TNA iMPACT Report – Dec. 10th, 2009

TNA iMPACT Report – December 10th, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo,



Did you know that Hulk Hogan is coming to TNA? Why did Sting no show the interview? What about Jeff Jarrett? As we go to the wrestlers active in the company, we hear Desmond Wolfe talk about his match with Kurt Angle at Final Resoultion.

Mick Foley enters his office and he has ‘the footage’ but Kevin Nash is at his desk. Nash says that he has a deal for Foley. He will set up a sit down for Hogan and Foley. Nash says that Hogan was not too keen on the deal. Nash says that he wants to be able to run the show tonight. Foley says that Nash has a deal. Foley gives a disc to Nash to make sure it gets to the truck. Borash is going with Foley and Nash gives them some spending money. Nash says that he wants to get the security tapes for the last three months.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Caude Henry Smmott’ Tenay and Taz.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring and he is joined by Eric Young. Nash says that everyone is in for a show tonight. Nash says that he worked out a deal where he is in complete charge of Impact. He gets to make the matches and the other festivities because he set up a one-on-one meeting with Mick Foley and Hulk. Nash is going to tell us what is on the menu for tonight’s show. The British Invasion will face Chris Sabin in a three-on-one Epsenhart Special. Scott Steiner and a Knockout of his choice against Bobby and Kristal against Hamada. Tara will face ODB in Trailer Park Throwdown. It is a street fight where each of the participants must drink a six pack before the match. Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse Neal will face Matt Morgan, Suicide, Hernandez, and D’Angelo Dinero with the person getting pinned having to start the match alone for five minutes at the pay per view. Lacey von Erich will face Velvet Sky in a mud wrestling match. The highest bidder will get a title shot against A.J. Styles.

It is time to see footage of Mick Foley in Nashville. Mick enters the offices and he talks to a monitor with Dixie on it. Mick asks some of the writers if they saw Dixie. Mick asks for them to write a segment where he gets to talk to Dixie. Mick bumps into Dave Sahadi and he says that he hasn’t talked to Jeff in months. Mick is told where he might find Jarrett and Mick is off to that place. We go to commercial.

We are back and Mike and Taz talk about Hulk Hogan’s announcement about the January live Impact.

We see footage from last week’s match when Alex Shelley defeated Doug Williams.

Match Number One: The British Invasion versus Chris Sabin

Williams starts off and he works on the arm but Sabin with a reversal and hammer lock. Williams reverses as well and he punches Sabin. Williams with a side head lock but Sabin with a take down. Williams with a sunset flip but Sabin rolls through and kicks Williams. Magnus hits Sabin from behind and Sabin responds with a drop kick that knocks Magnus off the apron. Sabin sends Williams to the floor and then Sabin sets for a dive to the floor but he forgot about Rob Terry and Rob hits a shoulder tackle. Williams punches Sabin and then he chokes Sabin with his boot. Magnus tags in and they hit a double cross arm clothesline and then they pose and shake hands because it isn’t important to win the match. Williams tags back in and Williams with a knee into the corner and Williams sends Sabin into a big boot from Magnus. Rob tags in and he slams Sabin but misses an elbow drop. Sabin with a forearm to Rob and then he sends Williams and Magnus into the turnbuckles. Sabin with a running boot to Rob and then he hits a double drop kick on Williams and Magnus before Sabin hits a tornado inside cradle for the three count on Terry.
Winner: Chris Sabin

After the match, Doug and Brutus yell at Rob.

Christy Hemme is with Scott Steiner to interview him. Christy mentions Steiner’s match against the Lashleys. Steiner thinks that the Main Event Mafia is still around and he goes on a rant. Christy tries to get Scott back on the promo. Steiner says that he has a lot of use for freaks but he will get someone who will watch Steiner beat up Bobby and Kristal. Steiner reveals a shirt with Kristal’s photo on it. He says that if their son gets in the way, he will take care of him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick Foley continues his search for Jeff Jarrett but he has hit another roadblock since Jarrett has not been at the restaurant he regularly frequented for a month.

We see footage of the way that Bobby Lashley earned his title match against A.J. Styles (or the heavyweight champion at the time).

