TNA Impact Results – 2/28/13

Impact Wrestling starts out with an Aces & 8s video. As the group is growing, Hulk Hogan confirms a Lethal Lockdown match. It is the group vs. Team Sting. Hulk also announces Bully Ray as #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. Ray suggests a 6 man tag team match with Hogan involved. Hogan agrees to do it. He didn’t show up though. Why? Aces & 8s attacked him in the back and they kidnapped Brooke Hogan too. They let both go but they sure left a mark.



Video plays from earlier today that features Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray. The camera guy asks them how Hulk is doing. Brooke says he is hurt and is at home. He is resting. Ray says he is messed up bad and grabs Brooke and says there isn’t time to talk. They go through the door to enter the arena.

Fireworks explode in the arena. The camera shows the Impact Zone with fans on their feet. Music hits and here is Bully Ray. Ray starts yelling at Taz from the stage. Ray walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Ray grabs a mic. He says it is pretty cool to be back in the Impact Zone. He never been this furious in his life. Aces & 8s ran around for the past couple of weeks. They took out so many people and they ruined his wedding. Last week should have been a huge week for TNA. We were all going to see the return of Hulk Hogan to the ring. It didn’t happen though because of Aces & 8s. He mentions Devon and says he is going to get his hands on him. He will never want to step foot in a wrestling ring again. There is one guy Ray wants to speak to also. This guy is someone who Aces & 8s took out and this guy is who Ray will be facing at Lockdown. Let’s have the TNA World Champion… Jeff Hardy! Jeff’s music plays and here comes Jeff. He has his custom title on his shoulder and the actual TNA World Title on the other shoulder. He interacts with the fans around the ring with his red and orange face paint. He gets in the ring and the crowd chants, “Hardy, Hardy, Hardy!” Ray tells Jeff that he never thought both would stand across from each other and will fight for the World Title in the future. Everyone knows their history. Ray says he isn’t getting a title shot because he is Hulk’s son-in-law. There are other guys who could fight Jeff. Ray doesn’t want it to happen this way. He isn’t positive he is the right guy to face Jeff.

Jeff grabs a mic and says it is great to be back on Impact and in the zone! Jeff loves the fact that Hulk chose Ray. He would have chose Ray. They swung a lot of chairs, climbed a lot of ladders and broke tons of tables. They take it to the cage now for the TNA World Title. They will reinvent their history. Let the best man win. Jeff extends his hand but music hits and here comes the buddy-buddy duo of Daniels and Kazarian. Both walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Kazarian says Ray shouldn’t have this title shot. He shouldn’t want it. Hulk gave him this title shot and he gave him her daughter. Hey, someone has to rub lotion on Brooke’s back and take pictures of her… so let it be Bully. Daniels gets on the mic and says he should be involved in this match. Daniels out wrestled Jeff last month and he lost because Daniels had an allergic reaction to Jeff’s face paint. Daniels and Kazarian should be involved in the match. Daniels tells them to get out of the ring so people can worship them. Ray takes the mic from Daniels and then takes the martini from Daniels. He drinks it all and then spits it back out in the cup. Ray tells “baldy” that real men don’t drink apple martinis. Ray throws the drink in Daniels’ face and then punches him. Jeff goes after Kazarian. Both make their way out of the ring before they get attacked even more. Ray grabs the mic and makes the match: Ray and Hardy vs. Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels and Kazarian don’t like this but Ray and Jeff don’t mind at all.

Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley are shown on the camera. Taz is missing and they run down the line-up for tonight. The camera switches to Velvet Sky as she is walking backstage. She will put the title on the line.


Sting is sitting in a room. He is looking at a list and says there are a lot of names on this list that can work. Magnus is sitting by him and says he should be involved. Sting asks why. Magnus states that TNA gave a 22 year old a chance. He was green as grass, but he worked at it. He got help from Sting and others. He can rise. He is team TNA. Why him?… why not?! Magnus walks up and leaves the room.

