TNA iMPACT Results – December 16th

This week’s show starts off with a look at the top contenders for Jeff Hardy’s TNA Heavyweight Title, Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan. They talk about the concussion situation for Ken and what it means to him.



We see Ken Anderson walking into the building earlier today and he is not in a good mood after looking at the board. Matt Morgan wants to know what Ken is so angry about because Ken told Matt that he would be cleared to wrestle so he should have been happy to see his name on there in a tag match against Jeff Hardy. Ken wants to know if Matt is his mom. He says that his word is his bond and Matt says that he doesn’t want to hear that from Ken. Ken calls Matt ‘partner’ before walking away.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘The Good Mike announcer’ Tenay and Taz.

Matt Morgan comes to the ring and he is dressed for action, but wants to address the Impact Zone. He says that he is in the spot he is in because he had a choice to make. He could turn his back on Fortune, Immortal, and a childhood idol in Hulk Hogan. He had a guaranteed payday for the rest of his career. Or he could stand up for Ken Anderson when Ken was forced to wrestle Jeff Jarrett in a chain match. He says that he made the right choice and in his heart of hearts it was the right choice. It might not have been an easy choice. Tonight, he is supposed to team with Ken Anderson against Jeff Hardy and Kazarian. Matt wants to address Ken. He says that he has done everything to help Anderson. Matt says that when the bell sounds, all bets are off. If Hardy and Kaz want to hit Ken in the head again, it is all on Anderson. Matt says that he has done everything to keep Anderson from hurting himself. Matt says that he will have Anderson’s back tonight in the match, but will Anderson be healthy enough to have his back?

We will find out because Ken Anderson’s music plays and he comes out. Ken accepts a mic from someone at ringside instead of waiting for it to drop from the heavens. Ken tells Matt that he appreciates everything that he has done for him, but he is a big boy, not as big as Matt. Ken says that he can take care of himself since he is an adult. Ken points out that they are wrestlers and they are here to wrestle and that is what he is going to do. Ken asks Matt if he wants a note from his mommy. What about his doctor?

Matt says that Ken is good at misdirections. He says that Ken doesn’t need to show him any note, but he wants Ken to prove it to the fans who follow Anderson. Matt says that nobody wants to see Ken in a match where it might jeopardize the next twenty or thirty years of Ken’s life. What about the commitment to Sports Legacy Institute? When little pissant promoters like Eric Bischoff try to put you in harm’s way, you stand up and tell them to ‘f off’.

Anderson says that he has done it for two months.

Matt says that he wants Ken to look him in the eye and shake his hand if he is 100% percent and has his back.

Before there is any handshaking going on in the ring, Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he comes out. Jeff wants to know if they are going to have the match or not. Jeff says that Matt should have proposed to Ken so they could get married at Genesis. Jeff says that they are acting like a married couple.

Matt wants to know if they are hearing this from Hulk Hogan’s puppet boy. Anderson tells Jeff that his makeup is running.

Jeff tells Ken that Matt is working him. How does Ken know that Matt isn’t ‘one of us’ and he says that stranger things have happened in the past. Jeff says that if Ken doesn’t have the match, then he loses his title match. Jeff tells Matt to worry about his own health. Jeff tells the marks in the Impact Zone that they are all con men and at the end of the day, it is all about the title belt. Jeff says that him and Kazarian are going to prove that they are bad asses.

We go to Mike and Taz at the announce table. They run through the card for the show.

While Jay Lethal comes to the ring, we see footage from the X Division Title match at Final Resolution.

Match Number One: Robbie E with Cookie versus Jay Lethal for the X Division Title

Lethal keeps Robbie from leaving the ring and he punches Robbie. Cookie trips Lethal as he comes off the ropes and the referee doesn’t see it because it is a Hebner. Christy Hemme comes out and takes Cookie down and she puts handcuffs on Cookie.

Meanwhile there is a match going on and Robbie kicks and punches Jay as we go to commercial.

We are back and Lethal with an inside cradle on Robbie, but Robbie responds with a near fall. Robbie slaps Lethal in the head and kicks him. Lethal with a back elbow and punches followed by chops. Lethal with a kick and more chops. Robbie pulls Lethal to the mat and gets a near fall.

