TNA iMPACT Report – October 22nd, 2009

TNA iMPACT Report – October 22nd, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off tonight with a look back at Sunday’s Bound for Glory pay per view. We see photos from the pay per view.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Coming back from Cali’ Tenay and Taz.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring via the Anglevator. Kurt says that he stands in the center of the ring without a family. Kurt says that it was one year ago that the Main Event Mafia was created. From the beginning, the Main Event Mafia was misunderstood. They were not about securing spots because Kurt says that he knew he was going to be the best. It was not about job security for him because he knew that he was better than anyone else. Kurt says that it was about respect. Respect for the wrestlers and the game. You were in it because you loved it. It was not about money and ego. It was about pride and being the best. Kurt says that he thought he saw a bunch of young punks looking for hand outs and to be given everything on a silver platter. Kurt says that everyone makes mistakes and he admits that he made a mistake. Kurt says that he sees a bunch of young boys who have grown into men. Kurt says that he saw it in Eric Young because he thought he could be better than him. Kurt says that he saw it in A.J. Styles. Kurt talks about their match from last week was more than a classic. A.J. gave him everything that he could handle because A.J. wants to be the best. Kurt talks about Matt Morgan. He says that the fire and determination in Matt’s eyes reminded him of the look that Kurt had when he started. Kurt thought that Matt had him a few times. Kurt tells everyone in the back that they have nothing to prove to him. Kurt says that he considers them his peers and he is ready to fight their fight.

Rhino comes out to the ring and he gets in Angle’s face. Rhino says that he cannot believe what Kurt is saying. Rhino says that he is glad that Rhino is having some revelations. Rhino asks if it has to slap him across the face. Rhino says that the Main Event Mafia is no more. Rhino says that Booker is gone. Rhino asks Kurt who is going to be at his side. Rhino tells Kurt that TNA Management wants him gone. Rhino tells Kurt to look at the people management are behind. He mentions Hernandez, Matt Morgan, and A.J. Styles. Rhino asks what about him.

Kurt says that he understands and he says that maybe they earned it. Rhino says that they haven’t earned nothing. They haven’t earned respect. Rhino says that he fought alongside them, but they brought in Bobby Lashley to push him aside with the trash.

Team 3D come to the ring and security tries to hold them back. Rhino tells Bubba to wait a minute. He says that he knows that Bubba and Devon are mad at them. He did it to get their attention. Rhino says that he has Team 3D and Angle’s attention. Rhino points out that Team 3D was on the stage standing next to people who were there to take their place. Rhino asks them what they are going to do when they are done.

Ray gets a chair as Rhino tells them to try to listen to him about how they are trying to push them out. Rhino points out that Team 3D aren’t even on the show tonight. Rhino invites Team 3D to come to the ring to watch him and Hernandez wrestle tonight.

Security tries to hold Ray back but it takes Kurt Angle to do the job. Rhino says TNA will have to drag his lifeless body out of the ring to get rid of him.

Lauren is in the locker room with Daniels and A.J. Styles. She asks them about Angle’s comments. A.J. says that if Kurt is sincere about what he said, that is a good thing for TNA. A.J. says that it is about them and the competition. They will strive to be the best in the business. Lauren asks Daniels about the main event at Turning Point and brings up the main event at Unbreakable 2005. Daniels says that A.J./Joe/Daniels will exceed expectations. Daniels says that they will have to deal with Joe and Nash tonight. He says that they had some tough losses on Sunday, but Daniels reminds them that he almost died in the ring. They will prove it in the ring tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mike and Taz talk about the new issue of Muscle and Fitness.

Lauren is with Raisha Saeed and Lauren asks her about her match with Kong. Saeed says that Kong wants to be on her own now, but that is nonsense. Saeed says that Kong learned everything from her. She knows everything that Kong will do. Saeed tells Kong that Kong is her puppet and she pulls the strings. She will destroy Kong.

Mike and Taz talk about the matches on tonight’s show and they are interrupted by Homicide and Amazing Red fight into the Impact Zone through the ramp. Homicide with a clothesline to Red as he comes down the ramp. Homicide sends Red into the ring post. Homicide tries to hit Red with his flak jacket but Red moves. Red with a back kick and then he is sent onto the apron and Red is pulled off the apron. Homicide sends Red into the ring and the match starts.