Gail Kim joins Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley at the announcer’s table. Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the first match. Tara comes out on stage and Jesse is at her side. He picks her up and they show off their arm muscles. He let’s her down and they walk down the ramp. As they do, footage from last Thursday plays showing that amazing Knockout match where Velvet Sky won the title. Velvet Sky comes out now and she holds the Knockout Title in her hand. As she comes to the ring, footage plays showing her winning the title.

Tara vs. Velvet Sky (Champ) for the Knockout Title
Tara goes right after Sky. She puts her in the corner and does multiple shoulder hits into the gut of Sky. She throws her across the ring with her hair and Tara covers. Sky kicks out. Tara covers again but Sky kicks out again. Tara whips Sky in the corner. Tara runs to her, but Sky kicks Tara in the face. Sky comes out of the corner and takes Tara down. She closelines Tara a couple of times and then whips her in the ropes. Sky does a hurricanrona. She gets up and Jesse grabs Sky’s foot. It distracts her as Tara comes back at her, but Sky fights back. She knocks Tara down and she covers. Jesse pulls the leg of Sky. Taryn Terrell sees this and tosses Jesse out. As she does, Tara gets up and kicks Sky in the back. Tara tries to keep the offense, but Sky comes back and hits the In Yo Face! Sky wins. Winner and

Still Knockout Champion: Velvet Sky

Austin Aries is backstage on the phone with Bobby Roode. He is asking Bobby where he is as they have a photo shoot. Roode is stuck. Austin tells him to get there. Roode starts to talk about a 3 way match. Austin doesn’t care about a match and could beat them all himself. Just then, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come into the shot. Austin hangs up and turns to them. Since Austin can beat anyone by himself, he should get ready for his match tonight. Austin doesn’t have a match and he doesn’t care about matches. Chavo tells him to stop worrying about his photo shoot and get ready for his match with him. Well, actually it is not him. It is against Hernandez. They walk away and Austin tells Chavo that he is a liar.


Kenny King is walking backstage. The camera guy asks where he is going to go from here. Kenny says he is the X-Division. He will go to the champion… Rob Van Dam. The video fast forwards to him confronting RVD. He tells RVD that they need to talk. They know he (Kenny) is better. He wants a shot for the title. RVD asks how many shots does he need? RVD tells him that he will give it to him, but if King loses, he will be out of the division.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. Austin Aries comes out and gets in the ring. As he does, Taz joins us back at the announcer’s table. After Austin is in the ring, Hernandez comes out and gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Hernandez
Austin moves forward and locks-up with Hernandez. Hernandez pushes him back in the corner. He backs up. Austin comes out and extends his hand for a shake or to give him something. Hernandez slaps his hand. They move around and lock-up again. Austin kicks him in the gut. Hernandez stands to a vertical base and they move around. Hernandez does a hip toss and Austin Aries goes to the outside. Hernandez goes for a suicide dive, but Austin jumps on the apron and rams his shoulder into the gut of Hernandez. He flips over him, but Hernandez comes back. He tosses Austin around the ring, but Austin flips around and pushes Hernandez out of the ring. He goes and successfully hits a suicide dive. He gets to the corner and does a flying double ax handle. He brings Hernandez back in the ring. Austin does a snapmare and then climbs the corner. He shakes his shoulders to mock Chavo. He flies for the frog splash, but Hernandez moves. Hernandez gets to the apron and does a shoulder block. He lifts Austin up and hits the military press. Hernandez lifts Austin up for the border toss, but Austin slides behind him. Both turn to face each other and Austin hits him with the forearm. Hernandez backs up. Austin runs to him, but Hernandez does a battering ram. Austin goes sailing out of the ring. Austin grabs the TNA Tag Title and walks up the ramp. Hernandez exits and drags him down and rolls him in the ring. Austin holds onto the belt. The referee takes it off of him and brings it to the outside. Austin nails Hernandez with his padded forearm. Hernandez goes down and is out. There could be a chain in there. He pins and wins.

Winner: Austin Aries

Sting is in his room. Joseph Parks is in there. He is munching on ribs. Parks tells him that this is his lunch. Sting tells Parks that he will keep him in mind. Sting pops up and goes out of his room as he sees Matt Morgan walking by. Sting knows Matt is looking for a chance. Would he want to be on the team to face Aces & 8s? Matt says Sting is on Hogan’s side and anyone who is on his side is guilty. Matt’s answer: no! Matt walks away.


