TNA iMPACT Report – Sept. 24th, 2009

TNA iMPACT Report – September 24th, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Richard Trionfo



We start off tonight’s show with a look back at No Surrender when A.J. Styles defied the odds and won the TNA Heavyweight Title. ODB won the women’s title back. Joe retained the X Division title. We have women’s tag champions. Bobby Lashley destroyed Rhino. Hernandez destroyed Eric Young and he wanted a second match but Eric Young ruined his night.

We see the World Elite arrive at the Impact Zone and Hernandez attacks Bashir and Kiyoshi because they were too slow walking into the building.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Yom Kippur Horror Nights’ Tenay and Taz.

The Main Event Mafia are already in the ring and Kurt Angle has a mic. He says that at No Surrender they proved their dominance by maintaining most of their gold. Kurt says that all that is missing is his title. Kurt wants to say for the record that he did not lose his title. Angle repeats what he said about not losing the title. He says that he was not beaten by A.J. Styles. He says that he was screwed by Matt Morgan. During the bulk of the match, he saved Matt Morgan. He wonders why Matt would kick him in the face. Kurt says that he asked for it and he got it. Kurt says that at Bound for Glory, they will meet.

Kurt says that they are still the most dominant force in the history of the business.

The World Elite come out to the ring and Eric Young has something to say. Eric says that Kurt’s comment about most dominant force raises some questions in his mind. Eric says that when Hernandez was beating Angle up, he did not look like the most dominant force. Eric reminds Kurt that he was almost Border Tossed off the stage. Eric says that he saved Kurt’s life so that means that he bailed out Angle on Sunday. Eric says that Kurt will repay the favor. Eric says that he is scheduled to wrestle Hernandez and after what Hernandez has done since Sunday, he should be out for six weeks, but he is better than most men and he is back. Eric says that together they take Hernandez out.

Booker takes the mic and he says that the Mafia rules TNA and they run this thing here.

Eric says that he does not care what Booker thinks about them. Booker and Eric get in each other’s faces and Kurt tries to talk sense into him.

Kurt says that he is a man of integrity and he will return the favor and he will tag with Eric. Angle tells Booker that they have to do it the right way. Eric and Kurt shake hands.

Bobby Lashley is getting his boots velcroed up as we go to commercial.

Match Number One: Suicide versus D’Angelo Dinero in an Anything Goes No Disqualification Street Fight

Dinero attacks Suicide from behind and Dinero’s ribs are taped. Dinero with a punch that sends Suicide down the ramp. Dinero with a kick to the ribs. Dinero slaps Suicide in the head. Suicide sends Dinero into a traffic barrier. Suicide hits Dinero with a kendo stick. Dinero hits Suicide with a cane and hits him in the head. Dinero uses a tambourine on Suicide. Suicide with a Van Daminator with the trash can and Dinero goes to the floor. Suicide with a suicide dive and Dinero hits Suicide with the trash can lid. Dinero hits Suicide with the trash can lid and tambourine. Dinero has a hockey stick and he hits Suicide in the head and back. Suicide with an atomic drop and a kick to the chair that hits Dinero in the yam bag. Suicide with a drop kick to Dinero and then he hits Dinero in the ribs with the trash can. Suicide sets up the trash can on the ribs and he tries for a springboard move but Dinero comes off the chair and hits a spear but Dinero only gets a two count. Suicide with a chop but Suicide with Suicide Solution onto the trash can for the three count.
Winner: Suicide

Lauren is in the back with Team 3D and Ray says that he is pissed off but they have to worry about the tag titles. Lauren wants to know from Devon about what happened to Rhino. Devon says that he doesn’t care. He wanted to talk to Rhino man to man, but Rhino took a cheap shot. Tonight is a different ball game and he has to look Devon in the face. Devon says that it is going to be old school and he will knock Rhino out. Testifying time.

We are back and Lauren is with Kevin Nash in the dressing room and Lauren talks about the finish of the match and Nash says that it might have been tainted, but he has fifty thousand dollars. Nash asks about Lauren’s infatuation with the freak. Lauren says that she knows the real Chris. Nash says that he likes freaks. Lauren wants this to be professional. It is time for Nash to bring in some more candidates for his valet.

Match Number Two: Rhino versus Devon

Devon with a Pounce as Rhino comes to the ring and then Devon with punches. Rhino with a punch of his own and he sends Devon over the top rope to the floor. Rhino sends Devon into the ring steps and then he raises his arms. Rhino kicks Devon in the chest and Devon is bleeding. Rhino with another punch and then he sets for a Gore on the floor but Rhino misses and he goes into the guardrail.
Double Count Out

Rhino and Devon continue to battle on the floor. Rhino returns to the ring and Devon follows and he punches Rhino and security comes out to separate them.

Ray comes out and he wants security to leave the ring. Ray wants to know if this is how you settle things. Ray wants to know who started this. He tells Rhino to shut up. He says that they were on the Frontline together five months ago and he wants to know why they are fighting because it makes no sense. Ray says that the fans would rather see them fight together than against each other. Ray says that this is over. Ray tells Devon to shake Rhino’s hand and worry about the Tag Titles. Rhino and Devon shake hands but then Rhino GORES Ray when Devon turns around.