Match Number Two: Bobby and Kristal Lashley versus Scott Steiner and Awesome Kong

The men start off and Steiner poses. Bobby with a kick and forearm to the back followed by a slam. Steiner goes to the floor and Lashley follows. They return to the ring and Steiner backs Lashley into the corner and he chops Bobby. Steiner with an Irish whip but Bobby with an elbow and then he gets Steiner onto his shoulder for a gut buster. Bobby with a shoulder in the corner and he gets a near fall. Bobby with a kick but Kong trips Bobby. Steiner with a shot to the back. Steiner with an Irish whip followed by a clothesline. Kong comes in and she accidentally hits Steiner. Bobby hits Steiner while Steiner argues with Kong. Bobby hits a T-Bone suplex and Steiner goes to the floor. Kristal gives her husband some moral support and the referee calls it as a tag. Steiner sends Bobby into the ring steps. Kong stands behind Kristal and Kristal backs into her. Kong with a double chop and a slam. Kong goes up top but Steiner gets on top of Kristal to make the cover for the three count.
Winners: Scott Steiner and Awesome Kong

After the match, Steiner does push ups on top of Kristal until Bobby returns to the ring.

Lauren is in the interview area with Samoa Joe and she talks about the Feast or Fired Match. Joe is the first person into the match. Joe says that he was in the main event at Turning Point and then he was sitting at home for two weeks while they deal with the flavor of the week, Christopher Daniels. Joe then talks about how he was left out of the ‘randomly selected’ Tournament Championship Series on Thanksgiving. Joe says that there is someone who wants to keep him as far away from the TNA Title as possible. That is why he is going to get his title match at Final Resolution.

James Storm and Robert Roode join in the festivities and Roode tells Joe that they know where he is coming from because they have been screwed out of the tag title matches. They are willing to take the risk of being fired. Storm and Roode talk about they have double the opportunity to get the right case or the wrong case. Roode says that it is worth the risk and Storm wants to know if it is worth the risk to end the team. Roode says that they have no other opportunity. Storm says that there are always choices.

We are back and they are making sure that the mud is up to TNA standards, but we go back to commercial.

We are back and Velvet and Lacey are not happy about the mud wrestling match. Madison says that it is beneath the three of them and she is angry that she isn’t asked to be part of the match. Nash enters the locker room and says that he is not doing this to humiliate them. Nash says that nobody will change the channel with them out there. He talks about the ratings and the attention that they will get. Nash says that the three of them will make a lot of money. Nash says that they will need a referee and he suggests that Madison does it and he gives her a referee’s shirt. Lacey misunderstands the meaning of ratings and Madison and Velvet do the equivalent of patting her on the head and calling her ‘precious’.

We have a Sting video package along with the Hulk Hogan footage.

In case you missed it, we go to the footage from Saturday night when Joe Rogan interviewed Hulk Hogan to talk about the January special.

Lauren is in the interview area and Tara is getting ready for her match. Tara says that this isn’t funny and she says that she is a world class athlete. Tara says that she would drink three 6 packs to get her hands on ODB. Lauren asks Tara how she will do against ODB tonight. Tara says that she would drink a keg to get her hands on ODB. Tara walks away while drinking and then she bumps into something.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Christy Hemme is with Eric Young in the locker room to talk about his match against Hamada. Eric says that he wouldn’t do this for just anybody. He is doing this for his friend, compadre, and brother Kevin Nash. Eric says that he is defending his title against a non-American and he says that he has been watching Hamada and says that this is an initiation. Eric wants Hamada to pull out all of the stops against Eric. She is going to treat this like any other match and he is going to take this match very seriously.

Match Number Three: Eric Young versus Hamada in a TNA Global Title Match

They lock up and Young pats Hamada on the head after a clean break. They lock up again and Young pie faces Young but Hamada with a spin kick that sends Young to the floor. Hamada follows to the floor and connects with a series of head butts. They return to the ring. Young with a boot to a charging Hamada. Young goes to the turnbuckles and Hamada with a spin kick to the head. Hamada with a Frankensteiner but Young kicks out. Hamada with a slam and then she goes for the moonsault but Young moves. Young gets the three count and uses the ropes for leverage.
Winner: Eric Young

Madison, Lacey, and Velvet are in their mud wrestling robes and they talk about how they can guarantee good ratings. They talk about wardrobe malfunctions. Lacey says that they are overthinking things and suggests that they should just wrestle. Then they laugh about it. Then Velvet thinks maybe they should kiss.