Kenny King is already in the ring waiting for his opponent. Rob Van Dam’s music plays and the champion walks out with the X-Division Title over his shoulder. He raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He gets in the ring.

Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam (Champ) for the X-Division Title
If Kenny King loses, he must leave the X-Division
Both move around the ring as the fans chant, “RVD, RVD.” They lock-up. Kenny applies a headlock, but RVD twist out of it. Kenny applies it again. RVD throws him in the ropes. Kenny rolls over RVD as he bending over. RVD takes King down, but King rolls around to get away. Both get to their feet. They lock-up again after looking around. RVD applies a headlock this time. King sends RVD in the ropes. RVD slides under him and then locks his arms behind King and does a huge german suplex. King backs up in the corner after holding his neck. He gets up and RVD does his “RVD” thumb pointing taunt, but King drop-kicks RVD from behind. RVD goes through the ropes. King goes for a corkscrew cross body, but RVD moves. King lands on his feet. RVD jumps on the apron, jumps back and kicks King right in the face. He takes King over to another part of the outside and puts him over the guard rail. King is facing down with his head and chest leaning over the railing. RVD gets on the apron and then does a spinning kick. He plants it right on King’s back. Kenny falls back into the crowd. RVD has total control.


They two lock-up, but RVD drops down and hits a chin breaker. King bounces up but goes right after RVD. He takes him down and punches him in the face multiple times. He gets up and kicks RVD in the back as RVD crawls to the corner. King gets him up, knees him, and then whips him in the opposing corner. King runs to him, but RVD kicks him in the face. He does a leg scissor pin, but King kicks out. Both get up and RVD does his kicking and punching strikes. King goes in the corner. RVD hits a monkey flip, but King lands right on his feet. RVD gets up and takes King down. He hits rolling thunder and climbs the corner. He goes for a 450 splash, but King moves out of the way. King covers but the referee, Earl Hebner, says RVD’s shoulder is off the mat after 2. King gets RVD up on his shoulders and hits the Royal Flush. He pins and wins! King grabs the title after leaving the ring. He celebrates while RVD is confused in the ring.

Winner and New X-Division Champion: Kenny King

Sting is walking backstage. Kurt Angle walks in the other direction. He asks Sting if he has his list figured out. Sting does and asks if he wants to see it. Uh, yeah! Sting shows it to Kurt. Kurt can’t believe he is picking “him.” Sting knows it is risky but he is taking a new route to try something new. While Sting has business to take care of, so does Kurt. It never ends. Both extend their hands and walk in the other direction.


Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay are shown on the camera. They replay footage from last week’s “6 man tag team match.” Aces & 8s attacked Hogan and took Brooke. They brought them out to distract Sting and Ray. Ray left to help while Sting went under to the group. They show a picture of Hogan’s knee as he had to undergo surgery. Taz says that picture is fake.

Music plays and here comes Aces & 8s. They come through the crowd and Devon leads the group to the ring. Mr. Anderson, Doc, Garett Bischoff, and Mike Knox are with Devon. Devon gets on the mic and wants to see if he can understand that Sting has a team to take on Aces & 8s. Does Sting really think they can dominate them? Devon doesn’t know what Sting is thinking, but he thinks Sting is drinking the kool-aid Hogan has been dishing out for years. The drink is for TNA people as well as everyone at home. Aces & 8s is the team that will dominate TNA. They will dominate 2013. This club (Doc, Knox, Anderson, Bischoff, and Devon) is what they are about. Sting is giving broken dreams. The same thing will happen just like what happened at Bound for Glory. Aces & 8s won then and they will win at Lockdown. Sting will lead his team to the slaughter house. Testify!