Lauren is with Hernandez and she points out that his plan on Sunday did not work out. Hernandez says that he was there to fight on Sunday and he will take care of things on his own tonight. Matt Morgan comes out and he says that he knows that Hernandez can take care of both of them, but he wants Angle as badly as Matt wants Kurt Angle. He suggests that they work together. Matt talks about the boot on Sunday. He wants to know why Kurt is so upset that Matt beat him at his own game or beat him to the punch? Matt tells Kurt to enjoy things tonight. Hernandez says that he is going to cost Eric Young his ability to walk again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and Mick is still angry at the damage to his caricature. Jeremy says that their trading card has been selling like crazy, but Foley says that isn’t the same as the original. Mick thinks they have an idea of who the perpetrator was.

It is time for a look at the career of A.J. Styles in TNA.

A.J. is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and A.J. Styles makes his way into the Impact Zone and the ring. The crowd cheers their new champion and A.J. says that it has been seven long years and he is the TNA champion. A.J. dedicates the title to all of the TNA fans. He also dedicates the title to someone who is more than a friend. He dedicates the title to his mentor Sting. A.J. wants Sting to come out to share this moment with him.

Sting comes out to the ring. Sting tells A.J. that he appreciates being made part of the celebration but it is about A.J., not him. Sting leaves the ring so A.J. can have the moment to himself.

A.J. tells Sting to wait a second because he knows what Sting did on Sunday at No Surrender. A.J. says that Sting doesn’t have to lie to him. Kurt Angle was in the middle of the ring and Sting had a choice. He could pin Kurt Angle or take out Matt Morgan and he took out Matt Morgan to allow him to win the title.

Sting returns to the ring and he says that he gave A.J. nothing at No Surrender because A.J. wrestled the match of his life. He says that A.J. earned the title. A.J. says that Sting did what no one else does because of the poisoned minds and inflated egos. He says that Sting stood aside and gave him the title. A.J. says that he wants to do something for Sting. Since Bound for Glory is in his home state, he offers Sting the title match at Bound for Glory. A.J. says that to be the best, you need to beat the best and he calls Sting one of the best.

Sting and A.J. hug and we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Sarita and Taylor Wilde versus ODB and Tara for the Knockouts Tag Titles

Tara and Sarita start things off and they shake hands before locking up. Tara with a side head lock take down. Sarita with a sunset flip but Tara rolls through. Tara works on the arm and Tara gets Sarita on her shoulders but Sarita counters the spinning side slam with a head scissors. Wilde tags in and hits a cross body and then Wilde sends Sarita onto Tara giving Wilde a near fall. Tara with a power slam for a near fall. ODB tags in and she kicks Wilde in the abdomen. ODB with a choke and then she sends Wilde into the turnbuckles. ODB with chops and a forearm. ODB sends Wilde into the turnbuckles again.

Awesome Kong comes to the ring and Tara goes after Kong.

ODB with a shoulder tackle and then she realizes that her partner is AWOL. ODB gets a near fall. Sarita tries for a cross body but ODB catches her. Wilde made the blind tag and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. ODB with a double clothesline for a near fall on Sarita. ODB gets Sarita on her shoulders but Wilde tags in and they hit the Springboard drop kick into a German Suplex and bridge for the three count.
Winners: Taylor Wilde and Sarita

After the match, Tara makes her way back into the ringside area and she tries to apologize to ODB and wants to take a drink with her. ODB does not care and ODB takes her drink back We go to commercial.

We are back and Mick and Jeremy are interrogating Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. Jeremy wants to know why they are putting it up on eBay. That did not work out so well so they decide to deal with Alex Shelley next.

Match Number Four: Daniels versus Samoa Joe versus Homicide for the X Division Title

Homicide has his finger in Daniels’ face and Daniels knocks it away. Homicide throws his towel at Daniels. Homicide with a chop to Daniels but Daniels with a bulldog to Homicide and clothesline to Joe. Daniels with a leg lariat to Homicide. Joe with a running elbow and enzuigiri. Daniels sends Joe to the floor but Homicide trips Daniels. Homicide with a flying back elbow. Homicide with a rake of the eyes and a kick to the head. Homicide chops Daniels but Daniels hits a spin kick. Joe with a power slam to Daniels for a near fall followed by kicks to Daniels. Joe chops Daniels and then Homicide pulls at Daniels’ face. Joe and Homicide might be on the same page . Joe with a reverse atomic drop followed by a clothesline to the back of the head by Homicide and Joe with a senton splash. Joe kicks Daniels and tells Homicide to get out of the way. Daniels sends Homicide over the top rope to the floor and Daniels takes Joe down. Daniels with a Blue Thunder Driver to Homicide and a running forearm to Joe. Daniels sends Homicide into Joe and then Daniels with an STO. Daniels with an Arabian Press to Joe. Daniels misses one to the floor. Homicide hits the Tope con hilo on Joe and then Homicide wants a chair and the referee takes it from Homicide. Daniels sends Homicide back into the ring and Homicide and Daniels fight on the turnbuckles. Daniels sends Homicide off and then Joe with a kick to the back and Joe with a muscle buster but Homicide stops the referee’s count. Homicide and Joe argue and then Homicide pie faces Joe. Homicide with a neck breaker to Joe. Homicide yells at Joe but Joe pops up and Joe hits a half nelson suplex and Joe puts Homicide in the choke and Homicide taps.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Matt Morgan and Hernandez are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Bashir and Kiyoshi are at the announce table.