Match Number One: Homicide versus Amazing Red

Homicide with a slam but he misses a series of elbow drops. Red with kicks and Homicide with a pump handle suplex. Homicide sends Red into the turnbuckles and he chops Red. Homicide punches Red and rakes the eyes. Homicide with a punch to Red and an Irish whip but he misses a splash. Homicide with a hot shot for a near fall because the referee sees Homicide’s feet on the ropes. Homicide yells at the ref and Red with a rollup for a near fall. Red with a kick to Homicide and then he hits a drop kick into the corner. Red with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a back kick. Red hits Code Red but Homicide kicks out. Red with an Irish whip but Homicide with a wheelbarrow slam and then Homicide hits the Gringo Killer for the three count.
Winner: Homicide

After the match, Homicide demands his title match from Don West and then he throws his flak jacket.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Scott Steiner. Lauren asks Scott about Kurt Angle’s comments and wonders what the future of the Main Event Mafia is. Scott says that he has his warm up on and he left the locker room. Steiner says that there will always be a Main Event Mafia. Kurt is crazy for giving the young guys credit. Steiner says that the first young punk he is going to beat is Mike Morgan. Lauren points out that his name is Matt. Steiner says that Matt won’t even remember his name after the beating he receives.

Match Number Two: Matt Morgan versus Scott Steiner

Before the match starts, Steiner has some words for Kristal Lashley who is sitting in the front row.

Steiner with a forearm to the back and punch followed by chops. Steiner with punches to Morgan. Morgan with a back elbow. Morgan takes off the elbow pads and he connects with elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash into the corner but Steiner was down and Morgan appears to have hurt himself more than Steiner. Morgan with a series of kicks to the leg and then he kicks Morgan in the chest. Steiner with another chop to Morgan. Steiner with a forearm to the back and he hits a suplex. Steiner with a clothesline and then he hits the flex elbow followed by push ups. Morgan with a short arm clothesline and a normal clothesline. Morgan with a splash into the corner and then he hits a clothesline. Morgan chokes Steiner in the ropes and Morgan with the splash and he goes to the floor. Morgan pulls Steiner to the floor and Morgan punches Steiner and then he tries to send Steiner into the guardrail. Steiner sends Morgan into the guardrails. Instead of going back into the ring after Morgan, Steiner grabs Kristal and Bobby Lashley comes out and he attacks Steiner. Lashley sends Steiner into the announce table and the referee doesn’t even realize what is going on. Lashley sends Steiner into the ring post and Lashley sends Steiner into the ring. Lashley leaps to the apron and he punches Steiner and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for the three count.
Winner: Matt Morgan

After the match, Lashley leaves with his wife.

Lauren is in the back with Awesome Kong. Kong takes the mic and she tells Raisha no more orders. Tonight finish.

Now commercial.

We are back for a few seconds to see A.J. in the locker room.

We are back and Lauren is with the Lashley family in the back. Lauren wants to apologize for TNA. Lashley tells Lauren that Steiner needs to apologize to Kristal and then he says that it is a game that Steiner doesn’t want to play.

We see footage of Kevin Nash’s loss at Bound for Glory.

Match Number Two: Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash versus A.J. Styles and Daniels

Joe and Nash attack Styles and Daniels before the bell rings. Joe with jabs to Styles while Nash and Daniels are on the floor. Styles with the Phenomenal drop kick to Joe. Styles sends Joe into Daniels’ boot. Daniels tags in and hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Daniels sends Joe into Styles’ boot and A.J. is back in. Styles punches Joe. Joe with an elbow and then he hits a reverse atomic drop and a Yakuza kick and back senton. Nash tags in and hits a side slam for a near fall. Joe tags back in and he punches Styles. Joe with jabs to A.J. but A.J. with punches. Joe with a back elbow and Nash tags back in. Nash punches Styles and then he connects with knees in the corner. Nash makes it elbow time in the corner and then he frames things but Styles with a kick and punches. Nash with a knee but Styles with a punch. Styles goes to the apron and hits the phenomenal springboard forearm and both men are down. Daniels tags in and he hits forearms on Joe and Nash and then he hits a leg lariat on Joe followed by another forearm to Nash. Daniels with a clothesline to Joe and a kick to Nash. Daniels sends Joe into Nash and Nash has Joe in a front face lock. Daniels goes to the turnbuckles and hits a clothesline on Nash and the impact turns it into a DDT on Joe. Daniels gets a two count. Nash with a clothesline after Daniels connects with a few punches. Styles hits an Asai Moonsault on Joe on the floor. Daniels with an enzuigiri and Daniels tries to make the tag but Styles is down. Nash with a knee and a choke slam for the three count.
Winners: Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash

After the match, Lauren congratulates Nash on his victory. Nash says that Eric Young stole his title and owes him $60,000. Nash says that he is looking for his money.

Jeremy Borash is in the back to talk about the hotline. Eric Young takes the mic and he says that he is not hard to find. With the titles they won, he says that he is in charge of the top group in the company. Eric says that he has an earth shattering announcement for next week. We go to commercial.