Mick Foley is back in Nashville and he is at another restaurant looking for Jeff Jarrett. What a coincidence, Jeff Jarrett is in the place where Mick is asking for directions. More to come. We go to commercial.

We are back for a bit to see ODB drinking.

We are back and Christy is with ODB in the interview area. ODB wants to know who came up with the name for the match. ODB goes to the ring for the match.

We see the previous confrontation between Tara and ODB.

Match Number Four: Tara versus ODB in a Trailer Park Throwdown

Tara hits ODB with a bucket and hits a drop kick that sends ODB to the floor. Tara gets a tiki torch and hits ODB with it and the she goes for the groin. Tara puts ODB in a wheelbarrow and then ODB spits some of her drinkie poo in Tara’s face. ODB gets some police tape and wraps it around Tara. ODB hits Tara with a cookie sheet and then goes for a plunger to the rear end. ODB catapults Tara onto the ladder in the ring. ODB climbs the ladder but has second thoughts about using it. ODB gets a step ladder for a frog splash but Tara kicks out. ODB gets the tiki torch and chokes Tara with it. Tara sends ODB to the mat using the torch. ODB gets a trash can lid and she grazes Tara. Tara gets a trash can lid and she releases it too soon and it flies into the crowd. Tara gets another lid and hits ODB with it. Tara with a slam and hits a moonsault onto a trash can lid placed on ODB’s chestal region. Tara tries to go up top but she gets a bit woozy. ODB chokes Tara with a chain and then she hits an X Factor onto a chair for the three count.
Winner: ODB

It is time for Mick to talk to Jeff face to face. Jeff says that he has been living in hell. He wants to know why Mick came to town after last week’s call. Mick says that they go back more than 20 years and he knows that Double J cannot stay away from wrestling. Jeff says that Double J cannot stay away from wrestling, but Jeff Jarrett can. Jeff says that after what she has done, he can. Jeff asks Linda for a double as we go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that the footage of Abyss is ‘too severe’ for Spike TV.

Match Number Five: Rhino, Team 3D, and Jesse Neal versus Hernandez, Suicide, D’Angelo Dinero, and Matt Morgan in a Loser starts alone for five minutes next Sunday match

Jesse Neal comes to the ring in D’Angelo Dinero’s ring jacket and Ray gets on the mic. He says that this match will be a handicap match because The Pope isn’t going to make it tonight.

Morgan and Rhino start things off and Rhino with a kick and Morgan sends Rhino into the turnbuckles and does the elbow pad-free elbows. Morgan misses a splash into the corner and Devon tags in but Morgan with a back elbow. Morgan with more punches. Devon with punches to Morgan but Morgan with a clothesline and he tags in Suicide. Devon gets out of the way as Suicide comes off the turnbuckles. Ray tags in and they lock up. Ray misses a punch but Suicide misses an arm drag. They lock up again and Suicide climbs the turnbuckles and he hits an arm drag. Ray misses a charge into the corner but Jesse pushes Suicide to the floor. Jesse sends Suicide back into the ring and Ray with a big boot. Jesse tags in and he punches Suicide. Rhino tags in and he kicks Suicide. Rhino with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Devon tags in and he punches Suicide. Devon with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot and then Suicide with a running drop kick. Both men are down. Hernandez tags in and hits a slingshot shoulder tackle on Jesse. Hernandez knocks Rhino, Devon, and Ray down. Hernandez with a back body drop to Jesse and then he sends Rhino over the top rope to the floor as well as Devon. Jesse hits Hernandez from behind but Hernandez with a POUNCE and then Hernandez with a plancha onto Rhino and Team 3D. Hernandez with a Dominator but Jesse kicks out. Ray with a Bubba Bomb to Hernandez. Morgan with a Carbon Footprint to Ray. Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex to Morgan and then Rhino raises his arms because he can. Suicide with a missile drop kick to Rhino. Devon with an inverted slam to Suicide. Hernandez pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and Devon tries for a superplex but Hernandez knocks Devon off. Hernandez sets for the Border Toss and hits it. Jesse with a spear to Hernandez for the three count.
Winners: Rhino, Team 3D, and Jesse Neal