Match Number Four: Eric Young and Kurt Angle versus Hernandez and Matt Morgan

Angle and Hernandez start things off and Angle goes to the apron. They lock up and Angle with a side head lock and Hernandez tosses Kurt across the ring. Angle with a kick but Hernandez with a shoulder tackle and the shirt comes off so he can biel Angle with it. Angle goes to the floor and he favors his knee. Young is tagged in and Hernandez with a back body drop. Hernandez catches Angle and hits a sit out power bomb. Hernandez chops Young and then he hits a splash in the corner. Matt Morgan is tagged in and he hits the bicycle kick on Young for the three count after Angle pulled Young into the way.
Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

After the match, Bashir and Kiyoshi yell at Angle for what he did. Angle punches both men. The British Invasion come out and the straps are down. Booker T and Scott Steiner come out and Angle walks past the parting of the Thames.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shelley and Sabin are drinking up a storm while Foley and Borash are so happy they have fingerprints. Sabin reminds Mick and Jeremy that they were at the auxiliary announce table. Foley says that they might not have wrecked the caricature, but their music is the worst. Alex tells Mick to check the video tape.

It is time to talk about how Traci Brooks can be seen on and we will see match between Playboy models next week.

Lauren is with Hamada and Willie Urbina is there to translate. Alyssa Flash interrupts and she wants to know why TNA only cares about the Knockouts from other countries. Alyssa suggests that her name be changed to ‘Welcome Mat’ for all of the primadonnas. Hamada tells Alyssa to win a match so she can get an interview. Alyssa leaves, but then she returns and attacks Hamada. Alyssa slams Hamada on the bleachers and then she slams her head into a bench before sending her down the bleachers. A few blasts from the past of TNA come out to break things up.

Bobby Lashley is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Don West is back on Impact to talk about the TNA road shows.

Kevin Nash is with Daffney in the office. Nash asks about Dr. Stevie and she says that she can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. Daffney with an elbow to the groin and a punch to the head. Stevie comes in and he uses the smoking taser. Stevie says that Nash robbed him.

Match Number Five: Jethro Holliday versus Bobby Lashley

Lashley with a spear and then he sends Holliday into the turnbuckles. Lashley with a back body drop and follows that with punches to the head. Lashley with a torture rack and he turns it into Shock Treatment. Lashley runs into a big boot from Holliday but Lashley with a full nelson slam followed by a Dragon Sleeper.
Winner: Bobby Lashley

We see Mick Foley walking out of the production truck with a vintage video tape. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Chris and he is happy that he is going to work with Mick. He says that last week was a big misunderstanding and everything is okay. Chris asks Lauren if she thinks everything is okay. Abyss says that it would be the greatest night in the history of his life if he wins the tag titles with Mick Foley.

Match Number Six: Scott Steiner and Booker T versus Mick Foley and Abyss for the TNA Tag Titles

Abyss and Foley hug before the match starts. Abyss and Booker start things off and Booker with a kick and chop. Booker tries to slam Abyss but Abyss does not budge. Abyss with a slam and then he sends Booker into the turnbuckles. Steiner tags in and he kicks Abyss. Booker and Steiner double team Abyss. Abyss with a kick to Steiner followed by a clothesline. Foley is tagged in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Foley and Abyss with elbow drops. Foley gets a near fall. Foley tags Abyss back in and Booker with a kick to the back of Abyss’ head and Steiner with a clothesline and the flex elbow. Steiner with a forearm to the back of the head. Abyss with a double clothesline to Steiner and Booker. Foley tags back in and he kicks Abyss and hits the double underhook DDT. Foley leaves the ring and tags Abyss back in. Booker with a scissors kick for the three count.
Winners: Scott Steiner and Booker T

After the match, Foley grabs the video tape and he walks to the ring with it. Foley asks Abyss if he is surprised. Foley says that it was Chris all along. He hits Abyss with the video tape. Foley with a forearm to the back of the head as Abyss bleeds like a stuck pig.

Jeremy Borash comes out and he wants to know why Mick is doing this. Foley gets the barbed wire bat and he hits Abyss with it in the chest and the back. He finishes off Abyss with a bat to the head and he drops the bat on Abyss’ head.

Foley leaves the ring saying that Abyss learned his lesson.

Abyss wants to know why as he bleeds some more. We go to credits.

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