for the Wassup head butt.

Time for the tables to be called, but Eric Young, Bashir, and Kiyoshi come to the ring. Daniels and the Motor City Machine Guns come out.

Kevin Nash comes out and Nash attack Storm and Sabin. Mick Foley is out but so is Kurt Angle. Ray runs Angle into the ring post. Sting is out and so is Samoa Joe. Bobby Lashley attacks Joe. Security has come out.

Back in the ring, Traci Brooks pushes Robert Roode off the turnbuckles and Rob Terry with a choke slam. You mean the match is still going on? He gets the three count.
Winners: Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Scott Steiner, and Booker T

After the match The British Invasion attack Roode, but Storm comes back into the ring. The brawl moves into the crowd and we go to commercial.

We are back and the brawl continues. Sting has found Kurt Angle while Storm and Roode are battling with the British Invasion. They are going outside and there is sunshine in Orlando at 10:00 pm as Foley, Sting, and Angle go to the floor. We have a security camera feed and now a cameraman has arrived. Foley has Angle choked and then he has help from Sting as Angle is sent into a table. Angle returns the favor to Sting.

There is more brawling in the back.

Back in the ring, we have the Motor City Machine Guns and Daniels attacking Kiyoshi. Daniels with the BME to Kiyoshi.

There is trouble in the locker room as Lashley and Joe have to be separated. Hey there’s Billy Gunn. Nash hits Foley in the face while Ray hits a table that is covering Booker T with a steel chair.

Team 3D work over Doug Williams outside. Daniels and the Machine Guns work over the rest of the World Elite. Now Team 3D and Sting work over Steiner with a trash can. Storm hits Rob Terry with a trash can.

Here comes the police.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mike says that the brawl was nothing that was ever seen during the days of the nWo.

We see footage from the match between Sarita and Alyssa Flash. We also see footage of Traci joining the Main Event Mafia.

Match Number Three: Alyssa Flash and Traci Brooks versus Sarita and Taylor Wilde

Wilde and Traci start and Wilde with a waist lock and arm drag. Wilde with a kick but Traci with an Irish whip. Wilde with an arm drag and Traci goes into the ropes. Flash tags in and Wilde with a kick but Flash throws Wilde to the mat. Sarita tags in and Flash with a kick and chop. Sarita with a rana and a chop. Flash with a forearm to Sarita who is on the turnbuckles. Sarita with an arm drag and Flash goes to the floor. Wilde tags in and she helps Sarita with a cross body onto Flash and Traci. Wilde gets a near fall. Traci holds Wilde’s leg but Taylor kicks Traci. Flash slams Wilde and she gets a near fall. Traci with a kick to the midsection followed by a slap. Traci chokes Taylor in the ropes. Traci with knees to the back followed by a clothesline and she gets a near fall. Flash and Traci both work over Taylor and Flash with a curb stomp for a near fall. Traci tags in and she keeps Taylor from making the tag. Wilde with forearms and then they both try for a cross body and both go down. Flash and Sarita tag in and Sarita with an elbow to Traci and a drop kick to Flash. Sarita with a kick to Traci. Flash with a full nelson but Sarita kicks Traci. Sarita tries to get Flash with a submission hold. Sarita with a small package for the three count.
Winners: Taylor Wilde and Sarita

After the match, Traci and Alyssa attack Taylor and Sarita. Traci takes care of Taylor while Flash hits a Michinoku Driver on Sarita.

Lauren is with Angelina Love, Velvet, and Madison and Lauren tells Angelina about the four corner match next week. Velvet says that she is sick of this. It is time for them to do something about this and they will start with ODB. Angelina tells ODB to bring Cody and she will bring Velvet for a match at the pay per view.

We see the remnants of the battle and Hernandez makes it to the Impact Zone. Kip James is cleaning things up and Hernandez wants to know what happened. Kip is angry that he has to clean things up while he asks Hernandez where he was.

We go to commercial.

We are back and A.J. Styles is with Lauren and Lauren reminds A.J. that if he wins tonight, he is in the main event at the pay per view. A.J. says that he has never seen anything like this in seven years. A.J. says that a meteor could hit the Earth, but it will not take away from his focus to be in the main event at Hard Justice.

It is time to run through the card for Hard Justice.

It is time to take a look at Hernandez’s time in TNA.