On the floor, Christy punches Cookie while the match continues. Robbie punches Lethal and slaps him in the head. Robbie with a reverse chin lock and then he pulls Lethal back to the mat by the hair to maintain the chin lock. Lethal gets to his feet and he escapes and punches Robbie. Robbie responds with a punch and then they exchange punches until Lethal takes control. Lethal with clotheslines and a chop. Lethal with a suplex and then he hits the Lethal Combination and then Jay goes up top and hits the elbow drop for a two count. Robbie gets a boot up and the referee finally sees Robbie’s foot on the rope and he stops the count. Robbie goes up top and Lethal crotches him after a punch. Lethal with a superplex. Cookie with a knee to Christy but Christy is able to stop Cookie from helping Robbie cheat. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Christy gets in the ring and celebrates with Lethal. Jay kisses Christy for all of her help.

AJ Styles and Eric Bischoff are in the back and AJ says that Robbie just can’t get it done. He says that Robbie could have been a part of Fortune or Immortal but he couldn’t hold on to a title. Eric asks AJ if he understands irony. Eric says that irony is AJ talking to Eric about Robbie not getting it done, but AJ lost the title two weeks ago to Douglas Williams. Eric wants to know when AJ is going to step up and be the pound for pound greatest wrestler. AJ says that he held the title. Eric points out that AJ does not hold the title. He tells AJ to go and do it. AJ says that he has a rematch. Eric tells AJ that he better win because he can find any jabroni who can do a Ric Flair imitation. Eric points out Jay Lethal’s Flair imitation. He tells AJ to be a leader and then he dares him.

AJ takes off his sunglasses for a moment and then he walks away.

Douglas Williams is walking around in the back and they ask him about beating AJ Styles with his own move. Douglas says that it was entertaining to do it that way and was salt in the wounds. Douglas says hello to Magnus and they reminisce about the old days. Douglas asks Magnus about his girl and Magnus says that Chelsea is done. He says that women and wrestling don’t mix. He says that him and Desmond decided that she was not needed. Douglas asks about Desmond and Magnus says that he will be back soon. Douglas is asked how it felt to beat AJ. He says that it was refreshing to beat AJ.

Speaking of AJ, as Douglas goes to get ready for his match, AJ attacks him and they fight in the trailer. AJ sends him into a door and then he punches Douglas. They have moved into the part of the trailer where Tara and Madison Rayne are and they yell at AJ and Douglas as AJ continues to beat up Douglas. Douglas punches AJ but AJ punches Douglas. AJ sends Douglas into the wall while Madison and Tara continue to yell at them to stop. AJ calls them hookers and the AJ tells Douglas that he isn’t done with him. AJ says that he feels refreshed.

Orlando Jordan is walking in the back with Eric Young and a few blondes are with them. Eric is wearing the old TNA Heavyweight Title belt. Orlando wants to know where Eric found the title. Eric says that he found it in the garbage and he is the champion. Eric tells the girls that they have a huge match tonight and he wants to walk away. Orlando asks Eric about the girls and then he walks away.

Eric walks into a room and there is someone sitting in a circle of candles. Eric addresses him as sensei and we see that it is Brian Kendrick. Eric says that he needs some guidance for his first title defense. Brian tells Eric that he is the champion and will stay the champion because he believes in himself. Brian tells Eric that one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. Eric leaves and remembers to turn off the lights as we go to commercial.

Jeff Hardy says that there is a lot of bs going around in TNA and he says that he got in Anderson and Morgan’s head. He says that they should create their own destiny to get on the road to the most important title in wrestling. He says that the star of Immortal is joining forces with the up and coming star of Fortune in a tag match.

We see footage from last week when Mickie James attacked Tara and Eric Young protected Mickie by going after Generation Me.

Eric is accompanied by two Hooters girls because they are going to be on a special on SpikeTV on December 21st. Not to be outdone, Orlando has donned the orange hot pants for Hooters.

Eric gets on the mic before the match and he tells the Impact Zone that everyone knows that he is a fighting champion. Tonight his belt is on the line in the most dangerous match ever, the battle royal. Eric grabs the referee and throws him over the top rope to ‘eliminate him’. Now that the shenanigans are done, it is time for the tag match.

Match Number Two: Eric Young and Orlando Jordan versus Generation Me

Eric throws Max and Jeremy over the top rope to the floor. Orlando and Eric celebrate but Eric gives his tag team partner a reverse atomic drop and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Eric celebrates but the referee reminds him that isn’t the type of match they are in.

Max and Jeremy hit Eric from behind. Max and Jeremy has something to say to the Hooters girls at ringside. Jeremy kicks Eric in the corner but Orlando takes care of Max and then Orlando gives Jeremy a back body drop. Orlando with a spinebuster to Max and then he covers him and adds a little grinding to the cover. Jeremy kicks Orlando and then knees him in the head. Jeremy with a leg drop and he gets a near fall. Jeremy spends too much time with the Hooters girls. Jeremy with a heel kick and then Max with a head scissors and Jeremy with a drop kick and Max gets a near fall. Jeremy goes to the floor and hits on the girls.