We are back and the Motor City Machine Guns are with Lauren. Lauren talks about the first Ultimate X Tag Match on Impact. Sabin says that the Machine Gun Movement has begun. Sabin says that Lethal Consequences might have the advantage because they didn’t have to pull double duty but it won’t matter. Shelley says that it is smart to give the opportunity to the younger guys. They are going to make people pay attention tonight.

We go to footage of Velvet, Madison, and Lacey and they push people out of the way at catering. They attack Sarita and Taylor Wilde and we have a food fight.

We see footage of Saeed costing Kong the match against ODB.

Match Number Three: Raisha Saeed versus Awesome Kong

Kong with a giant swing on Saeed and Saeed tries her best to avoid Kong. Saeed with forearms to Kong followed by chops and kicks. Saeed with a drop kick to the knee but Kong blocks a boot. Kong misses the back fist. Saeed avoids punches and connects with a few of her own. Kong with a body block and then Kong goes to the turnbuckles but Saeed stops her. Saeed with kicks on the ropes and then she hits a leg drop on the ropes. Saeed gets a two count. Saeed kicks Kong and then Saeed goes to the turnbuckles for a splash but Kong gets her knees up. Saeed with a clothesline followed by punches. Kong catches Saeed but Saeed tries for a sunset flip. Kong drops down and then hits the Implant Buster for the three count.
Winner: Awesome Kong

After the match, Kong takes Saeed up the ramp and then Kong hits a power bomb through the stage. The medical staff checks on Saeed as we go to commercial.

We are back and we have a Moments Ago Moment of the Awesome Kong power bomb through the stage. We see footage during the commercial break of Saeed being carried to the back.

Team 3D are at the announce table for our next match.

Match Number Four: Rhino versus Hernandez

Rhino with a kick and forearm. Hernandez sends Rhino into the turnbuckles and then Hernandez runs into an elbow. Hernandez with forearms and then he sends Rhino over the top rope to the floor. Hernandez with a plancha onto Rhino. Rhino kicks Hernandez as he returns to the ring. Rhino with more kicks to Hernandez as he tries to recover. Rhino with a snap mare and a rear chin lock. Rhino with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles but misses a diving head butt. Hernandez with a forearm and clotheslines. Hernandez with a splash into the corner and then he hits a choke slam for a near fall. Rhino with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Hernandez pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and Rhino with a punch and he tries for a superplex but Rhino is sent to the mat. Hernandez with a splash for the three count.
Winner: Hernandez

After the match, Rhino attacks Hernandez and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino sets for the GORE and Hernandez side steps him. Hernandez takes off his shirt and he signals for a border toss. Team 3D stop Hernandez from doing it and they tell him not to sink to Rhino’s level.

Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle in his dressing room and Jeremy says that he never heard the words coming out of Angle’s mouth. Angle says that he was wrong and the younger talent puts everything on the line. Jeremy asks Angle about Rhino’s comments and Angle says that it is a lack of confidence by Rhino. Angle talks about A.J.’s match at Turning Point. Next month, he gets his title match and we will find out who is the best.

Desmond Wolf enters the dressing room and he wants to introduce himself to Kurt Angle. He says that he is a huge fan of Angle’s and has followed his career. Desmond says that he is a professional wrestler because of Kurt Angle. He came to TNA because of Kurt Angle. Angle thanks Desmond and welcomes him to TNA. Kurt talks about the young talent and Desmond attacks Angle and connects with European uppercuts. Wolf with a knee and forearm to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment showing Desmond Wolf’s attack on Kurt Angle.

Match Number Five: Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed versus The Motor City Machine Guns in an Ultimate X Number One Contender Match for the Tag Titles

All four men go for the towers but Sabin pulls Creed off while Lethal pulls Shelley off. Sabin and Shelley avoid each other and then they hit clotheslines into the corner. They hit a double uranage on Lethal and then they send Creed to the floor. Sabin and Shelley tease going to the floor as Sabin goes to the apron and he kicks Lethal while Shelley goes for the tower. Shelley is on the cable and Creed with a spin kick to Sabin and Creed pulls Shelley down. Creed with a clothesline into the corner followed by a drop kick on Shelley. Creed with a springboard bulldog to Shelley. Creed climbs for the cables. Lethal punches Sabin but Shelley sends Lethal to the apron and Sabin with a kick off Shelley’s back to send Lethal to the floor. Sabin and Shelley pull Creed from the cable and they connect with a series of kicks. Sabin climbs while Shelley holds Creed. Creed runs Shelley into the corner to crotch Sabin. Lethal with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Shelley while Creed hits a side Russian leg sweep. Lethal holds Shelley for a drop kick by Creed. Creed punches Sabin and they fight on the turnbuckles. Lethal gets to the cable but Shelley walks Sabin on the ropes and Lethal is caught on the cable. Creed has Sabin who grabs Lethal. Lethal escapes while Creed is pulled to the mat by Shelley. Sabin kicks Lethal in the back and they fall to the mat. Sabin sends Lethal into the turnbuckles. Shelley with a knee and chop to Lethal. Shelley and Sabin charge into boots. Creed with a missile drop kick to Sabin. Shelley with a round house kick to Creed. Lethal with a Dragon suplex to Shelley. Sabin with an enzuigiri to Lethal followed by a springboard tornado DDT. Creed with a clothesline to Sabin. Creed with a back kick to Shelley. Creed and Lethal with a double team move to Shelley. Lethal has Sabin in a waist lock. Lethal with a Boston crab on Sabin while Creed climbs to the tower. Shelley stops Creed and then The Machine Guns hit a springboard clothesline and power bomb combination. Sabin is almost at the X but Lethal hits Lethal Combination on Sabin. Lethal and Shelley are on the turnbuckles and Sabin stops Lethal. They hit the Sliced Bread and power bomb combination and Shelley is down holding his knee. Sabin gets the X to win the match.
Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