Mike Tenay interviewed Hernandez and it is time to watch it. Mike asks Hernandez about his injury. He says that he got attacked from behind and he had to have neck surgery. He talks about growing up in a military family. Hernandez is asked about the flag burning incident with Konnan and Hernandez says that his father was not happy with the angle and he refused to talk to Hernandez. Hernandez mentions how his father is very patriotic and he wanted to re-enlist in 2001 after being retired for more than fifteen years. He says that he is still trying to rebuild things with his father. Hernandez is asked about Homicide. He says that he wishes Homicide nothing but the best right now and he says that they will be tag team champions again.

Homicide is with Lauren and Lauren asks about Hernandez’s comments but Homicide wants to talk about the X Division title. He turns his attention to Samoa Joe and the Nation of Violence. Homicide says that the Latino Nation is bigger than the Nation of Violence. Homicide talks about Taz and he says that 187 is stronger than a 13. Homicide says that his partner beat him, but he will hurt Joe at Hard Justice.

Matt Morgan is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at A.J. Styles victory over Matt Morgan last week.

Match Number Four: A.J. Styles versus Matt Morgan in Match Number Two of the Best of Three Who Joins the Main Event Match

Styles goes for the leg but Morgan tosses him away. A.J. goes for the leg again and he cannot get a good hold on it. A.J. goes to the apron and he is able to get Morgan down and he kicks Morgan in the leg and connects with an elbow drop. Styles works on the leg but Morgan kicks Styles off. Morgan with a clothesline and then he hits the elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash into the corner and Styles goes down. Morgan picks up Styles and drops him to the mat. Morgan poses and then he turns around and Styles with a punch and he tries for a cross body but Morgan catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Morgan chokes Styles in the ropes and then he hits a splash onto the back. Morgan chokes Styles with his boot and then he hits a leg drop on the apron. Morgan tries for a choke slam but Styles kicks out of the hold. Styles escapes another attempt and hits an enzuigiri followed by punches. Morgan charges into boots from Styles and Styles tries for a tornado DDT but Styles hits a Pele kick for a two count. Styles goes to the apron but Morgan gets to his feet and Styles avoids Morgan. Styles with a shoulder and a kick to the knee. Styles tries for the springboard 450 but Morgan moves. Morgan hot shots Styles into the ropes and hits the Hellevator for the three count.
Winner: Matt Morgan

We are told that D’Angelo Dinero is coming on August 16th.

Jeremy Borash is stopping Kurt Angle as he is leaving the Impact Zone. Kurt says that it is better to leave since the cops are involved. Abyss wants to talk to Jeremy because he is freaking out about the $50,000 bounty. He says that he can only trust Lauren. He asks Jeremy if he can trust him and Jeremy is holding a hammer behind his back. Consequences Creed wants to know what is going on. Abyss apologizes to Creed and then Lethal attacks Abyss but it does not work and they are thwarted.

Sting is walking in the back and we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Brutus Magnus with Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Hernandez’s briefcase, and Team 3D’s IWGP Tag Title Belts versus Sting

Before the match starts, the referee sends Williams and Terry to the back.

They lock up and Magnus backs Sting into the corner and he punches Sting. Now it is Sting’s turn and he hip tosses Magnus followed by a drop kick and clotheslines. Magnus goes to the floor to regroup with his fellow British Invasion . . . by himself. Sting follows after Magnus and Magnus begs for mercy when they return to the ring. Magnus with a kick and European uppercut and a flying back elbow. Magnus clips Sting’s left leg. Magnus with elbow drops to the leg as we go to commercial.

We are back and Magnus continues to work on the leg but Sting with an enzuigiri. Magnus with a punch but Sting wants more and he punches Magnus. Sting with an Irish whip but Magnus with a boot when Sting tries for the Stinger Splash. Sting catches Magnus off the turnbuckles and Sting puts Magnus in the Scorpion Death Lock and Magnus taps.
Winner: Sting

After the match, Magnus tries to attack Sting but Sting with a back elbow and Sting punches Magnus. The World Elite comes to the ring and it is six-on-one so Sting has things under control. They finally gang up on Sting and they kick him in the corner and choke him. Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley come to the ring and Lashley takes care of the World Elite and Foley does the same.

The Main Event Mafia are back in the building and Angle, Joe, and Steiner join in the attack. Booker T makes his way to the ring along with Nash. Booker with forearms to Lashley and Angle with punches as well. Hernandez is out and he has a chain swinging above his head and the Main Event Mafia and World Elite leave the ring.

We go to credits.

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