After the match, Team 3D, Rhino, and Jesse attack Hernandez, but Suicide and Matt Morgan try to stop them. D’Angelo Dinero’s music plays and he hobbles to the ring with his cane and the ring is cleared.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Tomko training video package.

Don and Mike have their rain gear on and the umbrellas go up.

Match Number Six: Velvet Sky versus Lacey Von Erich in a Mud Wrestling Match with guest referee Madison Rayne

They do their usual ring entrance despite the fact that they are opponents tonight.

The match starts and they lock up and Velvet takes Lacey to the mud. Velvet chokes Lacey and then Lacey takes Velvet down. Velvet with a chin lock. Madison gets a good laugh at Velvet and Lacey and Madison is taken down. Velvet gets the three count.
Winner: Velvet Sky

After the ‘match’ they trip each other and play some more in the mud.

Lauren is with Jay Lethal and the Black Machismo Invitational is back next week. Lauren reminds Jay that he lost to Jim Neidhart. Jay says that he cannot prepare for a match if he does not know his opponent.

A.J. Styles is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see Kevin Nash telling Dave Penzer who is going to face A.J. Styles. We are back to commercial.

We are back to Mick and Jeff talking about the problems they have with Dixie Carter. Mick talks about how Jeff told him to make the investment in TNA. Then Mick mentions the deal with Hulk Hogan and he wonders where that leaves him. Jeff reminds Mick of who created TNA and then he says that he has been pushed aside over the last five months. Mick says that Jeff brought it upon himself. Jeff says that is a load of crap. Mick says that he doesn’t like the new Jeff Jarrett because the old one would have fought for things. Mick talks about Jeff’s two girls and then Jeff tells Mick to sit down and reminds him that it is three girls.

Match Number Seven: A.J. Styles versus Desmond Wolfe in the Who can give Kevin Nash more Money Invitational

Kurt Angle comes to the ring to watch the match.

They lock up and Wolfe goes into the ropes. Wolfe with a full nelson for a second and then he works on the wrist. Styles kips up and then he hits an arm drag but Wolfe holds on. Styles with a slam but Wolfe holds on to the wrist. Styles with a reversal but Wolfe reverses again. Styles with another reversal. Wolfe with a snap mare but Styles responds with the Phenomenal drop kick. Styles with a hammer lock but Wolfe backs Styles into the ropes. Wolfe tries to send Styles into the turnbuckles to continue to work on the shoulder but Styles blocks it. Styles misses a splash into the corner and Wolfe with a hammer lock Divorce Court. Wolfe with an overhead throw using the arm. Wolfe uses the ropes to work on the arm but Styles punches back. Wolfe with a forearm to the shoulder and then he runs into a boot from A.J. Styles with a double sledge and then he hits a neck breaker from a fireman’s carry. Styles is sent to the apron but Styles with a phenomenal forearm. Styles and Wolfe collide and Wolfe accidentally kicks A.J. low. Wolfe sets for a lariat but Daniels distracts Wolfe. Styles with a rollup and bridge for the three count.
Winner: A.J. Styles

After the match, Daniels says that it is his title. Wolfe goes after Daniels and they have some words. Daniels pushes Wolfe but Wolfe with a forearm. Referees have to separate Wolfe and Daniels.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick and Jeff are talking and they wonder what will be accomplished for Jeff to talk to Dixie. Jeff asks about Kurt but Mick says that Dixie is the bridge they have to cross. Mick says that Dixie knows that there would be no TNA without Jeff. Jeff wants to know how they do it. Mick tells Jeff to go into the Impact Zone next week and that is the only way to get things done. Jeff says that they have a deal. We go to credits.

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