Young tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto the Bucks and then he sends Max back into the ring and hits a running back elbow and a discus clothesline. Orlando makes the blind tag and he hits a drop kick and clothesline followed by a spinebuster. Orlando with a kick and then he puts Max in a modified cobra clutch and Max taps out.

Winners: Eric Young and Orlando Jordan

After the match, Eric celebrates with his three Hooters Girls.

Eric Bischoff is watching a monitor in the back and Mickie James wants to talk to him because she wants to know who her tag team partner is tonight in the tag team tournament. Eric tells Mickie that her partner is Miss Tessmacher. Mickie says that she isn’t a wrestler and Eric says that she wasn’t much of a secretary either. He hopes that she is a better wrestler.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see highlights from last week’s Knockouts Tag Team Tournament. We also see highlights from last week’s steel cage match between Mickie James and Tara.

Match Number Three: Madison Rayne and Tara versus Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher in a Knockouts Tag Title Tournament Semifinal Match

Mickie and Madison start things off and Madison wants Tessmacher so Mickie tags in the person who has never had a match before. Madison pats her on the head and then Tessmacher pushes Madison. Madison pushes back. Tessmacher with arm drags aplenty. Madison misses a clothesline and Tessmacher with a hip toss and drop kick. Madison with a kick and then she throws Tessmacher to the mat. Madison chokes Tessmacher with her boot and then hits a shoulder in the corner. Madison with a cravate on Tessmacher and snap mares her. Madison grabs Tessmacher by the hair and the referee warns her. Madison chokes Tessmacher on the mat and then drives Tessmacher’s head into the mat. Madison mocks Mickie about making a tag and Tessmacher with a rollup for a near fall. Madison with forearms and then she rakes the eyes.

Madison goes to the turnbuckles and misses a cross body. Mickie tags in and hits flying clotheslines and forearms. Mickie with a neck breaker to Madison and then she turns her attention to Tara on the apron. Madison with a forearm and Thesz Press and she punches Madison. Mickie with a kick and she sets for the Impaler DDT but Tara gets Mickie’s attention and Tara hits Mickie with her cast. Madison with a punch and she gets the three count.

Winners: Madison Rayne and Tara

Kazarian is walking in the back talking about the tag match against Anderson and Morgan. Frankie stops to talk to Rob Terry about his big match. Frankie tells Rob that he has a huge opportunity tonight. There are a lot of eyes watching Rob tonight. Frankie tells Rob that he needs their help. Rob tells Frankie ‘screw you’. Frankie says that Rob can be made or you can be gone. He tells Rob to ask Rhino, but Rhino isn’t here. Frankie says that it is Rob’s call at the end of the day.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Pope is given some money for the congregation for the children’s Christmas. Pope says that it is time to tend to business.

Brother Ray comes to the ring and he has something to say before his match. He says that nobody has ever been worthy of being his tag team partner, especially not Devon. He says that Devon called him a bully and that is true. He says that he is starting his singles career tonight and he chose the biggest, baddest, roughest, and toughest guy in the locker room for his opponent tonight.

Match Number Four: Brother Ray versus Amazing Red

Ray with a body block as Red enters the ring. Ray with a back body drop and then he hits a running shoulder into the corner. Ray with a chop and then he biels Red across the ring. The referee checks on Red and Ray tells him to get out of the way. Ray pulls Red’s leg while he has his boot on Red’s chest. Ray punches Red and he lets Red get a shot in on Ray and he connects. Red goes up top and hits a missile drop kick. Red runs into a big boot and then he hits the Bubba Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Brother Ray

After the match, Ray gets a chair and is going to hit Red but Devon comes to the ring and Ray leaves the ringside area.

Jeff Jarrett talks about the Double J Double M A challenge and he says that someone will get $100,000 if he taps out. Last week, his challenger thought it was a joke, but it isn’t a joke to him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and D’Angelo Dinero is going to his car and he drives away.

Before our next match, Van Dam tells Bischoff it doesn’t matter who or what you put in his path because he will go forward until he gets the TNA title and Jeff Hardy’s ass.