Sting’s music plays and now it is his turn. The fans roar. Sting grabs a mic. If Devon wants him to testify, then he will testify. Sting’s first partner will get a killer response because he is a killer. He is the Samoan Submission Maching! Samoa Joe! Joe’s music hits and he comes out behind Sting. Sting wants to apologize for his next person. Devon asks what is he going to apologize for, “You miserable mutt?” Sting introduces James Storm. He comes out and is behind Sting and Joe. They slowly make their way down the ramp. The last person comes out and it is Magnus! He returns. Now they are 4! Magnus meets with the others. Sting says he will go with someone new. This guy was attacked by Aces & 8s. Mr. Anderson tells him to get moving with this. Who is it? Sting says it is, “Showtime.” Yes, that is your catch phrase but who is it? “Showtime!” Anderson gets furious. All of a sudden, Showtime Eric Young comes from behind. He goes after Aces & 8s. Team TNA gets in the ring and help him attack Aces & 8s. They leave the ring. Team TNA stands on top tonight.

Ivelisse Velez is shown in the back getting ready for her Gut Check match. A video plays to give us background information about her. Velez says she has been wrestling for 9 years. She trains hard and then talks about her mother. Without her mother, she wouldn’t be here. Being on Gut Check is awesome as TNA has the best women division around. She will soon be on the main stage.


Footage plays from the segment that just occurred between Aces & 8s and Team TNA. As it ends, Aces & 8s come through the doorway to the parking lot. They are yelling. They are furious. As they walk away, Kurt Angle is shown behind them. He turns to the camera and says, “Let’s go.”

A video plays hyping Lei’D Tapa. It shows her training for wrestling with her uncle, The Barbarian. Put handwork in what you are doing. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you try hard, you will get there. TNA is a dream come true when she is in front of thousands of people. She wants to share her dream to give other people opportunities.
Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He introduces Ivelisse Velez first. She comes out on the stage. She screams to get the crowd involved. She walks down and gets in the ramp. Lei’D Tapa comes out next. She makes her way to the ring. She screams after getting in the ring.

Ivelisse Velez vs. Lei’D Tapa in the Gut Check Challenge
Both move close to each other to lock-up but Tapa moves back. Velez goes right to Tapa to hit her in the face. Tapa comes back as she grabs the throat of Velez. She lifts her up and then tosses her down. Velez gets up and goes right back to Tapa. She applies a front choke hold. Tapa fights her off. Velez gets up and goes for a rear naked choke after Tapa lifting her up on her shoulders. Tapa is too strong as she whips Velez down. She gets up and Velez goes into the ropes. Tapa knocks her right down. Velez holds the back of her head. Tapa gets her up, but Velez fights back with punches in the gut. Tapa does a huge headbutt. There goes Velez. She slowly gets up. Tapa puts Velez in the corner. Tapa runs to her, but Velez kicks her in the face. She goes to the apron, jumps over and hits a DDT. Both get up and Velez fights back with closelines that don’t work. She does a hurricanrona. Both get up, but Tapa is too strong. She picks Velez up and hits a samoan drop. She covers but Velez kicks out. Tapa talks to Taryn Terrell, but Velez applies a front choke hold. Tapa tries to come out of it, but she can’t and taps. Velez releases it, gets up and celebrates the huge win.

Winner: Ivelisse Velez

Jeff Hardy is in the locker room getting ready for his match. Austin Aries comes into the camera shot. He tells him to do some squats and really get into them. Austin says they may have differences, but Aries is rooting for Hardy in his match at Lockdown. Ray is the golden child now. Jeff was the golden child while they faced. He wants to see him pull off a victory. Aries leaves and Hardy watches him as he walks away.


The camera shows the Impact Zone. The fans are on their feet. A video plays showing AJ Styles’ wife. She met him in 1995. He was aggressive and most people were scared of him when he wrestled in high school. A friend of his talks about AJ and then his wife mentions Claire Lynch. AJ never said anything about it. Is he doing drugs or drinking? He was changing. His friend has known him for 30 years. He says he should be with his family. They come first. You can hear noise and it’s AJ. He comes in with messy hair and rough face hair. He says they don’t get it. He turns around and gets on his motorcycle. He zooms away.

Video plays showing Robbie E and Robbie T. Mr. T shows off his dance skills. He is the real bro. In the past couple of weeks, he can’t take Mr. E anymore. Robbie T ducks to let Rockstar Spud hit Robbie E. Last week, Robbie E slaps Mr. T and that angered the giant. Mr. E ran away.