We see the participants in the TNA Tag Title Match getting ready for their interviews as we go to commercial.

We are back and Don West goes through some of the live show dates.

Lauren is with the British Invasion and she congratulates them on winning the titles at Bound for Glory. Doug Williams says that it was a foregone conclusion that they would win. They are the best tag team. He says that they have dominated and got rid of the Main Event Mafia. Brutus says that there are still some fat slobs around. Brutus says that they will make Storm and Roode sober and poor because it is their last title match.

Jeremy is with Storm and Roode and he reminds them that it is their last shot at the Brits. Roode says that they only need one opportunity. There are only two teams tonight and then he wonders why the champions agreed to this match. Roode says that there will be no Rob Terry to protect them. Storm did not appreciate being called sober. Storm says that the six sides of steel is their home.

Match Number Six: Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus versus James Storm and Robert Roode for the TNA Tag Titles

Roode with a side head lock and Williams with a shoulder tackle but Roode with a back elbow and punches. Roode with a flying forearm for a near fall. Magnus tries to break up the cover with an elbow but he hits his partner. Roode kicks Magnus but Williams attacks the ribs and hits a gutwrench suplex. Williams sends Roode into the turnbuckles and then Magnus tags in and he punches Roode and hits a hard Irish whip. Magnus sends Roode into the turnbuckle and tags in Williams and they hit the Japanese clothesline and gets a near fall. Williams with an Irish whip but Roode punches Williams and tries to get the tag but Williams stops him and Magnus with an elbow to Roode’s back and then he hits Storm on the apron. Magnus tags in and he has Roode in a camel clutch. Roode punches Magnus but Magnus hits Roode in the lower back. Roode sends Magnus into the cage and then Roode with a David Young spinebuster and both men are down. Williams tags in and he stops Roode from making the tag for a second but Storm tags in and he punches Williams and Magnus. Storm with a back body drop to Magnus and one to Williams. Storm with a lungblower to Mangus and then Storm with a facebuster and uranage for a near fall. Storm and Roode with a double suplex into the cage and then a double suplex on Magnus.

Storm and Roode waste time reminding us of their team name and that allows Williams to attack Roode. Roode catapults Williams into a DDT by Storm for a two count. Storm puts Williams on the turnbuckles and Magnus attacks Roode and then goes after Storm. Williams climbs to the top of the cage. Storm with an enzuigiri. Storm stops Williams on top and then Magnus stops Storm from a superduperplex. We have a tower of ultimate doom move and all four men are down. Storm and Roode hit DWI but Magnus hits the referee to stop the count.

More referees come into the cage to check on the referee. Earl Hebner disqualifies the British Invasion.
Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode by disqualification

Kurt Angle is walking in the back and he has a purpose. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren has a few questions for A.J. Styles and A.J. says that they were just talking strategy. A.J. goes to his vehicle to leave the Impact Zone and he is attacked from behind while Lauren sends it back to Mike and Taz.

Kurt Angle walks into the Impact Zone and he says that nobody makes their name at the expense of Kurt Angle. Angle tells Desmond Wolf to come out and look at him in the eye. Part of the cage is still up and Angle is ready for a fight. Angle says that he can run but he cannot hide. Angle goes up the ramp and Wolf attacks Angel from behind. Angle kicks Wolf and connects with a European uppercut and punch. Angle slams Wolf’s head into the announce table. They get into the ring and Wolf with a head butt and a low kick to the yam bag. Wolf puts Angle on the top turnbuckle and hits the Tower of London. Wolf leaves the ring and he comes back with a chair. Wolf puts the chair on Angle and he says that he wants Angle to think about it. He introduces himself to Angle and then he leaves giving a British salute. We go to credits.

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