Match Number Four: Rob Terry versus Rob Van Dam

They lock up and Terry pushes Van Dam away. Van Dam with punches to Terry followed by a kick. Terry grabs Van Dam by the throat and then hits a drop toe hold and drop kicks to Terry. Van Dam with a leg drop and then he tries for a cross body but Terry catches him and hits a standing power slam. Terry with a shoulder to the back and then he gets a near fall. Terry with a shoulder in the corner. Van Dam with a kick as Terry charges and then Van Dam with a springboard side kick. Terry hits Van Dam with a spear and we go to commercial.

We are back and Terry knocks Van Dam off the apron and he goes into the guardrail. Terry goes to the floor and he runs Van Dam’s back into the apron. Terry rolls Van Dam into the ring and he gets a near fall. Terry with a back breaker to Van Dam and then he slams Van Dam and gets a near fall. Terry with a bear hug on Van Dam. Van Dam escapes the hold but Terry with a waist lock. Van Dam with elbows and a kick. Van Dam with a corkscrew drop kick and then he hits a springboard side kick followed by Rolling Thunder. Van dam goes up top for the Five Star Frog Splash and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

It is time to run through the ‘MMA’ career of Jeff Jarrett.

We see the Pope get out of his car and he walks into a local Adult Entertainment Establishment.

We go to commercial.

It is time for the Double J Double M Single A Submission Challenge. Jeff comes to the ring and he is accompanied by Team Jarrett.

Jeremy Borash reminds everyone of the parameters of the challenge. Jeff insults a few fans in the crowd who are not worthy of accepting Jeff’s challenge. They have chosen a victim for this week. Jeremy asks him two questions. He says that his name is Jose but his friends call him Jay. He says that his last name is Rios and he is from Puerto Rico. Jeff asks him who his favorite wrestler is and he says that it is Mickie James.

Jeff hits Jose and then he pushes him away. Jarrett with knees to Jose followed by punches. Jeff with punches to the head and then he puts Jose in a choke and Jose taps out.

Jeff Hardy and Frankie Kazarian walk together in the back for their match tonight. Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson walk in split screen before we go to commercial.

Before the match starts, Ken says hello to his a**holes.

Match Number Five: Jeff Hardy and Frankie Kazarian versus Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan

Hardy and Anderson start things off but Hardy gives Anderson the finger and tags in Kazarian before anything happens. Kazarian mocks Anderson’s concussions but Anderson punches Kazarian. Kazarian tries for a rollup but Anderson holds on to the ropes and Anderson with an elbow. Kazarian has a kick blocked but hits an enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Anderson with a forearm to Kazarian followed by a hard Irish whip but Anderson put so much into it that Kazarian nails Anderson in the head. Anderson rolls the wrong way but he tags in Morgan. Morgan punches Kazarain followed by a clothesline and Irish whip. Morgan sends Kazarian into the turnbuckles and then he hits a leg to the back of the head. Morgan with the elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash into the corner and then he hits a side slam on Kazarian. Morgan goes after Hardy but Jeff goes to the floor. Kazarian grabs the referee’s shirt and Morgan with another punch. Kazarian grabs the referee’s shirt again and Morgan goes off the ropes but Hardy pulls the ropes and Morgan goes to the floor. Hardy with a double sledge to the floor and then he sends Morgan into the ring steps because the referee is dealing with Anderson.

Hardy tags in and he kicks Morgan in the chest. Hardy with the double leg drop and a drop kick. Kazarian tags back in and they kick Morgan in the corner. Anderson is drawn in and the referee deals with him while Hardy and Kazarian double team Morgan. Kazarian punches Anderson on the apron and knocks him to the floor. Hardy tags back in while Kazarian chokes Morgan. Hardy with a double sledge to the head followed by kicks. Morgan and Kazarian try for a double suplex but Anderson with a clothesline to Kazarian and he punches Hardy. Jeff goes to the floor while Anderson hits a back elbow on Kazarian. The referee wonders what is going on and Kazarian escapes a Lambeau Leap attempt and he sends Anderson into the referee and the referee goes down.

Anderson avoids a clothesline and he hits the Lambeau Leap and then Morgan with a leg drop. Hardy punches Anderson but Anderson with a jawbreaker and Morgan with a clothesline to Hardy. Anderson goes up top for the Kenton Bomb but Rob Terry comes out and since Anderson has some equilibrium issues, he stays on the turnbuckles a bit longer than expected. Terry pushes Anderson off the turnbuckles and Ken gets crotched on the ropes.

Morgan sees Terry on the apron and Morgan gets dropped across the ropes and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and gets the three count.

Winners: Kazarian and Jeff Hardy

While Hardy and Kazarian celebrate in the ring, Rob Terry walks up the ramp and he smiles. Morgan and Anderson are in the ring, but Morgan walks away as we go to credits.


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