Robbie E is in the ring with a mic. He says sometimes you have to admit when there is a bigger bro and a better bro. So, Rob Terry, can you come down? Mr. T walks down the ramp. Mr. E opens the velvet rope for him to come to the ring. Mr. E gets in the ring and waits for Mr. T. Both are in now. Robbie E says this has got out of hand. Slapping him in the face was out of line. He risked them of being bros. He risked their friendship. Their friendship met the world to them. He wants to show him out much he means to him. Robbie E won’t be jealous anymore. Robbie E wants to tell Robbie T that he is a better bro. For old time sakes, how about a bro-off? People want to see him be a bro. Robbie E will start it off. What do you say? Robbie E extends his fist. Robbie T fist punches him. Robbie E tells them to hit the music. Mr. E does his dance moves. He climbs a fake ladder, hits his foot and jumps up and down. Robbie stops and tells Mr. T that he got him to smile. Robbie T is the bro-off champion. Robbie E sees that Robbie T deserves the spotlight. Mr. E will leave the ring. Give us what we want, Robbie T! Robbie T takes off his sweater as music hits. He builds up his arm and starts fist pumping. As he does, Robbie E comes back in with a poster. Robbie T turns around and Mr. E smacks him in the face with it. Mr. T goes down to his knees. Robbie E fist pumps, but Mr. T is up and behind him. Robbie E turns around and sees him. He is scared for his life. He runs away. They aren’t bros anymore.

Bully Ray is backstage lifting weights. Austin Aries walks up to him. He tells him how to lift weights properly. Austin says he is rooting for Ray in his match at Lockdown. Ray tells him that he doesn’t bother him. He asks if Austin likes that tag title. Austin says it is nice. Ray knows as he held it. He is going for the World Title now. Nothing will try to affect him. He tells Aries to get out of his face. Aries does and then tells Ray to say, “Hi” to Brooke for him.


Bad Influence, Daniels and Kazarian dance down the ramp and get in the ring. Bully Ray follows. He yells at Taz from the stage and then runs to the ring. Jeff Hardy comes out with the two titles and gets in the ring.

Bad Influence vs. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy
Bully Ray and Daniels start. Bully is put in the corner, but quickly changes it and slaps the chest of Daniels twice. Kazarian enters but Ray does a back body drop. Daniels comes back and knocks Ray off of his feet. He tags Kazarian. He enters and they do a double suplex. They do the gangnum style dance. Ray gets up and knocks both of them down. He does the dance of his own. Ray is on a role and sends both of them out of the ring.


We’re back, and Bad Influence is still on the receiving end of a beating from Hardy and Bubba. Hardy springboards off Bubba to hit Poetry In Motion, then Hardy whips Bubba into splashes on both men in the corner. Daniels and Kazarian do something I don’t quite catch while I was typing that last sentence and turn the tide, Daniels hits a clothesline, and Kazarian hits a springboard legdrop on Hardy for 2. Daniels holds Hardy in a side suplex position so Kazarian can nail him with a springboard guillotine legdrop. Hardy hits Daniels with the Whisper In The Wind, then gets to his corner and makes the hot tag so Bubba can come in and clean house on both opponents. Bubba with a uranage on Daniels for 2, then he tosses Kazarian off the top rope and side suplexes Daniels for 2. Bubba dumps Kazarian to the floor and slams Daniels so Hardy can hit the Swanton, but Kazarian jumps on the apron and shoves Hardy off the top rope, allowing Daniels to nail Bubba and hit an STO on Hardy for 2. Bubba big boots Kazarian and then picks Daniels up and hits an electric chair so Hardy can hit him with the Swanton for the win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray

Decent main event, Bubba and Hardy made Daniels and Kazarian look like a couple of jobbers, but whatever.

We head back to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Angle fights his way into their boardroom and dukes it out with the Vice President. Angle smashes a beer bottle over the VP’s head and knocks him out, then decides to find out who he really is and pulls his mask off. We don’t see who’s under the mask, but Angle goes “Holy shit!” and then asks whoever it is how he could do this. Before he can get any answers, the rest of the gang runs in and beats Angle down as we call it a night.

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld

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